Chronicles of the Maltmen Craft in Glasgow 1605-1879. presentation bookplate signed by author

By: DOUIE, Robert

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DOUIE, Robert. Chronicles of the Maltmen Craft in Glasgow 1605-1879. With Appendix Containing: The Constitution of the Craft Reconised and Establishedby Letter of Guildry, Parliament, Town Councils, and Archbishop's Charter, Etc. Glasgow : Aird & Coghill, Printers, MDCCCLXXIX [1879]. Pp (4),[5]-196 , frontispiece. Index. Large 8vo, maroon cloth, gilt lettering and crest tofront board, gilt ettering to spine, top edge gilt, decorated black border s to both boads, bevellled edges. Contents : Introductory — Memorials of Ancient Glasgow — A Bishop's Burgh — Burgh of Regality — Royal Burgh; Trades or Crafts in Burghs — Their Deacons — Regulations — Craft Privileges by Parliament; Merchant and Trades' Ranks — Their Contests;; Incorporation of Maltmen in Glasgow — Its History; Recognised and Established by the Letter of Guildry in 1605 — being the "Maltmen and Mealmen,"; Queen Mary's Tax on theBurghs in 1556 — Stentaris for its Collection — among these " The Incorpor ation of Maltmen,*' ; Act James VI., 1567, Chap. 29, whereby to be "na Deakon of Craft of Maltmen," but; Parliament ratifies Letter of Guildry by Act,1672; Of the Visitor and Master Court; Visiting of the Kilns, Markets, &c. ; The Exclusive Privileges of the Craft Abohshed; Of the Collector — Mode of his Election — His Official Duties; The Key Keepers of the Box; The Clerk— Clerks since 1605; The Laws and Regulations adopted in 185 1 — Sanctione d by Court of Session in 1852; Freemen of the Craft; Apprentices and Servants; The Grand Decemiture, 1775; The Pensioner Craftsmen— Widows — Children — Unmarried Daughters; The Officer; Burials of the Brethren, their Wives and Bairns — The Mortdoth Business; Education — Trades' School — Education Conmiittee; Maltmen University Bursaries; The Gorbal Lands — Price in 1650— Present Revenue; Balgray Lands, 1666— The Highland Host in 1668 — Conventicles — Persecution in West of Scotland, 1687; Barrowfield Mortification; Trades Hall Buildings — Maltmen interest therein; City Ground Annuals Invested in by the Craft; The Maltmen and Prince Charles in 1745-46; The Craft Revenue — Pensioner Annual Expenditure — Stock Account; Funds — Good and Pious Uses; Valete; Roll of Names of Members in the order of their Enrolment, 1605to 1879; Roll of Present Members in the same order, with Craft Genealogy o f each Member; Names of Visitors from 1604 to 1879; Names of Visitors who have been Deacon-Conveners; Appendix. Constitution of the Incorporation : I.Letter of Guildry, 6th February, 1605; II. Minute of the Town Council of G lasgow approving Letter of Guildry, 9th February, 1605; III. Minute of TownCouncil for Settling ftiture Disputes between the Merchant and Craft Ranks , i6th February, 1605; IV. Ratification by Parliament to the Burgh of Glasgow of "the Gildrie," nth September, 1672; V. Act of the Town Council in favour of the Maltmen in Glasgow, 24th March, 1677; VL Charter of Confirmationand General Ratification of the Letter of Guildry granted by the Archbisho p of Glasgow, 3rd January, 1684; VII. Charter by King William and Queen Mary, 1690; VIII. Act for the Abolition of the Exclusive Privil^es of Trading in Burghs in Scotland, 14th May, 1846; Laws and Regulations of the Incorporation; Appendix to the Laws and Regulations, being Additions and Alterations, 1852-79; The Trades' House Scholarships, Pensions, and Funds. Robert Douie is listed as Clerk in the list of Office-Bearers for 1879-80 (p. 3). Edgeworn, scuffed, rubbed, else very good. With a presentation bookplate pasted to inside front cover signed by the author : "Presented to Mr. Thos. W.W.Flint, a Member of the Craft, by The Visitor & Master Court, of the Incorp oration of Maltmen, Glasgow. Nov., 1879. (signed) R.D. Clk." 125.00

Title: Chronicles of the Maltmen Craft in Glasgow 1605-1879. presentation bookplate signed by author

Author Name: DOUIE, Robert

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Publisher: Aird & Coghill, Printers, Glasgow, 1879,:

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