Recent studies in contact linguistics. Plurilingua 18

WOLCK, W., and A. DE HOUWER (eds.). Recent studies in contact linguistics. Plurilingua XVIII. Bonn : Dummler, 1997. Pp (2),[i]-xv,(1),1-484,(4). 8vo, orange card covers. Contents : Sami Language Revitalization: The Language Act and the Case of Lisma (by Marjut Aikio); Language Contact in the Classroom (by Colin Baker); The Pueblo Region of the Southwest United States as a Linguistic Area (by Catherine Bereznak); Language-Internal Conflict and Language Dissolution (by Ranko Bugarski); The German of 3rd Generation German-English Bilinguals in Australia (by Michael Clyne); Language Boundaries (byGlynn Custred); Nelde's Law Revisited: Dutch as a Diaspora Language (by Ke es de Bot); Adventures in Demolinguistics (by John de Vries); The Africanisation of LICCA (by Rene Dirven and Jan Blommaert); Change of Language Hierarchy in Latvia: Language Skills and Attitudes to Language Policy (by Ina Druviete); The Bridging and Barrier Effects of the Principles of Language Freedom and Territoriality in Multilingual Switzerland (by Urs Durmuller); French and English in Canada: Before and After the Quebec Referendum of October 1995 (by John Edwards, Professor of Psychology at St. Francis Xavier University, Antigonish, Nova Scotia., pp 101-109); Cultures and Languages in Contact: Intercultural Conflicts in British-Hungarian and American- HungarianInternational Organisations (by Klara Falk-Bano); Meaning Transferred and Adapted - Semantic Problems in Contact Linguistics (by Rudolf Filipovic); Speaking Proficiency in Irish in Primary School Children: Educational and Sociolinguistic Factors (by John Harris); Language Planning in Bilingual Families (by Kjell Herberts); Borrowing at Arm's Length: Japanese Borrowing from English (by Bates L. Hoffer); Crosslinguistic Influence in Second Language Research (by Alex Housen); Language Choice at the Hong Kong Baptist University (by Bjorn H. Jernudd and Shirley Law Yin Wah); "Ethnic" and "Societal" Factors of Immigrant School Underachievement in the Nordic Countries (by J. Normann Jergensen); Hungarian Linguistic Traitors Champion the Cause of Contact Dialects (by Miklos Kontra); The Korean Language Situation in China(by John H. Koo); Language Contact from an Ethnic Perspective - the South African Experiment (by Ernst Kotze); Locating Language Shift in Social Space: the Case of the Teochew Community in Singapore (by Li Wei, Vanithamani Saravanan and Julia Ng Lee Hoon); Language Policy and Language Contact: Reflections on Finland (by Kenneth D. McRae); Language and Identity in Edgar Reitz' Heimat-Films (by Ulrike Hanna Meinhof); Older Studies on Migrant Languages in the United States: a Model for European Research (by Pieter Muysken); Language Planning Issues in a Yugoslav Context (by Albina Neoak-Luk); The Irish Language in an Evolving European Society (by Donall O Riagain); Language Contact Research in Ireland: Retrospect and Prospect (by Padraig O Riagain); The Role of Gender in Immigrant Language Maintenance in Australia (by Anne Pauwels); Beasts Inherited and Borrowed. A Study on Similes and Metaphors in Czech, Russian and German (by Jaromira Rakusan); Language Contactin the South of France from 1550 to 1789: a Tribute to Auguste Brun (by Gl adys E. Saunders); Translation as Cultural and Linguistic Contact (by Christina Schaffner); Language Rights as Conflict Prevention (by Tove Skutnabb-Kangas); A Misleading Key-Word of Linguistics in a Cross-Cultural Perspective: Language, its Causes and Effects (by Tatiana Slama-Cazacu); Languages ofthe Philippines - A Study of the Usage of English, Filipino and the 'Verna culars' in Three Linguistic Communities (by J J. Smolicz and I. Nical); Syntactic Interference in Australian Danish (by Bent Sondergaard); Language Contact in the United States: Symbolism and Saliency (by Selma K. Sonntag); Towards a Typology of Relationships of the Diaspora Language to its Base (byOlga Miseska Tomic); Contact on the Linguistic Frontier: a Comparison betw een the Mutual Influences of Germanic and Romance Language Varieties (by Jeanine Treffers-Daller); Language Contact, Language Shift and Power Relations (by Lukas D. Tsitsipis); Language Contact and its Linguistic Manifestations: Pennsylvania German in West Virginia and Ohio (by Silke Van Ness); Diversity or Divisiveness? (by Walburga von Rqffler-Engel); The role of the Primary School in the Social Construction of 'Schriftdeutsch' in German-Speaking Switzerland (by Richard T. Watts); Minority Languages in the Nordic Countries in a Language Death Perspective (by Geirr Wiggen); Language Rights for All Citizens of Europe? (by Colin H. Williams); Sociology and the Construction of Meaning (by Glyn Williams and Martin Clarke); Conflict Linguistics- a Proposal (by Wolfgang Wolck); The Role of the Industries of Communicat ion in the Formation of Political Identities and Language Loyalty (by Sue Wright); Contact Linguistics to Contact Cultural Studies: Some Western Influence on Modern Japanese and its Use (by Yasukata Yano). ******** See our extensive linguistics collection. ******* Spine sunned and ends nicked, else very good. Ex-libris John Edwards, one of the contributors, without indication but acquired from his library. 120.00

Title: Recent studies in contact linguistics. Plurilingua 18

Author Name: WOLCK, W., and A. DE HOUWER (eds.) EDWARDS, John R. SONNTAG, Selma K. BEREZNAK, Catherine

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Publisher: Dummler, Bonn, 1997, ISBN:3427641813:

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