Canada's Navy : A Wings Magazine Commemorative Issue.

LYNCH, Thomas, (ed.). Canada's Navy : A Wings Magazine Commemorative Issue. Calgary : Corvus Publishing Group Ltd., 1985. Pp (2),3-194,(2) including covers. Illustrated. Double and Triple Column. Folio, illustrated white card covers.

Contents :
The Last of an Era: The Last Corvette (by Thomas Lynch);

75 Years of Service: The Rise of the Canadian Navy (by R/Adm David Harrington);

Naval Training 1910-1935: 75 Years of Training in the Canadian Navy (by Richard L. Donaldson);

Canada's Naval Fleet: Ships' Specifications of the Present-day Fleet (by Thomas Lynch);

Training Group Pacific: The Future We Hold (by Richard L. Donaldson);

In Cooperation Lies Success: The Canadian Forces Maritime Warfare School (by Thomas Lynch);

Educating the Fleet: Training at the Fleet Schools (by Thomas Lynch);

Ever Ready – Ever Proud!: The Canadian Navy Reserves (by Thomas Lynch);

The Role of Maritime Command: Patrolling Canada's Territorial Waters (by Thomas Lynch);

Keeping them Aloft: Maintenance of the Sea Kings (by Thomas Lynch);

The Quality of Mercy: SARops – West Coast (by Richard L. Donaldson);

Guarding the Lifelines: SARops –East Coast (by Thomas Lynch);

Make It Happen!: A Typical CP-140 Aurora Mission (by Richard L. Donaldson);

Submarines at Sea: The Operational Role (by Thomas Lynch);

Fast Dive with Ojibwa: A Typical “Fast Dive” Operation (by Thomas Lynch);

Replenishing the Fleet at Sea: The Operational Replenishment Ships (by Thomas Lynch);

Heroes of the Working Day: The Auxiliaries (by T omas Lynch);

Keeping the Sword Sharp: Fleet Maintenance Group (by Thomas Lynch);

Canada's Navy and STANAVFORLANT: The Standing Naval Forces Abroad (by Thomas Lynch);

Developing a Modern Naval Base: The Halifax Dockyard Development Plan (by Thomas Lynch);

'Way We Go: Esquimalt Base Development (by Richard L. Donaldson);

The Boys from Down Under: Fleet Diving Unit and Cormorant (by Thomas Lynch);

TRUMPed Trials: Modernizing Canada's Tribal Class Destroyers (by Thomas Lynch);

ADLIPS: The Automatic Data Link Plotting System(by Thomas Lynch);

CANEWS: Canadian Electronic Warfare System (by Thomas Lynch);

Small Warships for Canada's Reserves: Discovering a Multi-purpose Vessel (by Thomas Lynch);

DELEXing the Frigates: Extending the Life of Canada's Operational Destroyers (by Thomas Lynch);

SHINCOM: Shipboard Integrated Communications System (by Thomas Lynch);

SHINPADS: Shipboard Integrated Processing and Display System (by Thomas Lynch);

SHINMACS: Electronic Wizardry Comes to Ship Machinery Control (by Thomas Lynch);

SARSAT: Salvation from Outer Space (by Thomas Lynch);

CANTASS: Canadian Towed Array Sonar System (by Thomas Lynch);

Replacing the Sea King: Canada's Search for a New Naval ASW Helicopter (by Martin Shadwick);

SOUP: Modernizing the Submarines (by Thomas Lynch);

CASAP: The Next Submarine Generation (by Thomas Lynch);

SWATH:The CPF Follow-on (by Thomas Lynch);

The Canadian Patrol Frigate: New Hope on the Horizon (by Thomas Lynch); Weapons and Wizardry: The Weapons and Electronics of the CPF (by Thomas Lynch);

The CPF: Now Built, What Role? (by Thomas Lynch);

plus Interviews with V/Adm J.C. O'Brien and R/Adm J.C. Hibbard.

Very good. 25.00

Title: Canada's Navy : A Wings Magazine Commemorative Issue.

Author Name: LYNCH, Thomas (ed.). DONALDSON, Richard L. SHADWICK, Martin HIBBARD, J.C.

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Publisher: Corvus Publishing Group, Calgary , 1985,: 1985

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