Memoirs of Robert-Houdin

ROBERT-HOUDIN, Jean Eugene. Memoirs of Robert-Houdin. Translated from the French by Lascelles Wraxall. With a New Introduction and Notes by Milbourne Christopher. Newly Illustrated with Rare Prints, Playbills and Documents from the Christopher Collection. New York : Dover Publications, Inc., (1964).Pp (4),v-xvi,1-336,(16). Illustrated. 8vo, illustrated yellow card covers. Cover title : Memoirs of Robert-Houdin, King of the Conjurers. Jean Eugène Robert-Houdin (1805-1871) was a French magician, and is widely considered the father of the modern style of conjuring. Harry Houdini took his stage name from Robert-Houdin. "Robert-Houdin was the preeminent French magician of the 19th century, the originator of many of the most spectacular tricks, and one of the founders of modern conjuring. In his memoirs he tells how hefirst embarked upon a career of magic, learning tricks as a traveling magi cian on the road, and how he rose to perform before crowned heads of Europe, including Queen Victoria and Napoleon III. The high point in his career, perhaps, came when the French government requested his aid in putting down a rebellion in Algeria. The native magicians claimed to make the insurgentsinvulnerable to French bullets, and Robert-Houdin was asked to out-perform the magicians on their own ground. The story of this magical duel is one o f the most thrilling episodes in all biographical literature. Robert-Houdin's experiences as a traveling mountebank and as master of the Parisian stage will delight and inform anyone interested in magic, but his book is really much more. It is one of the most interesting autobiographical studies in all literature, as packed with suspense and excitement as a Dumas novel. Generations of readers have enjoyed it. At times the author's truthfulness has been questioned (particularly by Houdini himself who turned against Robert-Houdin and his family for personal reasons), but in recent years judgmenthas swung the other way, and historians ot magic regard the book as basica lly true." (from the back cover). Spine sunned, lamination peeling, penned name, else very good. 25.00

Title: Memoirs of Robert-Houdin

Author Name: ROBERT-HOUDIN, Jean Eugene WRAXALL, Lascelles, trans. CHRISTOPHER, Milbourne, intro.

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Publisher: Dover Publications, Inc., New York, 1964,:

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