Moffat Tunnel of Colorado : An Epic of Empire. In Two Volumes

By: McMECHEN, Edgar Carlisle

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McMECHEN, Edgar Carlisle. The Moffat Tunnel of Colorado : An Epic of Empire. In Two Volumes. Authorized by Resolution of the Moffat Tunnel Commission.(Denver : The Wahlgreen Publishing Company, 1927). Pp (20),[21]-300,(4); ( 6),[7]-280,(2). Illustrated. Maps. 4to, dark blue pressed cloth, gilt lettering to spine, marbled edges. Wilcox, Colorado : A Selected Bibliography ofIts Literature 1858-1952. p.74. Rubbed, some wear to spine and edges, inne r hinges of Vol. I strengthened with white cloth tape, else a very good set. The two volumes for 245.00 Contents : Part 1 - The Barrier. Chapter 1: Epic character of the Moffat Tunnel -- An industrial Necessity -- The mountain barrier -- Background of the Colorado builders -- Their heritage of Colonial ideals -- The railroad and discovery of Gold as stimulants of imagination -- Exploratory wagon roads -- Berthoud Pass and the Union Pacific -- Winter Conditions on the high passes -- Territorial growth hampered by uncertain stagecoach transport -- Pacific Railroad the sole hope of Colorado pioneers. Chapter 2: The Pike's Peak gold region in Eighteen Sixty -- Arrival ofDavid H. Moffat -- His character and origin -- Impressions of pioneer Denv er -- Moffat's marriage -- The industrial situation -- General Dodge's surveys -- Cheyenne route chosen by Union Pacific -- Disappointment of mining towns -- Roger's plan to tunnel the divide -- Organization and construction of Denver Pacific -- Era or railroad development -- The Rio Grande and Palmer -- Moffat succeeds to the industrial throne in Colorado. Chapter 3: Condition of Colorado when Moffat assumed industrial leadership -- Agriculturaldevelopment -- Moffat's fortune made in mines -- Generosity to friends -- Some early plans to tunnel the divide -- Burlington venture fails -- Moffat's faith unshaken -- President of the Rio Grande -- Attempts to divert its course -- Broadgages system -- His constructive viewpoints - Cripple Creek interests -- Banking operations reveal vision. Panic of Ninety Three and Moffat's heroic attitude -- Growth of public utilities -- Connection with tunnel. Part 2 - The Railroad. Chapter 1: The divide a railroad graveyard -- Other investment opportunities -- Moffat's extensive holdings -- Electric line suggested -- Moffat decides upon a steam railroad -- Ridgway's selection-- Moffat's purpose revealed -- Rollings Pass chosen -- Harriman's opposit ion -- Battle for Gore Canyon -- Hughes' notable service -- Roosevelt takesa hand Construction difficulties -- Tragic winter operation -- The Harrima n-Moffat meeting -- The black year at Yarmony -- Col. Dodge extends aid -- Steamboat reached -- Moffat financially ruined -- His death. Chapter 2: Crisis after Moffat's death -- Evens inspires associates -- Allen Bill first attempt to build tunnel with public funds -- The erb reorganization -- Denver votes bonds -- Declared unconstitutional -- Second recievership -- Operating difficulties -- War Board takes control -- State railroad commission created -- Spectacular Tri Tunnel campaign Defeated again -- Commission abolished -- Cessation of government control -- The darkest hour -- Effort to junk road -- Opposition develops -- Freeman learns to operate "The Hill". Part 3. - The Tunnel. Chapter 1: Pueblo flood opens way for creation of Tunneldistrict -- Act passed in special session of State legislature -- Commissi on appointed -- Notable legal victories gained in proceedings to test validity -- Bonds sold and contract awarded -- Objectives of Moffat Tunnel reviewed -- Territory served -- The Dotsero cut-off -- Distance and elevation reduced -- Engineering details of the work -- Other great transportation tunnels of the world -- The water tunnel -- Denver's plans for its use. Chapter2: Construction of the portal camps -- Consideration given the human equat ion attracts high type of labor -- Alternate system of working headings developed in twin bore -- World's records broken -- Methods of tunneling -- Soft ground at West Portal increases cost -- Second bond issue -- Most serious crisis in tunnel history -- Opposition develops to election of commissioners -- First water flow encountered -- Contract signed by Moffat Road -- Thrid bond issue -- The battle with an underground river. Chapter 3: Bad ground at West Portal -- appaling geologic conditions -- Timbers rotate and splinter -- Standard methods fail -- Steel wall plates and double timbering --George Lewis becomes General Manager -- Invents Lewis girder, salvation of the tunnel -- Other time-saving expedients -- The call-shift -- Strategy m akes it successful -- Experienced miners unobtainable -- The big cave-in --A dramatic fight against disaster -- Heroism of the workers -- Water tunne l nears contact -- West Portal crew holes thru -- "Who in the H--L built this tunnel?" -- The mountain protests -- President Coolidge touches key -- Colorado and Utah shake hands in tunnel. Chapter 4: The shear zone at cross-cut nine west -- Pronounced the worst ground ever encountered -- Steel linind adopted -- Swelling ground -- Headings increased and Four girders installed -- Railroad tunnel holed thru -- The fourth bond issue -- Total bond reciepts exceed fifteen and one half millions -- Unparalleled extent of soft ground -- Commission displays public spirit -- Contract term expires -- Ventilation plant decided upon. Chapter 5: Ideal of an independent trans continental gateway maintained -- Voting pool formed to prevent sale of Moffat Road to antagonistic interests -- Reorganization committee, with Gerald Hughes at the helm, begins rehabilitation program -- Secures apathetic consent of trustees -- Old investors come to rescue with two and one half millions in new capital -- Reoganization becomes effective in 1925 -- Details of plan -- Provision for Dotsero Cut-off or extension from Craig westward -- Saleof the Moffat Road and organization of the new company -- Recievership ter minated -- Conclusion. Rubbed, some wear to spine and edges, inner hinges of Vol. I strengthened with white cloth tape, else a very good set. The two volumes for 245.00

Title: Moffat Tunnel of Colorado : An Epic of Empire. In Two Volumes

Author Name: McMECHEN, Edgar Carlisle

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Publisher: Wahlgreen Publishing Company, Denver, 1927,:

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