Bringing the State Back In. Digital Printing, paperback

EVANS, Peter B., Dietrich RUESCHEMEYER, and Theda SKOCPOL (eds.). Bringing the State Back In. (Cambridge) : Cambridge University Press, (2002). Digital Printing. Pp (4),[v]-x,(2),[3]-390,(4). Illustrated. Index. 8vo, blue card covers, lettered in orange, white and black. Contents : Introduction. 1. Bringing the state back in : strategies of analysis in current research (byTheda Skocpol). Part I. States as promoters of economic development and so cial redistribution. 2. The state and economic transformation : toward an analysis of the conditions underlying effective intervention (by Dietrich Rueschemeyer and Peter B. Evans). 3. The state and Taiwan's economic development (by Alice H. Amsden). 4. State structures and the possibilities of "Keynesian" responses to the Great Depression in Sweden, Britain, and the United States (by Margaret Weir and Theda Skocpol). Part II. States and transnational relations. 5. War making and state making as organized crime (by Charles Tilly). 6. Transnational linkages and the economic role of the state : an analysis of developing and industrialized nations in the post-World War II period (by Peter B. Evans). 7. Small nations in an open international economy : the converging balance of state and society in Switzerland and Austria (by Peter Katzenstein). Part III. States and the patterning of social conflicts. 8. Working-class formation and the state : nineteenth-century England in American perspective (by Ira Katznelson). 9. Hegemony and religiousconflict : British imperial control and political cleavages in Yorubaland (by David D. Laitin). 10. State power and strength of civil society in the southern cone of Latin America (by Alfred Stepan). Conclusion. 11. On the road toward a more adequate understanding of the state (by Peter B. Evans, Dietrich Rueschemeyer, and Theda Skocpol). Very good. 27.00

Title: Bringing the State Back In. Digital Printing, paperback

Author Name: EVANS, Peter B., Dietrich RUESCHEMEYER, and Theda SKOCPOL (eds.)

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Publisher: Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2002, ISBN:0521313139:

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