Language Spread : Studies in Diffusion and Social Change. First Edition

COOPER, Robert L. (ed.). Language Spread : Studies in Diffusion and Social Change. Bloomington : Indiana University Press, in cooperation with the Center for Applied Linguistics, Washington, D.C., (1982). First Printing. Pp [i]-vii,(1),1-360. Maps. Index. 8vo, reddish-brown cloth, black lettering tospine. Contents : 1. A Framework for the Study of Language Spread (by Robe rt L. Cooper). 2. Forces Affecting Language Spread: Some Basic Propositions(by Stanley Lieberson). 3.Learning Lingua Francas and Socioeconomic Integr ation: Evidence from Africa (by Carol Myers Scotton). 4. Religious Factors in Language Spread (by Charles A. Ferguson). 5. Language Spread: The Ancient Near Eastern World (by Herbert H. Paper). 6. Castilian Colonization and Indigenous Languages: The Cases of Quechua and Aymara (by Shirley Brice Heath and Richard Laprade). 7. Language Spread in a Multilingual Setting: The Spread of Hindi as a Case Study (by Bal Govind Misra). 8. Language Spread asa Wavelike Diffusion Process: Arabic in the Southern Sudan (by Ushari Mahm ud). 9. The Spread of Mandingo: Military, Commercial, and Colonial Influence on a Linguistic Datum (by Louis-Jean Calvet). 10. Language Spread and Recession in Malaysia and the Malay Archipelago (by Asmah Haji Omar). 11. Movements and Agencies of Language Spread: Wales and the Soviet Union Compared (by E. Glyn Lewis). 12. Nationalism and the Mandarin Movement: The First Half-Century (by Dayle Barnes). 13. Attracting a Following to High-Culture Functions for a Language of Everyday Life (The Role of the Tshernovits Language Conference in the "Rise of Yiddish") (by Joshua A. Fishman). 14. Acceleration, Retardation, and Reversal in Language Decay (by Wolfgang U. Dressier). 15. Microsociolinguistics of Hungarian-Serbocroatian Bilingualism (by Melanie Mikes). Very good in nicked, spine-sunned dustjacket. 25.00

Title: Language Spread : Studies in Diffusion and Social Change. First Edition

Author Name: COOPER, Robert L. (ed.). BARNES, Dayle SCOTTON, Carol Myers OMAR, Asmah Haji

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Publisher: Indiana University Press / Center for Applied Linguistics, Bloomington / Washington, D.C., 1982, ISBN:0253320003:

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