More than an Island : A History of the Toronto Island. First Edition in dustjacket

By: GIBSON, Sally

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GIBSON, Sally. More than an Island : A History of the Toronto Island. Toronto : Irwin Publishing, 1984. First Printing. Pp (11,[2]-324,(2). Triple column. Oblong large 8vo, blue cloth, gilt lettering to spine. Map end-papers."Every place has a rich history to reveal, should anyone care to unearth i t. But few places in Canada can boast of a more dramatic or colourful history than this little island cluster that has harboured a small separate community in the shadow of Canada's largest city. Long before Lieutenant Governor Simcoe came to establish the town that becamime Toronto, and long beforehis wife painted and rhapsodized over her "favourite sands," the Island (t hen a Peninsula) had been a landmark for Indians, French explorers, missionaries and voyageurs. In the 18th century French and English soldiers passedthis way. After Simcoe, however, the pace of events quickened, and such an astonishing panorama unfolded that it is hard to believe so many dramatic events took place on and around the Island. Sally Gibson is equally adept at writing exciting descriptions of redcoats bursting into an Island encampment to capture a troublesome Indian or of William Ward's intrepid rescues of shipwrecked sailors (including one crew found iced to the rigging); of the American attack on York, the resplendent Victorian visit of the Prince ofWales, or Ned Hanlan's world-beating rowing achievements. The fishermen an d hotel-keepers of the early days give way to the fun-seeking Edwardian crowds and sports fans at Hanlan's Point; meanwhile old Toronto families proceed to make the Island into summer cottage country. The development of the yacht clubs and the residential communities is set against world events thatbrought First World War fliers, workers on relief in the Depression, Norwe gian airmen in World War Two and picnicking immigrants to the Island. As Jane Jacons says, this book "teems with life," and there are many intriguing cameo appearances. What did Edward VIII Have to do with the Island? Or PaulKane and Frederick Varley or Prime Minister Thompson and Trudeau? Billy Bi shop? Babe Ruth? Bob Dylan? Through storms, wars, duels, floods, fires and threats of massive development, the Island's charms and its hardy resident community have survived against enormous odds. The recent epic battle between the Island residents and Metro Toronto's bulldozers has attracted national attention, and the same can be expected to happen to this extraordinary book, which will cause all of us to look at our communities with new eyes."(from the dj). Contents : 1. The Early Days: Indians, Explorers and Trader s; 2. The Establishment of York: "My Favourite Sands"; 3. Little York in War and Peace; 4. Development of the Peninsula; 5. Toronto Island in the Age of Ned Hanlan; 6. The Island of Hiawatha; 7. Edwardian Heyday; 8. For King and Island; 9. The Sandy Thirties; 10. War, Winter and Waffling; 11. The Metro Bulldozer; 12. "We Shall Fight Them on the Beaches". With Notes and Index. Very good in dustjacket. 25.00

Title: More than an Island : A History of the Toronto Island. First Edition in dustjacket

Author Name: GIBSON, Sally

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Publisher: Irwin Publishing, Toronto , 1984, ISBN:0772014469:

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