Warriors of the North Pacific : Missionary Accounts of the Northwest Coast,the Skeena and Stikine Rivers and the Klondike, 1829-1900. First Edition in dustjacket

LILLARD, Charles, (ed.). Warriors of the North Pacific : Missionary Accounts of the Northwest Coast, the Skeena and Stikine Rivers and the Klondike, 1829-1900. Edited and annotated by Charles Lillard. Victoria, British Columbia : Sono Nis Press, (1984). First Edition. Pp (8),9-280. 8vo, wine cloth, gilt lettering to spine. "Since the 1740s the Northwest Coast has had many frontiers - Russian, Spanish, British, American - and each has known its own 'rush.' Men thronged into each frontier seeking what was in demand, what would bring a quick profit. The first rush was for fur, then came the rush for gold, for fish, timber and finally, and repeatedly, land. Few of the men and women drawn to the coast remained. They made their fortunes or lost their shirts, then disappeared south, east and west. History remembers a fewof their names. The mad men and the iron men, a few prostitutes and one se cond-rate card shark - they live on, but history has turned its back on another rush and its frontiersmen. British Columbia and Alaska were practically unknown geographically, but the country was inhabited by primitive people. They were the magnet that drew the missionaries to the North Pacific. Themissionaries would "bring light to the darkness" and "Christianize the hea then" and these churchmen were big men for a big country. Even in a world of frontiersmen these men set standards for travelling, and for courage, andstrength. They were Old Testament Christians. Leaving society and the safe ty of numbers behind, they moved among the people preaching and doctoring, teaching and building. And each was as colourful as any other frontiersman.Jonathan Green saw the future as clearly as we see the past. Thomas Crosby , whose fists and voice were his sword, took on the whiskey dealers and slave traders, and cut a swath wide as Moses. Charles Harrison, erratic scholar and land promoter, fell in love with the Queen Charlotte Islands and the Haida and spent forty years selling the area to anyone who would listen. And there was Bishop William Ridley, poet and self-taught doctor, whose travels were epic and restlessness contagious. These were nineteenth-century men, no mould or rule could contain them . Single-handedly, they took on the Tsimshian, Haida, Salish and Tlingit, and then fought for these people against the slave traders, the whiskey dealers, and all the other 'Christians' who broke every one of the Ten Commandments daily. Academics have written about these men, but the men are too big for these versions. the truth lies in their own writing. Fortunately, each one of these men left his own account of his life and work on the coast. So radically different are these stories from popular opinion, they must be read to be believed. And whatever else can be said, had it not been for these men and dozens like them, there would be no Haida or Tsimshian or Tlingit or Nishga or Tahltan today. They would be a memory if it were not for these far-sighted missionaries who turned the tide of civilization, protecting the Indians from thousands of Christians who belived a good Indian was a drunk or dean Indian." from the dj flaps. Contents: Introduction; Rev. J. S. Green's ["The North-West Coast: Extracts from the Report of an Exploring Tour on the North-West Coast: of NorthAmerica in 1829" [Jonathan Smith Green (b. December 20, 1796, Lebanon Conn . - d. January 5, 1878, Hawaii)]; Thomas Crosby's "Among the An-ko-me-nums"; Charles Harrison's "Ancient Warriors of the North Pacific"; William Ridley's "Snapshots of the North Pacific". With bibliography and index. Very good in dustjacket. 25.00

Title: Warriors of the North Pacific : Missionary Accounts of the Northwest Coast,the Skeena and Stikine Rivers and the Klondike, 1829-1900. First Edition in dustjacket

Author Name: LILLARD, Charles, (ed.) COSBY, Thomas RIDLEY, William GREEN, J.S., Rev.

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Publisher: Sono Nis Press, Victoria, British Columbia, 1984, ISBN:0919203485:

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