Bone-Biomaterial Interface. First Edition, signed by the edtior.

By: DAVIES, J.E., ed. WILLIAMS, D.F., foreword.

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DAVIES, J.E., ed. The Bone-Biomaterial Interface. Edited by J.E. Davies. [Foreword by D.F. Williams]. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, (1991). First Printing. pp. (4),[v]-xiv,[1]-502. Illustrated in black and white. Double column. Large 8vo, illustrated grey glossy paper covered boards, black lettering to front board and spine. "Based on the proceedings of the Bone-Biomaterial Interface Workshop held in Toronto, Ont., Dec. 3-4, 1990", as percopyright page. A couple of faint smudges to top- and bottom-edges, else v ery good. Signed and inscribed by the editor on the flyleaf. Due to the weight of this book, extra shipping charges may be necessary to cover postage on international orders. 120.00 _ . _ ._ . _ Contents: Part I: The MaterialSurface.Surface. 1. Characterization of Implant Materials: Biological Impl ications (by D.C. Smith). 2. The Biomaterial-Tissue Interface and Its Analogues in Surface Science and Technology (by B. Kasemo and J. Lausmaa). 3. Surface Reaction Kinetics and Adsorption of Biological Moieties: A Mechanistic Approach to Tissue Attachment (by L.L. Hench). 4. Titanium and Its Oxide Film: A Substrate for Formation of Apatite (by T. Hanawa). 5. Titanium: Immersion-Induced Surface Chemistry Changes and the Relationship to Passive Dissolution and Bioactivity (by P. Ducheyne and K. Healy). 6. Kinetics of Mineralization, Demineralization, and Transformation of Calcium Phosphates at Mineral and Protein Surfaces (by W.S-A. Johnsson, E. Paschalis, and G.H. Nancollas). 7. Substrate Surface Dissolution and Interlaciai uioiogicai Mineralization (by R.Z. LeGeros, I. Orly, M. Gregoire, and G. Daculsi). 8. High-Resolution Electron Microscopy of a Bone Implant Interface (by W. Bonfield and Z.B. Luklinska). Part II: Bone Proteins and Other Macromolecules. 9. Non-Collagenous Bone Proteins and Their Role in Substrate-Induced Bioactivity(by J. Sodek, Q. Zhang, H.A. Goldberg, C. Domenicucci, S. Kasugai, J.L. Wr ana, H. Shapiro, and J. Chen). 10. Role of Adhesive Proteins and Integrins in Bone and Ligament cell Behavior at the Material Surface (by J.J. Sauk, C.L. Van Kampen, and M.J. Somcman). 11. Non-Endocrine Regulation of Bone Cell Activity (by H.C. Tenenbaum, C.A.G. McCuIloch, H.F. Limeback, and P. Birek). 12. Osteogenesis induced by BMP-Coated Biomaterials: Biochemical Principles of Bone Reconstruction n Dentistry (by Y. Kuboki, H. Yamaguchi, A. Yokoyama, M. Murata, H. Takita, M. Tazaki, M. Mizuno, T. Hasegawa, S. Iida, K.Shigenobu, R. Fujisawa, M. Kawamura, T. Atsuta, A. Matsumoto, H. Kato, H.- Y. Zhou, I. Ono, N. Takeshita, and N. Nagai). 13. Ceramic Synthesis using Biological Processes (by B.J. Tarasevich, P.C. Rieke, and G.L. McVay). Parts1 and 2 - General Discussion. Part III: Cellular Activity at the Interface . 14. Inflammatory Cell Response to Bone Implant Surfaces (by P. Thomsen and L.E. Ericson). 15. Modulation of Cell Activity by Titanium Peroxy Compounds (by L.M. Bjursten and P. Tengvall). 16. Behaviour of Osteoblasts on Micromachined Surfaces (by D.M. Brunette, J. Ratkay, and B. Chehroudi). 17. Osteoblast Reactions to Charged Polymers (by R.M. Shelton and J.E. Davies). 18. Cell-Mediated Bone Regeneration (by A.I. Caolan). 19. The Influence of Sputtered Bone Substitutes on Cell Growth and Phenotypic Expression (by A.S. Windeler, L. Bone w aid, A.G. Khare, B. Boyan, and G.R. Mundy). 20. Early Extracellular Matrix Synthesis by Bone Cells (by J.E. Davies, P. Ottensmeyer, X. Shen, M. Hashimoto, and S.A.F. Peel). 21. Transmission Electron Microscopical Identification of Extracellular Matrix Components using Immunocytochemistry (by H. Magloire, M. Bouvier, P. Exbrayat, M.B. Andujar, M.L. Couble, A. Joffre, H. Poly, M.H. Veron, D. Seux, and D.J. Hartmann). 22. lolecular Biological Approaches to Investigate Cell/Biomaterial Interactions (by .R. Goldring and J.-T. Wang). 23. Biological Cascades of Fracture Healing asModels for Bone-Biomaterial Interfacial Reactions (by S. Jingushi and M.E. Bolander). Part IV: The Tissue-Material Interface. 24. Tissue Responses to Bone-Derived and Synthetic Materials (by J. Glowacki and M. Spector). 25. Hard and Soft Connective Tissue Growth and Repair in Response to Charged Surfaces (by M. Krukowski, B. Eppley, T. Mustoe, and P. Osdoby). 26. Deposition of Cement-like Matrix on Implant Materials (by J.E. Davies, N. Nagai, N.Takeshita, and D.C. Smith). 27. Polymer Reactions Resulting in Bone Bondin g: A Review of the Biocompatibility of Polyactive (by C.A. van Blitterswijk, S.C. Hesseling, J. van den Brink, H. Leenders, and D. Bakker). 28. Comparative Morphology of the Bone Interface with Glass Ceramics, Hydroxyapatite,and Natural Coral (by U.M. Gross, C. Muller-Mai, and C. Voigt). 29. Interf acial Reactions to Bioactive and Non-bioactive Bone Cements (by H. Oonishi). 30. Modulation of Bone Ingrowtn by Surface Chemistry and Roughness (by J.L. Ricci, J.M. Spivak, N.C. Blumenthal, and H. Alexander). 31. Comparative Push-out Data of Bioactive and Non-bioactive Maienais of Similar Rugosity (by M. Niki, G. fto, T. Matsuda, and M. Ogino). 32. Quantified Bone Tissue Reactions to Various Metallic Materials with Reference to the So-called Osseointegration Concept (by T. Albrektsson and C. Johansson). Part V: Mechanical Effects on Interfacial Biology. 33. Effect of Mechanical Stress on Tissue Differentiation in the Bony Implant Bed (by D.R. Carter and N.J. Giori). 34. Quantitative Evaluation of the Effect of Movement at a Porous Coated Implant-Bone Interface (by R.M. Pilliar). 35. Bone Ingrowth into Porous Coatings Attached to Prostheses of Differing Stiffness (by D.R. Sumner, T.M. Turner, R.M. Urban, and J.O. Galante). 36. Influence of Biomechanical Factors at the Bone-Biomaterial Interface (by J.B. Brunski). 37. Bone Bonding Behavior of Biomaterials with Different Surface Characteristics under Load-Bearing Conditions (by T. Yamamuro and H. Takagi). Part 5 - General Discussion: The Effect of Micromotion on Bone Healing. Part VI: Retrieval Analysis for Interpretation. 38. Bone-biomaterial Interfaces of Retrieved Implants (by J.E. Lemons). 39. Ultrastructural investigation and Analysis ot the interlace of Retrieved Metal Implants (by L.E. Ericson, B.R. Johansson, A. Rosengren, L. Sennerby, and P. Thomsen). 40.Synovial Cells at the Interface with Retrieved Implants (by P.A. Revell and P.A. Lalor). 41. Phenotypic Characteristics of Inflammatory Cells uenved from Hip Revision Capsules (by N.A. Athanasou, J.T. Triffitt, C.J.K. Bulstrode, and J. Quinn). 42. Bone Bonding to Retrieved Hydroxyapatite-Coated Human Hip Prostheses (by D.C.R. Hardy, P. Frayssinet, I. Primout, E. Yasik, M.A. Lafontaine, and P.E. Delince). Part 6- General Discussion. Part VII: The Industrial Perception. Session chairma n: Sydney Pugh. Panellists: Richard Kenley, Gerald Niznick, Makato Ogino, Jack Taylor, Jack Parr, John Cresser Brown, Mike Hyjek, Craig van Kampen, Ann Burgess, Jim Benedict, Mark Skarsted, Eyal Ron.

Title: Bone-Biomaterial Interface. First Edition, signed by the edtior.

Author Name: DAVIES, J.E., ed. WILLIAMS, D.F., foreword.

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Publisher: University of Toronto Press, Toronto, 1991, ISBN:0802059414:

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