Power and Restructuring : Canada's Coastal Society and Environment.

SINCLAIR, Peter R., and Rosemary E. OMMER, eds. Power and Restructuring : Canada's Coastal Society and Environment. Edited by Peter R. Sinclair and Rosemary E. Ommer. (St. John's, Nfld.) : Institute of Social and Economic Research, Memorial University of Newfoundland, (2006). Pp. (6),7-334,(2). Illustrated. 8vo, black illustrated card covers, with blue and white lettering to front cover, white lettering to spine. ISER Social and Economic Papers, Number 26. "The natural resources of Canada's Atlantic and Pacific coasts -- of both the sea and the land -- have been exploited for centuries, in many cases to the point of exhaustion. The stress on resources is mirrored in the many coastal communities. 'Power and Restructuring: Canada's Coastal Society and Environment' examines what is happening to -- and within -- thesecoastal communities as economic globalization and resource exploitation ha ve led to social and environmental restructuring." - from the rear cover. Contents: 1. Sinclair and Ommer's introduction. Part I: Power, Resources, and People: a. Historical: 2. Douglas C. Harris's "Colonial Territoriality: The Spatial Restructuring of Native Land and Fisheries on the Pacific Coast"(pp. 35-53); 3. Sean T. Cadigan's "Restructuring the Woods: Timber Rights, Power, and Agency in White Bay, Newfoundland, 1897-1959" (pp. 54-81); 4. R obert Griffin's "The Context of Power: Mining on the British Columbia NorthCoast" (pp. 82-106); 5. Linda Kealey, Heidi Coombs, Nancy Turner, and Shei la Yeomans's "Knowledge, Power, and Health" (pp. 107-128). b. Contemporary:6. John C. Kennedy's "Disempowerment: The Cod Moratorium, Fisheries Restru cturing, and the Decline of Power among Labrador Fishers" (pp. 129-144); 7.Joseph S. Wroblewski, John P. Volpe, and Dean L.Y. Bavington's "Manufactur ing FIsh: Transition from Wild Harvest to Aquaculture" (pp. 145-160); 8. John A. Schofield, Gurmit S. Sandhu, and Jennifer Davison's "Power and Policyin Offshore Oil and Gas Development in British Columbia" (pp. 161-186). Pa rt II: Power, Resistance, and Resilience: 9. Martha MacDonald, Barbara Neis, and Brenda Grzetic's 'Making a Living: The Struggle to Stay" (pp. 187-208); 10. Carol E. Harris, Steve Riley, and Leah Robinson's "A Question of Power: Linking Political Will, Discourse, and Health in a Coastal Community School" (pp. 209-231); 11. Lois A. Jackson, E. Anne Marshall, Susan TIrone, Catherine Donovan, and Blythe C. Shepard's "The Forgotten Population? Power,Powerlessness, and Agency among Youth in Coastal Community" (pp. 232-248); 12. Kelly Vodden and John C. Kennedy's "From Resignation to Renewal: First Nations' Strategies for Resilience" (pp. 249-274); 13. Stephen Tomblin, Ro semary E. Ommer, and Peter R. Sinclair's conclusion. Very good. 25.00

Title: Power and Restructuring : Canada's Coastal Society and Environment.

Author Name: SINCLAIR, Peter R., (ed.). ISER Social and Economic Papers No. 26). OMMER, Rosemary E., ed). KENNEDY, John C.

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Publisher: Institute of Social and Economic Research, St. John's, Nfld., 2006, ISBN:1894725042:

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