Language Choices : Conditions, Constraints, and Consequences. Impact: Studies in Language and Society, Volume 1. Hardcover

PUTZ, Martin (ed.). Language Choices : Conditions, Constraints, and Consequences. Amsterdam / Philadelphia : John Benjamins Publishing Company, 1997. Pp [i]-xxi,(1),[1]-430. Illustrated. Index. 8vo, yellow paper covered boards, lettered in red and black. Impact: Studies in Language and Society, Volume 1. Contents : Language choices: Contact and conflict? — Introduciton (byMartin Pütz). Section I: Language contact and language choice: Sociolingui stic and linguistic issues. Language ecology — contact without conflict (byPeter Mühlhäusler). Towards a dynamic view of multilingualism (by Ulrike J essner). A matter of choice (by Florian Coulmas). The choice of linguae francae in triglossic environments in Africa (by Helma Pasch). Towards an ethnography of language shift: Goals and methods (by Gabriele Sommer). Languageshift and sentence processing in Moroccan Arabic (by Abderrahman el Aissat i). Is airbagging hip or mega-out? A new dictionary of anglicisms (by Manfred Görlach). Section II: Language policy and language planning. Lessons forEurope from language policy in Australia (by Robert Phillipson). National- variety purism in the naional centers of the German language (by Ulrich Ammon). Towards a plurilingual urban environment: language policy and languageplanning in Brussels (by Roland Willemyns). Double allegiance between nati onalism and Western modernization in language choice: The case of Botswana and Tanzania (by Herman M. Batibo). An evaluative account of Ethiopia’s newlanguage policy (by Matthias Brenzinger). Looking at means and ends in lan guage policy in Namibia (by Brian Harlech-Jones). Section III: Language useand attitudes towards language(s). Language assesment tools: Uses and limi tations (by Eugene H. Casad). An ethnographic method for studying attitudestowards child language (by Annick De Houwer and Wolfgang Wölck). Language attitudes in Switzerland: French and German along the language border (by Sonia Weil). Communication in the Alemannic area: Language use and attitudesin Colmar and Freiburg (by Helga Bister-Broosen). Language attitudes and t he linguistic construction of ethnic identity: The case of Krio in Sierre Leone (by Rebecca Ehret). Section 4: code-switching — One speaker, two languages. Contacts and conficts — perspective from code-switching research (by Carol W. Pfaff). Code-switching processes: Alternation, insertion, congruent lexicalization (by Pieter Muysken). ‘I’ll meet you halfway with language’: Code-switching within a south African urban context (by Rosalie Finlayson). Very good. 70.00

Title: Language Choices : Conditions, Constraints, and Consequences. Impact: Studies in Language and Society, Volume 1. Hardcover

Author Name: PUTZ, Martin (ed.). COULMAS, Florian HARLECH-JONES, Brian EHRET, Rebecca

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Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing, Amsterdam / Philadelphia, 1997, ISBN:9027218315:

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