Irish English, Volume 2 : The Republic of Ireland . Dialects of English series

By: KALLEN, Jeffrey L.

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KALLEN, Jeffrey L. Irish English, Volume 2 : The Republic of Ireland. Mouton De Gruyter, (2013). Pp (4),[v]-x,[1]- 224. 8vo, purple hardcovers. "This volume continues the Dialects of English series, considering the establishment of English in what is now the Republic of Ireland. Discussions of phonology, syntax, the lexicon, and discourse focus on traditional dialect, withfurther reference to colloquial Irish English, the use of dialect in liter ature, and the standard language. Irish English - forged in part by an ever-changing relationship with the Irish language - is considered in its local, national, and international aspects."- from rear cover. Contents: 1. Geography, demography, and cultural factors - Introducing Irish English - Firstcontacts - The first settlement of English - Linguistic relations in medie val Ireland - Irish English in transition - Language shift and linguistic realignment - English and the Republic - English, Irish, and the nation - New directions on language and the nation; 2. Phonetics and phonology - Typological overview - Consonants - The labial group - The coronal group - Palatals and velars - Vowels - Vowels and lexical incidence - Variation in the front vowels: MEAT and CLEAR - The pen/pin merger: /e/ raising - Mid vowel monophthongs - Syllables - Complex syllable codas - Further epenthesis - Word-level stress patterns; 3. Morphosyntax - Information structure - Subordination and coordination - The verb phrase - Progressive verb forms - Generic-habitual forms - Indicative be - Perfect aspect - Verbal negation - Question formation - Words and morphemes - Subject-verb agreement - Verbal morphology - Pronouns - Nouns and noun phrases; 4. Lexis and discourse features -Lexical perspectives - Irish English and etymology - Irish and the lexicon - Lexical items and Irish - The dual lexicon - English, Scots, and other s ources - Irish English usage: the example of kill - Prepositions - The dialect of Forth and Bargy - Discourse perspectives - Lexical and phrasal elements - Communicative style; 5. History, including changes in progress - Early Irish English - Modern Irish English - Debating sources: a look at the perfect - Contemporary change in progress; 6. Survey of previous work - General works: chronological overview - Historical, geographical, and cultural factors - Phonetics and phonology - Morphology and syntax - Lexis and discourse features - Historical change in Irish English - Uses of Irish English in literature - Irish English abroad; 7. Sample texts. Fine. 85.00

Title: Irish English, Volume 2 : The Republic of Ireland . Dialects of English series

Author Name: KALLEN, Jeffrey L.

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Publisher: Mouton De Gruyter,, Berlin, 2013, ISBN:1614511683:

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