Freshwater : A History and a Narrative of the Great Lakes. Limited, Signededition


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CUTHBERTSON, George A. Freshwater : A History and a Narrative of the Great Lakes. Written and Illustrated by George A. Cuthbertson. Toronto : Macmillan Company of Canada Limited, 1931. First Edition. Pp (18),3-315, colour frontispiece + 15 leaves of plates (8 in colour). Other illustrations in the text. 8vo, blue printed tan cloth. Rhodenizer p.653, Whiteman, A Bibliography of Macmillan of Canada Imprints 454, Fredriksen, Free Trade and Sailors’ Rights : A Bibliography of the War of 1812 C23, D272, E127. Not in Watters.Special edition for Canada Steamship Lines limited to 200 numbered and sig ned copies, this being No.52. "The blue waters of the Great Lakes have coloured the history of the North American Continent, and the story of the ships which have navigated these waters for three centuries forms an epic of surpassing interest. For the first two hundred years this story is of war, ofconquest, and of naval engagements involving the destiny of nations; but s ince the early years of the nineteenth century there has been no war, and the blessings of peace are manifest in the great development of water borne commerce which marks this period. This book is a history of ships, but it deals mainly with the evolution in the types of ships developed under the above changing conditions ; and the ships chosen for detailed description and illustration indicate primarily the progress attained at various times inresponse to the demands of war and of peace. The romance of the great hist orical drama, or of the great individual characters in such drama, is not emphasized herein, but is merely referred to as incidental to the descriptions of the ships themselves, presented in sequence, and briefly associated with such salient facts of navigation, of topography, and of cultural development as seemed essential to a proper understanding of the subject. To thisend, each chapter is devoted to an outline of the development of lake ship ping, both naval and commercial, with particular reference to the outstanding political and social events of its period, together with a summary of each phase of development, and of the principal types of ships which were built thereunder, avoiding, however, great technical detail." - from the preface. Contents : 1. Discovery of the Lakes; 2. La Salle; 3. La Salle's Ships;4. The Seven Years' War (pp.52-88); 5. The End of the French Regime; 6. Th e Events which Followed the Conquest; 7. The Provincial Marine; 8. The 1812War (pp.139-161); 9. The Naval Warfare in 1813 and 1814; 10. A New Regime; 11. The Sailing Ship Era, 1820-1890 (pp.226-251); 12. The Great Shipping C ompanies (pp.252-274). Appendices. I. First Vessels on the Great Lakes, 1678-1759; II. Provincial Marine Fleet up to 1813; III. Commercial Vessels; IV. Conditions of Trade in New France at the Close of the French Regime; V. Bateaux, Whaleboats and Small Craft; VI. Great Lakes Canals (pp.290-299); VII. Lights and Navigation Aids. With Catalogued List of Reference Books, Etc. and index. The illustrations: "The Moonlight, of Milwaukee" [colour frontispiece], "A Hudson's Bay Company Canoe Shooting a Rapid", "Side View of aCanot de Maitre", "La Salle's Griffin", "The Griffin on the Stocks", "The Frontenac Being Outfitted", "French Vessels in their Autumn Rig"[colour plate], "H.M. Sloops Oswego and Ontario", " H.M. Schooners Huron and Michigan", "La Marquise de Vaudreuil", "Whaleboats used for Bradstreet's Expedition", "Launch of H.M. Snow Missisaga at Oswego, 1759" [colour plate], "The Nancy, Square Topsail Schooner"[colour plate], "H.M. Brig Gage", "Royal Naval Dockyard at Kingston, Upper Canada"[colour plate], "The U.S.S. General Pike,Chauncey's Flagship"[colour plate], "H.M.S. Wolfe, Yeo's Flagship", "H.M. Armed Luggers Kingston, Quebec and Black Snake", "H.M.S. Detroit, Barclay'sFlagship"[colour plate], "H.M.S. Prince Regent, on Lake Ontario", "The U.S . Brigs Jones and Jefferson", "S.S. Frontenac"[colour plate], "S.S. Vandalia, passing through the Welland Canal", " S.S. Walk-in-the-Water", "H.M.S. Cherokee", "The Five-mast Barquentine, David Dows", "Norwegian Sloop, Skjoldmoen, of Bergen", "The Lafayette Cooke", "Brigantine Columbia" [colour plate], "The John Ericsson, Whaleback Type of Vessel", "S.S. Lemoyne, Largest Cargo Steamer on the Great Lakes", "S.S. Noronic, a present-day Great Lakes Passenger Liner". A very good copy of an attractive, well-printed volume. Copy no. 52, signed by Cuthbertson. 300.00

Title: Freshwater : A History and a Narrative of the Great Lakes. Limited, Signededition

Author Name: CUTHBERTSON, George A.

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Publisher: Macmillan Company of Canada Limited, Toronto, 1931,:

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