Women, Health, and Nation : Canada and the United States since 1945. FirstEdition.

FELDBERG, Georgina, Molly LADD-TAYLOR, Alison LI, and Kathryn McPHERSON, eds. Women, Health, and Nation : Canada and the United States since 1945. Montreal and Kingston: McGill-Queen's University Press, (2003). First Printing. Pp. (4),[v]-vii,(3),[1]-438. 8vo, tan cloth with black lettering to frontboard and spine. McGill-Queen's/Associated Medical Services (Hannah Instit ute) Studies in the History of Medicine, volume 16. Series editors: S.O. Freeman and J.T.H. Connor. Contents: 1. Georgina Feldberg, Molly Ladd-Taylor,Alison Li, and Kathryn McPherson's "Comparative Perspectives on Canadian a nd American Women's Health Care since 1945"; 2. Barbara Clow's "'An Illnessof Nine Months' Duration': Pregnancy and Thalidomide Use in Canada and the United States"; 3. Ladd-Taylor's "'A Kind of Genetic Social Work': Sheldon Reed and the Origins of Genetic Counselling"; 4. Michelle L. McClellan's " Marty Mann's Crusade and the Gendering onf Alcohol Addiction"; 5. Li's "Marketing Menopause: Science and the Public Relations of Premarin"; 6. Feldberg's "On the Cutting Edge: Science and Obstetrical Practice in a Women's Hospital, 1945-1960"; 7. Laura E. Ettinger's "Mission to Mothers: Nuns, LatinoFamilies, and the Founding of Sante Fe's Catholic Maternity Institute"; 8. Judith Bender Zelmanovitz's "'Midwife Preferred': Maternity Care in Outpos t Nursing Stations in Northern Canada, 1945-1988"; 9. Maureen McCall's "Pursuing Conception: A Physician's Experience with In Vitro Fertilization"; 10. Heather Munro Prescott's "'Guides to Womanhood': Gynaecology and Adolescent Sexuality in the Post-Second World War Era"; 11. McPherson's "Nursing and Colonization: The Work of Indian Health Service Nurses in Manitoba, 1945-1970"; 12. Karen Flynn's "Race, the State, and Caribbean Immigrant Nurses, 1950-1962"; 13. Aline Charles's "Women's Work in Eclipse: Nuns in Quebec Hospitals, 1940-1980"; 14. Ann Starr's "Scenes from the Psychiatric Hospital"; 15. Vanessa Northington Gamble's "Subcutaneous Scars: A Black Physician Shares What It Feels Like to Be on the Receiving End of Racial Prejudice, despite a Successful Career"; 16. Writing as Activism: Three Women's Health Documents: i. Michele Landsberg's "Show Me a Gynecologist and I'll Show You a Male Chauvinist (Even If She's a Woman)", Suzanne Hyers's "(Not Just) Another Day at the Gynecologist", and Chuck Conconi's "Mom's Secret: She Was One of the Lucky Ones -- A Survivor. But No One Was Ever to Know"; 17. SusanL. Smith and Dawn Dorothy Nickel's "Nursing the Dying in post-Second World War Canada and the United States"; 18. Leslie J. Reagan's "Crossing the Bo rder for Abortions: California Activists, Mexican Clinics, and the Creationof a Feminist Health Agency in the 1960s"; 19. Elena R. Gutierrez's "Polic ing 'Pregnant Pilgrims': Situating the Sterilization Abuse of Mexican-Origin Women in Los Angeles County"; 20. Susan M. Reverby's "Thinking through the Body and the Body Politic: Feminism, History, and Health-Care Policy in the United States". Very good. 35.00

Title: Women, Health, and Nation : Canada and the United States since 1945. FirstEdition.

Author Name: FELDBERG, Georgina, ed. LADD-TAYLOR, Molly, ed. LI, Alison, ed. McGill-Queen's Studies in the History of Medicine, 16.

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Publisher: McGill-Queen's University Press, Montreal and Kingston, 2003, ISBN:0773525009:

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