Canada and the American Civil War : Prelude to War. First Edition.

By: VINET, Mark

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VINET, Mark. Canada and the American Civil War : Prelude to War. Vaudreull-Sur-Le-Lac, Quebec : Wadem Publishing, Canadian Civil War Association, North American Historical Institute, (2001). First Edition. Pp [1]-234,(2).. 8vo, green cardcovers. "In April 1861, troops of the new Confederate States of America opened fire on Union-occupied Fort Sumter and launched a bloody 4-year war that killed at least 620,000 men, including thousands of Canadians who fought in the War. In accordance with Britain’s foreign policy towards the War, Canada was officially neutral. This, however, did not prevent approximately 50,000 Canadian-born soldiers from serving in both armies. FourCanadians attained the rank of brigadier-general and 29 were awarded the C ongressional Medal of Honor. Throughout the War, Canadian public opinion was divided for various reasons, including religion, language, culture, economic class, and moral background. The Civil War was the culmination of the reciprocal, sometimes parallel, but often intertwining influence of both theUnited States and Canada on each other’s historical, territorial, politica l, economic, and social development. Following the War, two new nations emerged. Prelude to War is the first in a series of books dealing with Canada and the American Civil War by Canadian author and historian Mark Vinet. It offers an in-depth study of the fiery issues that led to the War and dramatically unveils how both countries as neighbors dealt with the contentious issues of Sectionalism, Slavery, Slave Rebellions, Abolitionism, and the Underground Railroad." - from rear cover. Contents : Introduction; Prologue; 1. Neighbours; 2. Sectionalism; 3. The "Peculiar Institution" of Slavery; 4.Slave Rebellions; 5. Abolitionism; 6. American Abolitionists; 7. Amistad ( pp.118-127); 8. Uncle Tom's Cabin (pp.128-174); 9. Canadian Abolitionists; 10. Underground Railroad (pp.187-216). With Epilogue; Chronology of Events;Bibliography and Sources, and index. Very good. 22.50

Title: Canada and the American Civil War : Prelude to War. First Edition.

Author Name: VINET, Mark

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Publisher: Wadem Publishing, Vaudreull-Sur-Le-Lac, Quebec, 2001, ISBN:0968832008:

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