3 Enoch, or The Hebrew Book of Enoch. First Edition in dustjacket


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ODEBERG, Hugo. 3 Enoch, or The Hebrew Book of Enoch. Edited and Translated for the First Time with Introduction, Commentary and Critical Notes by Hugo Odeberg. Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 1928. First Edition. Pp (8), [ix]-x,(2),[3]-179,(3),[1]-[74],(2),[3]-(34),(3). 8vo (167 x 234 mm), black cloth, with gilt lettering to spine.

Dustjacket adds the subtitle: "The complete Hebrew Book of Enoch has never been printed before. The present edition is based on a Bodleian MS, entitled 'Book of Enoch by R. Ishmael ben Elisha, High Priest'."

Hugo Odeberg, Ph.D. (b. May 7, 1898, Åmåls församling, Åmål, Sweden - d. December 22, 1973, St. Peter's Monastery, Lund) was a professor of theology at the University of Lund in Sweden at the time of publication.

The text is divided into four parts:

I. Introduction.
1. Abbreviations employed;

2. Sources and Literature;
A. Hebrew and Aramaic;
B. Other Literature;

3. MSS. and printed books containing the Hebrew Book of Enoch or parts of it;

4. The mutual relations and affinities of the MSS. and other sources;

5. Short Survey of the Contents of the Hebrew Book of Enoch;

6. Quotations of and references to 3 Enoch;

7. Origin and date of composition of the Hebrew Book of Enoch and its relation to cognate mystical writings;

(a) Ideas and expressions of 1 Enoch recurring in 3 Enoch;

(b) Parallels between and cognate conceptions in 2 Enoch and 3 Enoch;

(c) Similarities between Mandaitic Literature and 3 Enoch;

8. The conceptions of Metatron in 3 Enoch;

9. The references to Metatron found in Talmud, Midras and Targum;

10. The conceptions of Metatron in related mystical and apocalyptic literature;

A. In I Ap. Ism., the Hekalop works and 1 and 2 Leg. Martyrs;

B. In the the Hekalop Zoterapi and Si'ur Qoma;

C. In the writings associating Metatron particularly with Moses;

D. In A. R. 'Aq., Rev. Sim. b. Yohai, 2 Ap. Ism., etc.;

11. Survey of the conceptions of Metatron in later mystical literature;

12. Origin of the word 'METATRON';

13. Origin of the conception of Metatron;

14. The Angelology of 3 Enoch;

A. The Angelology of A I (chh. 19-22, 25-28);

B. The Angelology of A 2 (ch. 17);

C. The Angelology of A 3 (ch. 18);

D. The Angelology of chh. 28 - 48 A;

E. The Angelology of the Enoch-Metatron pieces (chh. 3-16, 48 B-D), and of chh. 23, 24;

F. The Angelology of the additional pieces chh. 22 B, 22 C and 15 B;

15. The quasi-physical aspects of the 'Arabop Raqia ', the Maerkaba and the Kisse ha-k Kabod ; the 'Divine Letters and Names';

16. The conception of Spirit and Soul. Fate of the spirits and souls;

17. The Divine Judgement;

18. The performance of the celestial songs, esp. the Qedussa ;

II. Translation & Notes.

III. Hebrew Text with Critical Notes.

IV. Indexes:
I. Index to the Hebrew Text;
II. Index and Vocabulary to the English Translation;
III. Index of Numbers occurring in the Text;
IV. Index of Scriptural Passages quoted.

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Title: 3 Enoch, or The Hebrew Book of Enoch. First Edition in dustjacket

Author Name: ODEBERG, Hugo

Categories: 888,

Publisher: Cambridge University Press: 1928

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