Metavisions : An Anthology of Short Stories

HANCOCK, Geoff, (ed.). Metavisions : An Anthology of Short Stories. Edited by Geoff Hancock. (Montreal): Quadrant Editions, (1983). First Printing. Pp. (4),5-227,(1). 8vo, illustrated blue card covers with white lettering to front and spine. "No reader can encounter 'Metavisions' without become aware of two things. First, these stories are crossings to someplace else. Fiction, as John Metcalf notes in 'Single Gents Only' is about more than its subject matter. The scruffy student in his sucrrilous boarding house follows stairways that lead into the depths of perception, to a time when childhoodwas enchantment, and language put you in contact with an absolute world. S econd, you will find in the depths of these stories the perceptible murmur of another story. [...] As places of passage, 'Metavisions' are doors, windows, mirrors, and staircases. In and out, backward and forward, up and down. The images of 'Metavisions' show the shapeless presence of other books, shining through these pages like watermarks, back, perhas to primal myth." -from the rear cover. Includes: David Halliday's "Interview: Humphrey Bogar t (after his death)", Andre Carpentier's "The Chest of Madame Corriveau" [Patricia Clark, trans.], Elizabeth Spencer's "To The Watchers While Walking Home", Tsigane Baernstein's "How I Got Cured: A Testimonial", Gerri Sinclair's "The Hoist", Rona Murray's 'Homecoming", Michael Kenyon's "Train", Sandra Birdsell's "Transposition", Veronica Ross's "Images", Jane Urquhart's "Storm Glass", Helen Potrebenko's "The Bird", Robyn Sarah's "Heading Into Winter", Dave Margoshes's "The Cat Came Back", Eugene McNamara's "Nineteen-Eleven", David Sharpe's "Valley Of The Shadow", John Metcalf's "Single Gents Only", John Keyes's "Shooting It", Fraser Sutherland's "Pears", Richard Simas's "Joaquin Murietta Slept Here", and Don Dickinson's "Novillero". Very good. 18.00

Title: Metavisions : An Anthology of Short Stories

Author Name: HANCOCK, Geoff, ed. METCALF, John BIRDSELL, Sandra URQUHART, Jane

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Publisher: Quadrant Editions, Montreal, 1983, ISBN:086495025x:

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