Memoirs of the Philadelphia Society for Promoting Agriculture Containing Communications on Various Subjects in Husbandry and Rural Affairs. Volume 3.

Philadelphia Society for Promoting Agriculture. Memoirs of the PhiladelphiaSociety for Promoting Agriculture Containing Communications on Various Sub jects in Husbandry and Rural Affairs. Volume III. Philadelphia : "Publishedby Johnson and Warner", 1814. Printed by Lydia R. Bailey. Pp (8),[iii]-lxx vii,(1),[1]-440,[1]-120,(24), engraved frontispiece + 6 leaves of engraved plates. 8vo, full brown calf, gilt lettering to spine. The plates : Portrait of George Clymer (frontispiece); The Society's Medals (opp. xix); Wheat Drill (double-page between 36-37); Perspective Elevation of a Flax Mill (opp137); Montagne, a shepherd's dog (opp.372); Map of Senaca and Cayuga Lakes , the Susquehanna River, and a proposed canal (opp. p.29 of Appendix); Potatoe or Turnip Slicer (at end, after index ). Contents : Preface; Laws of the Philadelfihia Society for promoting Agriculture; Officers of the Society;List of members elected since the fiublication of the last volume; Exiilan ation of theMedal; Resolution of the Society; Introductory Lecture to a course of lectures upon comparative anatomy, and the diseases of domestic animals; Additions to the Library; Biographical Sketch of George Clymer, late vice-president of the Society. Contents of the Memoirs : I. On the cultivation of the vincy by Timothy Matlack; II. On hedges, by Richard Peters; III. On hedging and ditching, by William Mill, Delaware county; IV. On French rye, and Syrian or Jerusalem wheat, by Rich ard Peters; V. Remarks on different grains, by the same; VI. On a simple wheat drill, by John Lorain, with aplate; VII. On the use of lime in England, by James Eckroyd, Philadelfihia county; VIII. On cyder makings by Henry Wynkoop, Bucks county; IX. On vari ous agricultural topics, by James Eckroyd, Philadelphia county; X. Case of croup in a calf, by Richard Peters; XI. Onforin grass, by the same; XII. Onthe diseases of sheep, and the similarity of their nature with the prevale nt complaints of mankind, by Dr. Petrikin; XIII. On the agriculture of England, on manures, convertible husbandry, and soilings by John Lorain; XIV. Observations ujion the agriculture and roads of the new settlements in Pennsylvania, with hints for improvement, by John Lorain, of Philifisburg, Pennsylvania; XV. Observations on the comparative value of soilsy by the same; XVI. Account of the modes fiursued in clearing la7id in Pennsylvania, and onthe fences in new settlements, by the same; XVII. jin account of some expe riments with sulphuret of barytes as a manure, by Dr. Isaac Chajiman., of Bucks county; XVIII. On the cultivation and use of the mangel wurtzel, or scarcity root, by Richard Peters; XIX. On fax mills, by William Neill, of Delaware county, with a plate; XX. Account of the Cayuga lake gypsum, by JacobCist., of Wilkesbarre; XXI. Observations on the Jiro/iriety of a farmer li ving on the produce of his ow?i land., by James Tilton, M, D.; XXII. On plantvig Indian corn., by John Steele.; XXIII. On trench ploughing for Indian corn., and on courses ofcropsyby William Bakewtll; XXIV. A short historicalsketch of agricultural improvements in the county of Roxburgh, (Scotland,) with some account of the means whereby it was accomplished, by John Jang; XXV. On the haws, or hooks, (so called,) in horses, by Richard Peters; XXVI. On breeding in and in, by the same; XXVII. Observations on Guinea grass, by S. Brown, M. D., Vatchez, Mississippi territory; XXVIII. Account of a crab apple orchard, by Henry Wynkoop, of Bucks county; XXIX. Progress of Col.Taylor's hedge, and on cultivating Indian corn, agreeably to a plan former ly suggested; XXX. On the great damage to apple trees by bad pruning, by the Rev. Dr. Mcholas Collin; XXXI. On lime and marls, by John Lang; XXXII. Onthe Long Island hay 'horse-rake, by H. Haines; XXXIII. Salutary effects of fire on soils, by Richard Peters; XXXIV. On well rotted dung, fresh and ho t muck, stercoraries, and their uses, by the same; XXXV. On hedges, by Timothy Pickering; XXXVI. Account of a corn-shelling machine, by Charles W. Peale; XXXVII. Rotations and changes of crops defended, by Richard Peters; XXXVIII. On Jiorin, mangel ivurtzel, onions and cabbages, by the same; XXXIX. On American gyfisum, and internal improvement, by the same; XL. On Jerusalem, or Syrian wheat. Big rye ; properly called Tangier wheat. Season of 1813, by the same; XLI. On fiorin, by John Clifford; XLII. Account of a stercorary on a large scale, by Richard Peters; XLIII. Plaster, in moderate quantities, assists in the putrefaction of animal and vegetable substances, by the same; XLIV. Swivel headed churn staff, by the same; XLV. Observations on Indian corn and potatoes, by John Lorain, of Philipsburg, Centre county, Pennsylvania; XLVI. On grass lays, manures, &c. by the saine; XLVII. Usefulness to husbandmen, of attending to natural phenomena, by Richard Peters; XLVIII. Estimate of the probable profit in keeping one thousand sheep, by Dr. Robert H. Rose, of Luzerne co. Penn. XLIX. Connnon sheep ; coarse, long, and combing loool, by Richard Peters; L. Account of a shepherd's dog, by P. Pauduy, of Delaware, with a print; LI. On succession of titnber, by Richard Peters; LII. On timber at Valley Forge, by Isaac Wayiie; LIII. Observationsupon Mr. Neill's hedges, and on the mode of trimming thorn hedges, by Jams s Mease, M. D.; LIV. Singular hardihood and sufferings of a bully; LV. On afire stone, by Richard Peters; LVI. Some account of the Virginia crab appl e by Timothy Pickering; LVII. On the utility of grinding maize, (Indian corn,) in the cob, as food for cattle, with a description of a mill for that purpose, by James Mease, M. D.; LVIII. A description of the Pennsylvania Rubber, for threshing grain, by Caleb Churchman and George Martin, Jun; LIX. On Taurino cloth, by Shotwell and Kinder, of N. York; LX. Comparative estimate of expense of live and dead fences, by T. M. Forman, of Maryland; LXI. On succession of timber, by Richard Peters; LXII. On Duckefs skim coulter, with a cut, by the same; LXIIL Oil scalded cream, coinmrniicated by a correspondent, to Dr. Robert H. Rose, of Susquehanna county, Penn.; LXIV. On the disease in wheat, mentioned in the Agricultural Memoirs, vol. 1, by James Mease, M. D.; LXV. Facts relative to the preparation of a dry leaven or yeast, for making good bread, by Samuel L. Mitchell, M. D.; LXVI. On the cultivation of the barilla plants in the United States, by Joseph Correa de Serra; LXVII. On engrafting the chesnut tree, by J. Mease, M. D.; LXVIII. Additional observation, on trimming hedges ; on the vegetation of haws ; and the injurious effects of the walnut and cedar tree on them, by James Mease, M.D. Contents of the Appendix : I. Description of Fisher's swivel headed churnstaffs to facilitate the inaking of butter; II. On the natural history and medical effects of the secale cornutuniy or ergot, by Oliver Prescott, A. M.; III. Directions from the Farming Society of Ireland, for treatment of sheep, &c.; IV. Information concerning coarse wool,for the cheapest supply of very strong and useful woollens a?id worsteds; V. Practicability of a canal between the head of Seneca lake with Tioga creek, by Philip Church; VI. Shepherd's dog, from the Sportsman's Cabinet; VII. Account of the Pyracantha^ or evergreen thorn, by Thomas Main; VIII. On potatoes, by Arthur Young; IX. On internal improvements, by roads, canals, Ijfc, by W. J. Duane; X. Pruning, and after management of hedges, by Robert Somerville ; from communications to the board of agriculture of England, voL 2, page 47, London, 1805; XI. On sheep folding ; from a publication on manures, drawn up for the board of agriculture, England, by Robert SomerĀ¦ville, of Haddington. London, 1795; XII. On the same, from Davis's survey of Wiltshire, drawn up for the board of agriculture, England; XIII. On barilla as a manure. Communicated to the president of " the Philadelphia Society for promoting Agriculture," by Robert Barclay, Esq. London; XIV. On mixing lime and stable manure; XV. Mangel wurtzel, winter food for cattle; XVI. Mode of analysing and testing gypsum ; from Cooper's Emporium, new series, vol. I, page 325; XVII. Professor Cooper's analysis of various specimens of Pennsylvania limestone. Cooper's Emporium, new series, vol. , page 318; XVIII. Observatio7is on the culture of sumnier wheat, or spring wheat ; from a pamphlet by C. T. Skurray, Esq, of Devonshire. London, 1813; XIX. On the cultivation of carrots; XX. Plaster and salt; XXI. On the duration of posts, when their natural position is reversed. Repaired wi th new free endpapers, calf worn, corners bumped, staining to margins of first few leaves, moderate to heavy foxing throughout (including plates), else a good, solid copy, with "Additional Errata" slip pasted to inside back cover. 300.00

Title: Memoirs of the Philadelphia Society for Promoting Agriculture Containing Communications on Various Subjects in Husbandry and Rural Affairs. Volume 3.

Author Name: Philadelphia Society for Promoting Agriculture LORAIN, John PETERS, Richard

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Publisher: Johnson and Warner / Lydia R. Bailey, Philadelphia, 1814,:

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