All the Ship's men : HMCS Athabaskan's Untold Stories.

By: PRINGLE, Sherry J.

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PRINGLE, Sherry J. All the Ship's men : HMCS Athabaskan's Untold Stories. St. Catharine's, Ontario : Vanwell Publishing Limited, (2010). First Edition. Pp [i]-xiii,(3),17-160. Illustrated. 8vo, illustrated black card covers. "As the sounds of war subside and the smoke settles over the battlegrounds,the debates amongst the scholars and historians commence, to assess the su ccesses and failures of the warring parties. When the tally is completed and the scores on life and death have been recorded, one thing is for certain: no war is won by the latest in technology alone. Tanks, guns and mortars alone do not win wars. No, wars are won by the brains and the brawn, the blood and the sweat of the men and women involved in fighting them. The sacrifice of lives lost can never be redeemed. Effects of combat resonate past the present generation and continue to permeate the future generations of grieving families. In this story of HMCS Athabaskan, there are no less than one hundred and twenty-eight grieving families, who have been scarred by theultimate sacrifice, making this Canada’s largest naval disaster as a resul t of surface action. [...] Although the HMCS Athabaskan’s loss is a tragic story, the accounts derived from the individuals involved have offered great insight into their plight. Light has been shed on their rescue and the events many experienced as prisoners of war. Some of their tales are not onlyof survival but also of lighter moments when a chuckle could be found lurk ing in the darkness of their days. For the most part, the individual tales recorded on these pages are firsthand accounts, as they have been remembered by the surviving Athabaskans, or gleaned from the pages of their war diaries. Other tales have been retold to the author by family members. Only twopersonal tales were derived from such references as Canada’s War Museum, o r other such documentation. [...] There are no earth-shattering new theories uncovered on the following pages. As the most important element in war isthe people who fought it, such is the case of the personal accounts of the men and women telling their stories on the following pages. Guns and tanks don’t enter into the equation here, only the sacrifices made by two hundre d and sixty-one men onboard a ship in enemy waters." - from the Preface. Very good. 12.50

Title: All the Ship's men : HMCS Athabaskan's Untold Stories.

Author Name: PRINGLE, Sherry J.

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Publisher: Vanwell Publishing, St. Catharine's, Ont, 2010, ISBN:9781550689884:

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