Behaviour of Ungulates and its relation to management : The Papers of an International Symposium held at the University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, 2-5 November 1971

GEIST, V., and F. WALTHER (eds.). The Behaviour of Ungulates and its relation to management : The Papers of an International Symposium held at the University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, 2-5 November 1971. Morges, Switzerland: International Union for Conservation of Naure and Natural Resources, 197 4. Pp (10),11-511,(1); (7),512-940,(4). Illustrated. Maps. Index. 8vo, bluecard covers, lettered in black. Contents : [Volume 1] General Introduction (by V- Geist and F. Walther). 1. Mother-infant relationships in ungulates (by Peter C. Lent). 2. Some reflections on expressive behaviour in combats and courtship of certain horned ungulates (by Fritz R. Walther). 3. Social functions of various scent glands in certain ungulates and the problems encountered in experimental studies of scent communication (by D. Muller-Schwarze). 4. Scent marking in captive Maxwell's duikers (by Katherine Ralls). 5. A comparison of the social behaviour of the Equidae (by H. Klingel). 6. Acomparison of behaviour in the Suidae (by H- Fradrich). 7. Social behaviou r of the collared peccary Dicotyles tajacu (by Lyle K. Sowls). 8. Social organization of the African Bovidae (by Richard D. Estes). 9. Observations onhome range and social organization of lesser kudu Tragelaphus imberbis (by W. Leuthold). 10. On the relationship of ecology and behaviour in the evol ution of ungulates theoretical considerations (by V.Geist). 11. The influence of foster rearing on adult social behavior in fallow deer Dama dama (by Barrie K. Gilbert). 12. Functional analysis of locomotion in pronghorn antelope (by Robert E. Bullock). 13. On the behaviour of Punjab urial Ovis orientalis punjabiensis (by George Schaller and Z.B.Mirza). 14. A comparison ofrutting behaviour and grouping in the Ethiopian and Alpine ibex (by B.Niev ergelt). 15. The social system of the white rhinoceros (by R. N. Owen-Smith). 16. On the bedding behaviour of pronghorn fawns (by Edson Fichter). 17. Courtship in the pronghorn Antilocapra americana (by Peter T. Bromley and David Kitchen). 18. Agonistic behaviour of territorial pronghorn bucks (by David Kitchen and Peter T. Bromley). 19. Sexual and aggressive behaviour of American bison Bison bison (by Dale F. Lott). 20. Rutting behaviour of Newfoundland caribou (by Arthur T. Bergerud). 21. Social organization in male groups of white-tailed deer (by Bennett A. Brown). 22. Marking behaviour andits social function in white-tailed deer (by W. Gerald Moore and L. Marchi nton). 23. Mating activity and the social significance of rams in a feral sheep?community (by Peter Grubb). 24. The social behavior of the vicuna (by William L. Franklin). 25. The social behaviour of Coke's hartebeest Alcelaphus buselaphus cokei (by L.M. Gosling). [Volume 2] Introduction (by V. Geist and F. Walther). 26. Behaviour, dynamics and management of elephant populations (by R. M. Laws). 27. Management of ungulate herds in relation to domestication (by L. M. Baskin). 28. The behaviour and ecology of camels in the Sahara, with special reference to nomadism and water management (by HildeGauthier-Pilters). 29. The role of the environment in the aggregation, mov ement and disturbance behaviour of caribou (by Arthur T. Bergerud). 30. Comparison of ungulate adaptations in the new world and the old world tropicalforests with special reference to Ceylon and the rainforests of Central Am erica (by John F. Eisenberg and George M. McKay). 31. Behavioural problems of some captive and domestic ungulates (by Marthe Kiley). 32. Remarks on the social structure and ecology of the Ceylon elephant in the Yala National Park (by F. Kurt). 33. Territoriality and population regulation in the Uganda Defassa waterbuck (by C. A. Spinage). 34. Four types of territoriality observed in a herd of black-tailed deer (by F.L.Miller). 35. The social organization of the roan antelope Hippotragus equinus and its influence on the spatial distribution of herds in the Kruger National Park (by C. J. Joubert). 36. The social organization of the East African buffalo (by A. R. E. Sinclair). 37. Aspects of the social organization of moose (by Douglas B. Houston). 38. Merino sheep: some factors affecting their distribution in very large paddocks (by J. J. Lynch). 39. Movement patterns and habitat utilization of ungulates in Ceylon (by George M. McKay and John F. Eisenberg). 40. The development of the populations of gazelles in Israel and their behavioural adaptations (by H. Mendelssohn). 41. Seasonal changes in the feeding behaviour of Barren-ground caribou on the taiga winter range (by D. R. Miller). 42. The question of polygamy at an unbalanced sex ratio in moose (by G. Markgren). 43. Food selection by Dall sheep Ovis dalli dalli (by M. E. G. Hoefs). 44. Dominance relationships as a possible regulating factor in roe deer and reindeer populations (by 0. Y. Espmark). 45. The relationship of caribou migration behaviour to pipeline construction (by A. W. F.Banfield). 46. Reaction of caribou to various types of simulated pipelines at Prudhoe Bay, Alaska (by Kenneth N. Child). 47. Fraying behaviour and management of roe deer (by H. G. Cumming). 48. Ungulate behaviour and management, with special reference to husbandry of wild ungulates on South African ranches (by R. C. Bigalke). 49. Implications of social behaviour in the management of Uganda kob (by Helmut K. Buechner). 50. Impala behaviour and its relevance tomanagement (by P. J. Jarman and M. V. Jarman). 51. The development of a So uth African game ranch (by N. N. Deane and J. M. Feely). 52. Wildlife husbandry on a Rhodesian game ranch (by P. A. Johnstone). 53. Game ranching in Texas (by James G. Teer). 54. The management of large mammals in Natal, withspecial reference to utilisation for stocking or restocking purposes (by J ohn Vincent). 55. Behaviour and domestication of the musk ox (by Paul F. Wilkinson). 56. Management implications of behaviour in the large herbivorous?mammals (by I. McTaggart Cowan). ADDITIONAL SHIPPING CHARGES WILL BE REQUIRED FOR ORDERS OUTSIDE CANADA DUE TO ITS WEIGHT. Spnes yellowed, penned name, else very good. The 2-volume set for 75.00

Title: Behaviour of Ungulates and its relation to management : The Papers of an International Symposium held at the University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, 2-5 November 1971

Author Name: GEIST, V., and F. WALTHER WALTHER, F. IUCN Publications new series, No. 24

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Publisher: International Union for Conservation of Naure and Natural Resources, Morges, Switzerland, 1974,:

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