Fredericton Women's Theatre Collective. (w)ri(gh)t(e)s. Fredericton, N.B.: Wild East Publications, 1991. Pp (7),8-64. 8vo, blue stapled card covers, "In March 1990, the Fredericton Women's Theatre Collective produced their collectively written play, flights. In the fall of that year, the Collective regrouped to write, workshop and stage a new play for 1991. (w)ri(gh)t(e)s is that play...the writings of thirteen women woven together." (from the back cover). The thirteen authors are : Shari Andrews, Darcie Birdsell, LornaDrew, Margarita Enriquez, Clarissa Hurley, Anne Israelie, Dana McDade Kerr , Janice Legere, Bobbie (A.J.) McNutt, Linda McNutt, Heather Neustaedter, Heather Browne Prince, and Lynn Reicker. Contents : Introduction. Act I : Evie, or Who gives a fig about Paradise, anyway? (by Clarissa Hurley); Tapestry I (by Linda McNutt, Dana McDade Kerr, Bobbie McNutt); From "The bird dance" by Sandra Birdsell (by Marcie Birdsell); Letter to my Mother (by Margarita Enriquez); Room of Life (by Heather Neustaedter); Tapestry II (by Dana McDade Kerr); Brigid I (by Clarissa Hurley); Dad-sleep (by Linda McNutt); Amanuensis (by Clarissa Hurley); Daddy dum (by Lorna Drew); Words to a sister (by Shari Andrews); Seeing God (by Heather Browne Prince); Counting...counting...counting... (by Bobbie McNutt). Act II : Tapestry III (by Clarissa Hurley and Linda McNutt); The hockey player (by Anne Israelie); Blind hill (by Shari Andrews); Seeing Red (by Dana McDade Kerr); Brigid II (by Clarissa Hurley); Tapestry IV (by Linda McNutt); Brigid III (by Clarissa Hurley); Tapestry V (by Linda McNutt); Crush (by Lynn Reicker); Mother, daughter and... (by Darcie Birdsell); My precious books (by Janice Legere); Guy in the grocery store (by Linda McNutt); Coming out (by Lorna Drew); Ulith (by Linda McNutt). The Collective Writers. Spine browned, gift inscription, else very good. 25.00

Title: (w)ri(gh)t(e)s

Author Name: Fredericton Women's Theatre Collective ANDREWS, Shari BIRSDSELL, Darcie DREW, Lorna

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Publisher: Wild East Publications, Fredericton, N.B., 1991, ISBN:0969414722:

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