Fisheries Assessment and Management in Data-Limited Situations : Proceedings of the Symposium Assessment and Management of New and Developed Fisheriesin Data-Limited Situations, October 22-25, 2003, Anchorage, Alaska,

By: KRUSE, G.H. , et al. RODDICK, Dale LeBLANC, Kevin

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KRUSE, G.H., V.F. GALLUCI, D.E. HAY, R.I. PERRY, R.M. PETERMAN, T.C. SHIRLEY, P.D. SPENCER, B. WILSON, and D. WOODBY, (eds.). Fisheries Assessment andManagement in Data-Limited Situations : Proceedings of the Symposium Asses sment and Management of New and Developed Fisheries in Data-Limited Situations, October 22-25, 2003, Anchorage, Alaska, USA. Fairbanks, Alaska : Alaska Sea Grant College Program, University of Alaska Fairbanks, (2005). First Edition. Pp (2),iii-x,1-948,(2). Thick 8vo, orange & blue paper-covered boards. Papers presented at the 21st Lowell Wakefield Fisheries Symposium. Alaska Sea Grant College Program report, no. 05-02; AK-SG-05-02. Contents: Case Studies of Fishery Failures and Successes. "Overview of World Status of Data-Limited Fisheries: Inferences from Landings Statistics" by Marcelo Vasconcellos and Kevern Cochrane; "Risk-Averse Management of Eulachon in the Columbia River System" by Greg Bargmann, John DeVore, and Bill Tweit; "Managing Depleted Snapper Stocks in Inner Shark Bay, Western Australia" by Peter Stephenson and Gary Jackson; "Management of the Data-Limited Weathervane Scallop Fishery in Alaska" by Gordon H. Kruse, Jeff rey P. Barnhart, and Gregg E. Rosenkranz; "A Phased-Development Approach in the British Columbia SeaCucumber Fishery" by Dominique Bureau and Claudia Hand; ""Biological Consi derations for Management of Data-Limited Surfperch (Family Embiotocidae) Populations in British Columbia" by Thomas W. Therriault, Bryan Rusch, and Douglas E. Hay; "Refining Management for Prince William Sound Sablefish" by William R. Bechtol and Charlie Trowbridge. Indicators of Stock Health and Productivity from Limited Sampling Programs. "Indicators and „Response“ Points for Management of Fraser River Eulachon: Protocols for Managing a Data-Limited Fishery" by D.E. Hay, K. West, A.D. Anderson, and D. Rutherford ; "Management of Lake Char in Great Bear Lake, Canada: Historical Perspectives and Future Directions" by Kimberly L. Howland and Ross F. Tallman; "Density and Mortality in a Harvested Population of Quahog (Mercenaria mercenaria) in Nova Scotia, Canada" by Kevin LeBlanc, Ghislain A. Chouinard, Marc Ouellette, and Thomas Landry; "Timing of Parturition and Management of Spiny Dogfish in Washington" by Cindy A. Tribuzio, Vincent F. Gallucci, and Greg Bargmann; "Developing Assessments and Performance Indicators for a Small-Scale Temperate Reef Fish Fishery" by Philippe E. Ziegler, Jeremy M. Lyle, Malcolm Haddon, and Paul Burch; "Use of Quality Control Methods to Monitor the Status of Fish Stocks James Scandol; "Per-Recruit Simulation as a Rapid Assessment Tool for a Multispecies Small-Scale Fishery in Lake Malombe, Malawi, Africa" by Olaf L.F. Weyl, Anthony J. Booth, Kissa Mwakiyongo, and Moses M.Banda; "Do Commercial Fishery CPUE Data Reflect Stock Dynamics of the Balt ic Herring?" by Tiit Raid, Ahto Järvik, Leili Järv, and Olavi Kaljuste; "Detecting Early Warnings of Recruitment Overfi shing in Male-Only Crab Fisheries: An Example from the Snow Crab Fishery" by J.M. (Lobo) Orensanz, Billy Ernst, David A. Armstrong, and Ana M. Parma. Involvement of Fishermen and Use of Local Knowledge. Using Local Ecological Knowledge in Ecosystem Models" by Cameron H. Ainsworth and Tony J. Pitcher ; "The Scotian Shelf Experience with Emerging Bivalve Fisheries" by Dale Roddick; "Estimating Economic Eff ects of Fishery Management Measures Using Geospatial Methods" by Astrid J. Scholz, Mike Mertens, Debra Sohm, Charles Steinback, and Marlene Bellman; "Sportfishing Catch and Harvest of Pacific Halibut (Hippoglossus stenolepis) in Glacier Bay National Park" by Jason R. Gasper, Vincent F. Gallucci, Marc L. Miller, Jane Swanson, Chad Soiseth, and Darryll R. Johnson; "Use ofObserver Data in Management of the Grooved Tanner Crab (Chionoecetes tanne ri) Fishery off Alaska" by Douglas Pengilly, Ivan Vining, and David Barnard; "Recreational Fisheries in Northeastern Brazil: Inferences from Data Provided by Anglers" by Kátia M.F. Freire. Multispecies and Ecosystem Indicators and Models. "Assessing the Eff ects of Fishing in Cape Verde and Guinea Bissau, Northwest Africa" by Kim A. Stobberup, Patrícia Amorim, Virginia Pires, and Vanda M. Monteiro; "Evaluating Marine Ecosystem Restoration Goals for Northern British Columbia" by Cameron H. Ainsworth and Tony J. Pitcher; "Designing Fisheries Management Policies that Conserve Marine Species Diversity in the Northern South China Sea by William W.L. Cheung and Tony J. Pitcher; "Ecosystem Simulations of Management Strategies for Data-Limited Seamount Fisheries" by Telmo Morato and Tony J. Pitcher. Precautionary Management Approaches. "Minimum Stock Size Thresholds: How Well Can We Detect Whether Stocks Are below Them?" by Z. Teresa A’mar and André E. Punt; "Evaluating Harvest Strategies for a Rapidly Expanding Fishery: The Australian Broadbill Swordfish Fishery" by Robert A. Campbell and Natalie A. Dowling; "Fisheries Uncertainty: A Tropical Australian Data-Poor Fishery" by David J. Welch, Rod N. Garrett, and Neil A. Gribble; "Canada’s Staged Approach to New and Developing Fisheries: Concept and Practice" by R. Ian Perry, Rita Purdon,Graham Gillespie, and Edwin Blewett ; "The Impact of Recruitment Projectio n Methods on Forecasts of Rebuilding Rates for Overfi shed Marine Resources" by André E. Punt and Richard D. Methot ; "A Review of Natural Mortality Estimation for Crab Stocks: Data-Limited for Every Stock?" by Jie Zheng. Stock Assessment Models. "Application of a Kalman Filter to a Multispecies Stock Complex" by Paul D. Spencer and James N. Ianelli; "Assessing the Information Content of Catch-in-Numbers: A Simulation Comparison of Catch and Eff ort Data Sets" by Richard McGarvey, André E. Punt, and Janet M. Matthews; "FISMO: A Readily Generalized Fisheries Simulation" by Ernesto A. Chávez; "Three-Stage Catch-Survey Analysis Applied to Blue King Crabs" by Jeremy S. Collie, Allison K. DeLong, and Gordon H. Kruse; "Bias of Equilibrium-Based Estimators under Biological and Fishery Disequilibria" by Billy Ernst and Juan L. Valero; "Using a Spatially Structured Model to Assess the Tasmanian Fishery for Banded Morwong (Cheilodactylus spectabilis)" by Malcolm Haddon, Philippe Ziegler, Jeremy Lyle, and Paul Burch; "Sensitivity of, and Bias in, Catch-Survey Analysis (CSA) Estimates of Stock Abundance" by Benoit Mesnil ; "A Modifi ed Catch-Length Analysis Model for Golden King Crab (Lithodesaequispinus) Stock Assessment in the Eastern Aleutian Islands" by M.S.M. S iddeek, David R. Barnard, Leslie J. Watson, and Robert K. Gish; "Using Reproductive Value to Evaluate Surplus Production Models for Sharks" by Ian G. Taylor and Vincent F. Gallucci . Stock Assessment Surveys and Applications."Evaluation of Scuba Assessment Methods for Shallow-Water, Nearshore Black Rockfi sh (Sebastes melanops)" by Michael M. Byerly and William R. Bechtol ; "Sampling Designs for the Estimation of Longline Bycatch" by Muktha M. M enon, Vincent F. Gallucci, and Loveday L. Conquest ; "Accounting for Climate Variability in Forecasting Pacific Salmon in Data-Limited Situations" by S. Kalei Shotwell, Milo D. Adkison, and Dana H. Hanselman; "Surf Smelt (Hypomesus pretiosus) in Burrard Inlet, British Columbia: A Limited Data Assessment to Address Concerns about Potential Recreational Overharvesting" by Thomas W. Therriault and Douglas E. Hay; "Acoustical Estimations Confirm the Good Health of Gulf of Riga Herring" by Olavi Kaljuste, Tiit Raid, Faust Shvetsov, and Guntars Strods. Private owner's blindstamp, small dents to edgeof rear board, else very good. 35.00

Title: Fisheries Assessment and Management in Data-Limited Situations : Proceedings of the Symposium Assessment and Management of New and Developed Fisheriesin Data-Limited Situations, October 22-25, 2003, Anchorage, Alaska,

Author Name: KRUSE, G.H. , et al. RODDICK, Dale LeBLANC, Kevin

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Publisher: University of Alaska Fairbanks, Fairbanks, Alaska, 2005, ISBN:1566120934:

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