Change-Up : New Poems. First Edition

By: SOUSTER, Raymond

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SOUSTER, Raymond. The Years : Poems. (Oberon Press, 1974). First Edition. Unpaginated. Pp (128). 8vo, blue & red card covers, lettered in white. "This is the first book of new poems Souster has published in several years. His new poems tend to be longer and more complax, accepting less, demanding more, demanding more of the poet as well as the reader. he remains a writer of remarkable integrity." - rear cover. "Yorkville Avenue", "In a Moment of Anger: Pierre Laporte Assassinated", "Ottawa for Me", "Tracksin the Snow", "The Snowplough", "The Touch", "Shipwrecked", "Pictures from a Long-Lost World: 1912", "The End of Summer", "The Sign", "First Holiday Morning", "February Wind", "This Rose", "Holding Hands in the Library", "Back Lane", "The Fourteen Days of Death (1962)" [Cuban Missle Crisis], "Queen Anne's Lace", "Wrecker's Progress", "Old Mill by Floodlight", "Now That April's Here", "Skater", "The Gift", "The Stacker", "Last Carry", "Bay Street", "The Spider Outside Our Window", "The Papers from Hungary", "As far as the Square", "Last Drum-Beat for Rose LaRose", "Two Crusts", "The Stars and Stripes Forever", "My Harvest Quickens", "Dominoes", "The Mulberry Tree", "My Moth", "Ambition", "Forsythia", "Beggar in the Subway", "Moving Day on Ellis Park Road", "Wherever You've Gone: for Charles Olson", "Wind, Weed & Butterfly", "Short Letter Never Sent" [please send me the address / of the Black Sparrow Press], "First Hint", "Some Kind of Ease", "Our Good Old Reliable Nathan" [on Nathan Cohen, with Glace Bay, Cape Breton, Irving Layton, &c], "To My Cat Minou, Murdered by a Neighbour" [including Rusty Staub and the Expos, both the Mussolinis], "The Flame", "Cinnamon Washing", "The Last Days", "Bar with Jazz Piano", "Cottontails", "Eight Bars for Louis", "Not the Flooding River", "That's the Kind of Day Monday Is", "The Trellis", "Flowers", "The Raft", "Breaking Concrete", "One of Our Aircraft" [including flying a Lysander, Sydney, Cape Breton], "Dog in the Fountain", "A Visit to St. Michael's", "The Pen-and-Ink Cleks", "Brew of '42" [Levis, Quebec], "Nightmare at Noon", "Merry-Go-Round", "Now in November", "October Leaves", "Pictures of a Long-Lost World: Wrong Turn at Sarajevo" [Archduke Ferdinand, &c], "Separate Inscriptions for the Graves of Lount and Matthews, Necropolis Cemetery, Toronto", "John Berryman's Dead", "Brandy Bottle", "Bel Canto", "At the Intersection", "The Smile", "Spring Offensive '72", "The Hope", "Friend Kiss", "Waiting the Call", "The Big-Leaguer" [Dick Fowler], "Bingo Comes to the Runnymede", "Pictures of a Long-Lost World: 1917, The Kaiser in Riga", "The Pink Purple Flowers", "Found Poem", "The Fight", "Beggar at the Door", "On the Traffic Island", "A Canadian Poet Dies" [on A.M. Klein, and a badly-placed death notice in the Saint John Telegraph-Journal], "See the Grey-Haired Lovers", "Thanks to Morris Wolfe", "The Letter on My Wall" [Robin Mathews, and Souster's letter from William Carlos Williams], "Old Buzzard Crow","Rainy Morning, Early March", "A Gift from Florida", "Pictures of a Long-L ost World: Kowloon, 1896", "The Size of Old Houses", "Subway Car Northbound", "Pictures of a Long-Lost World: Adolf Hitler at the Straits of Dover, 1940", "Old Dog", "Office Death", "For Us, on Our Anniversary", "Mark My Words, Canadians! : From a broadside by William Lyon Mackenzie", "Summer Mall","Something Wakes Me", "High Noon", "Moosonee", "The Escape", "Number Seven -O-Five", "Salvador's Submarine", and "Brampton Train Crossing" . Name, slight wear to spine, else very good. 16.00

Title: Change-Up : New Poems. First Edition

Author Name: SOUSTER, Raymond

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Publisher: Turnstone Press, Winnipeg, MB, 1974, ISBN:0888010753:

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