Bermuda's Story. 7th printing in dustjacket

By: TUCKER, Terry

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TUCKER, Terry. Bermuda's Story. With line drawings by the author. Hamilton,Bermuda : The Bermuda Book Stores, (1970). Seventh Impression. Pp (4),5-21 3,(3). 8vo, rose cloth, gilt lettering to spine. Hallett, Bermuda in Print : A Guide to the Printed Literature on Bermuda, 2nd ed., p.199. A brief history of Bermuda from the seventeenth century, enlivened by discussions of genealogy and local folkways. Contents : Preface. 1. The isolated lonely isle. The American colonics. Relief Fleet under Admiral Sir George Somers. Shipwreck of its flagship the Sea Venture on Bermuda's coast. Fate of the remaining eight of the Relief Fleet. 2. (seventeenth century) The castaways' adventures on this uninhabited island. A brief account of how the island itself, millions of years before, was formed. Sir George Somers makes a map. They all build two ships to continue their voyage to Virginia. After nine months they get away, leaving two men behind, only to find the people in Virginia starving. Sir George returns to Bermuda for supplies and dies here. Hisnephew takes his body back to England, leaving three men to hold the islan d. 3. (seventeenth century) The story is told in England. Moore sent out asgovernor with settlers. Adventures of the three lone men in the meantime. Founding of the town of St George. Building of forts. Arrival and defeat ofSpanish ships. A new Company is formed for running the islands; this Somer s Island Company sends out its first governor, Daniel Tucker. Hog Money. Survey by Richard Norwood. The people in England for whom the parishes were named. Agriculture. Whaling. Cassava. Rats. Assizes. Attempts at escape fromTucker's harsh rule. Scandal of the 'over-plus'. 4. (seventeenth century) Slavery. Governor Nathaniel Butler's wise rule. Repair of forts. First Bermuda Parliament. Building of State House. Punishments. Witchcraft. Amusements. Bermuda tries to reject the Commonweath. Building of cedar ships. Turk'sIsland adventure and salt. Endnd of the Somers Island Company. Descriotion of the island at close of the seventeenth century. Governor Day and Govern ment House. 5. (first half of the eighteenth century) Governor Bennett and the Silver Oar. Shipbuilding. Pirates. Privateers. Whaling. Weddings. Rebuilding of St George's. Salt-raking. Huricanes. Silver-smiths. Hurricanes. Silver-smiths. Governor Hope. Bishop Berkeley. George Whitefield. Governor Alured Popple. Fashions. 6. (second half of eighteenth century) Joseph Blackburn. Privateering. Smallpox and the doctors. John Green. Governor George James Bruere. Poverty of agriculture. American War of Independence. Bermuda gunpowder scandal. The Great Hurricane. Joseph Stockdale and the first newspapers. Rise of town of Hamilton. Gombeys. Parish jingles. 7. (first half ofthe nineteenth century) Union Jack. Napoleonic Wars. Decline of St George' s as capital. Loss of Turk's. Tom Moore. Dockyard. Yellow Fever. War of 1812. Sir Francis Forbes. Hamilton becomes capital. Convict Station. 'Sea-beef'. Susette Harnet Lloyd. Palmetto plait. Archdeacon Spencer and education. First steamship. Emancipation. Decline of shipbuilding. Canadian Exiles. Governor William Reid. Improvement in agriculture. Library. Reid's Hurricane.Lighthouse. William Facy. Perot and Par-la-Villc. 8. (second half of the n ineteenth century) Easter lily. Col. Whittingham. Anthony Trollopc. BermudaClipper Barques. American Civil War. Yellow Fever Plot. Joseph Haynes Rain ey. Floating Dock. Hamilton Hotel. Unfinished church at St. George's. Goveror Lefroy. Old Bermuda records. Causeway. Mrs Jane A. Eames. H R H PrincessLouise. Governor LafTan. St David's Lighthouse. Telephones. Dinghy Racing. Truck Farming. Hurricane of 1899. 9. (twentieth century) Boer War prisoner s. Electricity. Winter-season visitors. Farming- Ocean Yacht-race. Tercentenary celebrations. Bermuda coat-of-arms. Bermuda Flag. World War I. Libraryat Par-la-Ville. Tourist Trade develops. Tercentenary of Parliament. Arriv al of many Portuguese. Water supply and Sir Harry Watlington. Year-round tourist season. Importation. Bermuda Railwav. Opening of Severn Bridge. WorldWar II. Censorship Station. United States' Bases. Woman Suffrage. Cedar bl ight. Motor cars introduced. Broadcasting Station. Cahows rediscovered. Visit of Queen Elizabeth II. Submarine treasure. Great celebrations for Bermuda's 350th anniversary. 10. (1959-19967) 1959 celebrations continued. NASA Tracking Station. City Hall. Bermudiana and Carlton Beach Hotels. Census. Parliamentary Franchise Reform. Bie-Two Conference. Casemates. New G.P.O. Traffic Expert. Town Planning Expert. Economics Expert. General Election 1963.Urwick-Currie Report. Houghton Report. Cathedral Restoration. Tall Ships R ace. Argus Island. Operation Seaalab. ,Labour disputes and strikes. Formation of Bermuda Regiment. Water Supply and new Distillation Plant. Trade Union Act. Changes in recent Parliamentary Act. New Survey Maps. ConstitutionalChanges. 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Title: Bermuda's Story. 7th printing in dustjacket

Author Name: TUCKER, Terry

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Publisher: Bermuda Book Stores, Hamilton, Bermuda, 1970,:

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