Record of Canadian Shipping : A List of Square-Rigged Vessels, Mainly 500 Tons and Over, Built in the Eastern Provinces of British North America from the Year 1786 to 1920. First Edition in dustjacket

By: WALLACE, Frederick William

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WALLACE, Frederick William. Record of Canadian Shipping : A List of Square-Rigged Vessels, Mainly 500 Tons and Over, Built in the Eastern Provinces ofBritish North America from the Year 1786 to 1920. Illustrated with Photogr aphs, Paintings and Drawings. Toronto : The Musson Book Company, (1929). First Edition. Pp (6),v-xv,(1),[1]-302, including frontispiece. With over 100b&w Illustrations. 8vo, black cloth, gilt lettering to front & spine, and gilt illustration of a three-masted vessel to the front cover. Rear endpapers are maps. Rhodenizer p.653. "In compiling this list of Canadian-built square-rigged sailing ships, the author has endeavoured to set down a full record of Canada's accomplishments in wooden shipbuilding during the age of sail. Apart from the hope that it will be of some value to the archivist, the author believes that it will aid the collector of nautical paintings, prints, photographs and marine memorabilia in identifying his items as well asaffording a source of basic information for the historian. The list has be en confined mainly to square-rigged vessels of 500 tons and over. In a few instances this limit has been waived, particularly in the case of vessels built prior to 1840. Up to that date, the details regarding the largest square-rigged vessels built since 1786 have been entered, as but very few craftwere constructed during that period to register more than 500 tons. It may be superfluous to emphasize the fact that no steam- propelled vessels or s chooners or wooden vessels built elsewhere than in Canada are included in this list. The vast fleet of small ships, barques, barquentines, brigs and brigantines built in British North America during the days of wooden hulls have been omitted unless they measured 500 tons and over, except in the caseaforementioned. Even with these restrictions, approximately 3700 vessels h ave been recorded in this volume. From this, an idea may be gained of the magnitude of Canada's marine construction during the Golden Age of Sail. Thebasis of the work of compilation has been the Shipping Registers of the va rious ports, now stored in the Canadian Archives, Ottawa. The information thus obtained has been considerably augmented by the records of Lloyd's Register, the American Shipmasters' Association, the American Bureau of Shipping, American Lloyd's and the Bureau Veritas. J. Murray Lawson's " Yarmouth Shipping," Narcisse Rosa's " List of Quebec Ships " and data from unofficialand private sources have played a large part in the compilation. While eac h item has been checked, as far as is possible, to ensure its correctness, yet errors are bound to creep in. It is also possible that some few vesselshave been overlooked and not listed. Dimensions, tonnage and rig have been found to differ in the registry records of one ship. A barque may have bee n originally rigged as a ship, while re-measurement, alterations, or the employment of old or new measurement rules have materially affected tonnage and dimensions. Ports of registry and ownerships were often changed, and a vessel may bear one name in the original registry book and acquire another soon after launching when transferred to another port. A certain laxity was found in recording the builder's name in many official records. Sometimes it was the foreman builder who was credited ; in other cases it was a contractor who had the work done by a shipbuilder, and instances were found in which a shipyard was borrowed for the work and the owner of the yard creditedwith the job. Many of these errors in official records have been corrected by the author from reliable private information. Against the name of each vessel, wherever possible, the author has entered certain remarks pertaining to her ownership, employment and final end. Ships built in Canada and engaged in the Australian and New Zealand emigrant trade of the 'fifties and 'sixties have been thus listed. Vessels owned and operated by the more important Canadian ownerships are designated together with their Canadian ports of registry. Most of the craft recorded herein held Canadian registries when launched, but these were transferred to British or other ports when the vessel was sold shortly afterwards. Hundreds of ships were built to be sold in Great Britain, and many played important roles in the history of Britishshipping. In this list, the Canadian port of registry has* only been place d against vessels that were owned wholly or partly in Canada and accounted as being of the Canadian merchant marine. As the vast majority of British North American ships were constructed of what is called " soft wood " timber— spruce, tamarac or hackmatack, pine, etc. — and a goodly number of mixed woods, both soft and hard, the vessels that were constructed wholly of " h ard wood " are thus designated in this list. Similarly, most of the vesselswere of full models, but where a ship was of " sharp " or " medium " model , it has thus been recorded. The date wherein a vessel is recorded with a change of name or flag is not to be taken as the year of transfer, but merely as a year when the ship was known to be under another flag or name. It isa source of gratification to the author that he has been able, through the assistance of many friends, to reproduce herein a splendid collection of p hotographs, paintings and drawings of Canadian-built vessels. From all parts of the world these pictures have been gathered, and many are scarce and valuable. They lend colour to cold facts and will serve to visualize the handiwork of long-gone craftsmen, as well as picture, to a generation that knows them not, the splendid fabrics of wood and canvas, rope and metal, that braved the watery wastes, wove the strands of commerce, and helped to builda greater empire than has been." - the Foreword. "This Edition of Canadian Shipping is limited to 1,000 copies, numbered and signed by the author, fo r circulation in Great Britain, Canada, and the United States of America. No. 153." Very good in lightly soiled dustjacket, with some short tears. 250.00

Title: Record of Canadian Shipping : A List of Square-Rigged Vessels, Mainly 500 Tons and Over, Built in the Eastern Provinces of British North America from the Year 1786 to 1920. First Edition in dustjacket

Author Name: WALLACE, Frederick William

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Publisher: Musson , Toronto, 1929,:

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