Voyage of Discovery : Fifty Years of Marine Research at Canada's Bedford Institute of Oceanography. A commemorative volume in celebratio of the 50th anniversary of the Bedford Institute of Ocenography, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia,Canada, 1962-2012.

NETTLESHIP, D.N., D.C. GORDON, C.F.M. LEWIS, and M.P. LATREMOUILLE, eds. Voyage of Discovery : Fifty Years of Marine Research at Canada's Bedford Institute of Oceanography. A commemorative volume in celebratio of the 50th anniversary of the Bedford Institute of Ocenography, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada, 1962-2012. Edited by D.N. Nettleship, D.C. Gordon, C.F.M. Lewis, andM.P. Latremouille. Graphics and layout design: Francis G. Kelly. Dartmouth : The Bedford Institute of Oceanography, Oceans Association, 2014. Pp. (1),ii-xii,(2),1-444. Illustrated, occasionally in colour. Double column. 4to, illustrated blue glossy paper covered boards, white lettering to front cover and spine. "'Voyage of Discovery' summarizes BIO research results on the oceanography of Arctic and Eastern Canada. In a series of 48 papers by pastand present research staff from all oceanographic disciplines at BIO, the history of Canadian oceanography before BIO and a broad cross section of the Institute’s work spanning five decades are featured with particular emphasis on contributions to Canadian and global understanding/management of themarine environment. [...] 'Voyage of Discovery' is the most extensive over view of the history and scientific accomplishments of the Bedford Instituteof Oceanography under one cover: Historical Roots, Arctic Studies, Ocean L ife, Ocean Circulation and Chemistry, Hydrography and Seabed Mapping, Geological Oceanography, Fisheries-Ecosystems-Aquaculture, Marine Contamination,Technology and Instrument Development, Energy Developments, BIO and the La w of the Sea, and The BIO Experience. This book’s well-written and illustrated accounts will appeal to a broad readership from professional oceanographers and environmental/resource managers and decision-makers to marine science students and lay persons interested in the Arctic and Atlantic oceans, and their present status and future welfare." - from the rear cover. Contents: I. Historical Roots: 1. Eric L. Mills's "Canadian Marine Science from before Titanic to the establishment of the Bedford Institute of Oceanographyin 1962"; 2. Donald C. Gordon, Michael M. Sinclair, C.F. Michael Lewis, an d David N. Nettleship's "Bedford Institute of Oceanography: A Unique Experiment in Federal Science"; 3. Peter Wadhams's "The Hudson-70 Voyage of Discovery: First Circumnavigation of the Americas". II. Arctic Studies: 4. E. Peter Jones's "The Arctic Ocean: Its Waters and Global Significance"; 5. Ingrid K. Peterson, Jim M. Hamilton, Simon J. Prinsenberg, and Roger G. Pettipas's "Oceanographic Fluxes and Sea-ice Properties in Lancaster Sound"; 6. Prinsenberg, Peterson, George A. Fowler, Brian D. Beanlands, J. Scott Holloday, and Louis A. Lalumiere's "Observing and Understanding the Seasonal Sea-ice Variability in Canadian Waters"; 7. John N. Smith's "Radioactivity Studies in the Arctic Ocean from Ice Camps, Icebreakers, Planes, and Submarines:1981-2012"; 8. Peta J. Mudie and H. Ruth Jackson's "The Canadian Ice Islan d Program: Discoveries froma Ship of Ice"; 9. Andre Rochon, Mudie, David Ledu, and Steve M. Blasco's "Paleoceanographic Evidence of Climate Change in the Canadian Arctic: The Past 10000 Years". III: Ocean Life: 10. WIlliam K.W. Li's "Plankton Ecology at the Bedford Institute of Oceanography, 1962-2012"; 11. Gordon, Ellen L.R. Kenchington, Barry T. Hargrave, and Donald L. Peer's "Life at the Bottom of the Sea: Advances in Understanding Benthic Ecosystems"; 12. Daniel E. Duplisea, Paul R. Boudreau, Kenneth F. Drinkwater, and Lloyd M. Dickie's "The Size-structured View of Marine Ecosystems"; 13. Timothy C. Lambert, Gareth C. Hardin, Kenneth F. Drinkwater, and Hargrove's"St. Georges Bay Ecosystem Study: An Exercise in Interdisciplinary Science "; 14. W. Donald Bowen's "Whale and Seal Research at the Bedford Institute of Oceanography Through Five Decades"; 15. Nettleship's "'The Sea has Wings': Marine Ornithology at the Bedford Institute of Oceanography, 1971-2000".IV: Ocean Circulation and Chemistry: 16. R. Allyn Clarke's "Strong Winds a nd Stormy Seas: Ocean Climate Studies in the North Atlantic"; 17. Peter C. Smith, Brian D. Petrie, James A. Elliott, Neil S. Oakey, and Gary L. Bugden's "Coastal Ocean Circulation Studies"; 18. Philip S. Yeats's "Temporal Trends in Chemical Oceanographic Parameters Over the Past 50 Years". V: Hydrography and Seabed Mapping: 19. J. Richard MacDougall's "Hydrography: A Foundation for Multidisciplinary Ocean Science at the Bedford Institute of Oceanography, 1962-2012"; 20. R. Michael Eaton's "The Electronic Chart: Development, Principles, and Implementation"; 21. Richard A. Pickrill, Brian J. Todd, Stephen J. Smith, J. Vaughn Barrie, and Kim W. Conway's "Marine Habitat Mapping in Canada's Oceans"; 22. Gordon B.J. Fader, Brian MacLean, Heiner W. Josenhaus, and Blasco's "Seabed Sediment Mapping at the Bedford Instituteof Oceanography: From Single Beam to Multibeam". VI: Geological Oceanograp hy: 23. Robert B. Taylor, Donald L. Forbes, David Frobel, Gavin K. Manson, and John Shaw's "Coastal Geoscience Studies at the Bedford Institute of Oceanography, 1962-2012"; 24. David J.W. Piper's "Fifty Years of Surficial Marine Geoscience for Canadians: A Scientist's View"; 25. Graham L. Williams, Robert A. Fensome, and Sonya A. Dehler's "Rocks of the Deep: The SubsurfaceGeology of Offshore Eastern Canada"; 26. Lewis, Brian J. Todd, Blasco, For bes, Gordon D.M. Cameron, and Edward L. King's "Marine Geoscience and Lakes"; 27. Todd and Shaw's "Discovering the Seafloor of the Bay of Fundy"; 28. Charles T. Schafer's "Living and Postglacial Foraminifera and Their Environmental Applicatinos"; 29. Dale E. Buckley's "Discoveries in Environmental Marine Geology". VII: Fisheries, Ecosystems, and Aquaculture: 30. Odette C. Murphy, Andre J. Ducharme, Jason G. Naug, Paul A. Macnab, and Catherine B. Merriman's "Ecosystem Management Branch at the Bedford Institute of Oceanography: Front Line for Ocean Policy Development and Management"; 31. Robert N. O'Boyle, Michael M. Sinclair, and Ross R. Claytor's "Research in Supportof Harvest Fisheries and Their Ecological Interactions: The Scotian Shelf" ; 32. M. John Tremblay, Jae S. Choi, Peter A. Koeller, Robert J. Miller, Dale L. Riddick, and Stephen Smith's "Science in Support of the Management ofInvertebrate Fisheries"; 33. Hargrave, David J. Wildish, and Peter J. Cran ford's "Environmental Effects of Salmon and Mussel Aquaculture"; 34. Gordonand Kenchington's "The Impact of Fishing Gear on Benthic Habitat and Commu nities"; 35. James E. Stewart's "A Brief Foray into Studies on Toxigenic Marine Algae". VIII: Marine Contamination: 36. Richard F. Addison, Hargrave, and Harding's "Organochlorine Pollutants in Marine Ecosystems"; 37. Peter G. Wells and Kenneth G. Doe's "Applied Aquatic Toxicology: Protecting the Waters of Atlantic Canada". IX: Technology and Instrument Development: 38. Shaw's "Deglaciation and Postglacial Sea-level Change sin Atlantic Canada: Science Driven by Technology"; 39. MacLean, Williams, and Fowler's "Bedrock Studies of the Baffin Island Shelf and Hudson Strait: A Technological and Scientific Adventure"; 40. David L. McKeown, Peter G. Simpkin, Gordon B.J. Fader, D. Russell Parrott, and David C. Mosher's "The Huntec Deep Tow SeismicSystem: A Revolution in High Resolution Profiling"; 41. Fowler, Greg R. Si ddall, Beanlands, Merle D. Pittman, and Prinsenberg's "The Development of Icycler and SeaCycler: Energy Efficient Profilers for Upper Ocean Oceanographic Measurements"; 42. Stephen T. Grant, Nicholas Stuifbergen, and Eaton's "Loran-C at the Bedford Institute of Technology"; 43. Grant and David E. Wells's "The Bedford Institute of Oceanography Integrated Navigation System (BIONAV)". X: Energy Developments: 44. Gordon, Kenneth Lee, Peter E. Wells, and Paul D. Keizer's "The Impacts of Oil and Gas Activities on the Marine Environment"; 45. Gordon, Carl L. Amos, David A. Greenberg, Peter C. Smith, and Fader's "Understanding the Macrotidal Environment of the Bay of Fundy and the Impacts of Tidal Power Development"; 46. Lewis, Blasco, David J.W. Piper, and Gary V. Sonnichsen's "Seabed Geohazard Knowledge for Safe Hydrocarbon Development". XI: BIO and the Law of the Sea: 47. Sinclair and O'Boyle's "The Gulf of Maine Boundary Dispute: The Role of the Bedford Institute of Oceanography"; 48. Jacob Verhoef, Mosher, and Forbes's "Defining Canada'sExtended Continental Shelves". XII: The BIO Experience: Epilogue: Bedford Institute of Oceanography: Past, Present, Future. As new. 35.00

Title: Voyage of Discovery : Fifty Years of Marine Research at Canada's Bedford Institute of Oceanography. A commemorative volume in celebratio of the 50th anniversary of the Bedford Institute of Ocenography, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia,Canada, 1962-2012.

Author Name: NETTLESHIP, D.N., ed. GORDON, D.C., ed. LEWIS, C.F.M., ed. LATREMOUILLE, M.P., ed.

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Publisher: Bedford Insititute of Oceanography, Oceans Association, Dartmouth, 2014, ISBN:9780993644306:

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