Gold : Its Geological Occurrence and Geographical Distribution. First Edition

By: MACLAREN, J. Malcolm GREGORY, John Walter, ex-libris

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MACLAREN, J. Malcolm. Gold : Its Geological Occurrence and Geographical Distribution. With One Coloured Plate and 278 Illustrations. London : The Mining Journal, 1908. First Edition. Pp (4),[v]-xxiii,(1),[1]-687,(1), coloured frontispiece + 38 plates. Text illustrations. Maps. 8vo, green cloth, gilt lettering to spine.

Of local interest : Nova Scotia (pp 460-467).

Contents :
Part I. The General Relations of Auriferous Deposits.
Introductory. -
Condition of the Interior of the Earth, Fissures in the Zone of Fracture, Source of Underground Waters, Circulation of Underground Waters, Filling of Fissures, Secondary Enrichment. Physical and Chemical Characters of Gold.- Native Gold, Pure Gold ;

Native Alloys of Gold : Electrum, Maldonite, Rhodite, Porpezite, Amalgam. Compounds of Gold.- Tellurides of Gold : Calaverite, Sylvanite, Mullerine, Krennerite, Hessite, Nagyagite ;

Sulphides of Gold, Selenide of Gold, Chloride of Gold, Silicate of Gold, Colloidal Gold, Ionised Gold. Classification of Auriferous Deposits.- Auriferous Provinces. Primary Deposits.- Archaean Group : India, Western Australia, South Africa, Appalachian Fields, South Dakota, Brazil. Pre-Cambrian Group : India, Western Australia, South Africa, North America, South America. Tertiary Andesitic Group : North America, Mexico, New Zealand, Hungary. Granodioritic Group : Western North America, Eastern Australia, Urals, Other Fields. General Considerations. Secondary Deposits.- Due to Chemical Action at Depth, Due to Chemical Action at the Earth's Surface. Arising from Mechanical Action ;

Placers, Beach Sands, Deep Leads ;

Range in Geological Time of Placers, Witwatersrand, South Dakota, Western Australia. Source and Transport of Gold.- Source of Gold, Transport of Gold, Dispersion of Gold in Nature. Deposition and Concentration of Gold.- Precipitants of Gold, Concentration of Gold in Nature, Secondary Enrichment, Shoots.

Part II. The Geographical Distribution of Gold.

Europe.- England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Portugal, Spain. France, Switzerland, Italy, Servia, Turkey, Greece, Roumania, Austria-Hungary, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Russia.

Asia.- Siberia, Asia Minor, Arabia, Persia, Baluchistan, Afghanistan, Tibet, Eastern Turkestan, India, Ceylon, Burma, China, Manchuria, Korea, Japan, Formosa, French Indo-China, Siam, Federated Malay States. East Indian Archipelago and Polynesia.- Philippine Islands, Borneo, Dutch East Indies, New Guinea, New Caledonia, Fiji.

Australasia.- New Zealand ; Australia : Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia, Northern Territory, Western Australia.

Africa.- Morocco, Algeria, Tunis, Tripoli, Egypt, British Sudan, Eritrea, Abyssinia, Italian Somaliland, British Somaliland, French Guinea, Liberia, Ivory Coast, Gold Coast, Togoland, Cameroons (Kamerun), French Congo, Angola, Congo Free State, British East Africa, Uganda Protectorate, German East Africa, Nyassaland Protectorate, Madagascar, Portuguese East Africa, Rhodesia, Bechuanaland Protectorate, Transvaal, Natal, German South-West Africa, Cape Colony.

North America.- Newfoundland ; Canada : Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia, Yukon Territory ;

United States of America : Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Calif ornia, Idaho, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Texas,New Mexico, Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, Minnesota, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, Maryland, Virginia, Southern Appalachian States.

Central America and West Indies.- Mexico, Guatemala, British Honduras, Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Cuba, Haiti, Jamaica, Dutch West Indies.

South America.- Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, Venezuela, Briti sh Guiana, Dutch Guiana, French Guiana, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile.

Ex-libris John Walter Gregory (1864 – 1932), a British geologist and explorer, known principally for his work on glacial geology and on the geography and geology of Australia and East Africa. The Gregory Rift in the Great Rift Valley is named in his honour.

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Title: Gold : Its Geological Occurrence and Geographical Distribution. First Edition

Author Name: MACLAREN, J. Malcolm GREGORY, John Walter, ex-libris

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Publisher: Mining Journal, London, 1908,: 1908

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