Dune Adrift: The Strange Origins and Curious History of Sable Island. First Edition in dustjacket.


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DE VILLIERS, Marq and Sheila HIRTLE. A Dune Adrift: The Strange Origins andCurious History of Sable Island. (Toronto) : McClelland & Stewart, (2004). First Printing. Pp (12),1-276. Illustrated with [1] pp map to text. 8vo, g rey paper covered boards, metallic red lettering to spine. "Now, with A Dune Adrift, the authors turn their attention to another body of sand [after their book on the Sahara], this one shifting and blowing in the middle of the ocean off the coast of Nova Scotia. otia. Sable Island, mysterious "graveyard of the Atlantic," creature of f Nova Scotia. Sable Island, mysterious "graveyard of the Atlantic," creature of both legend and scientific study, defies total explanation. How, for instance, does what is no more or less than a sand dune exist century after century, in winds and tides that have destroyed sturdy ships, without being blown away, dispersed by the gales, orpushed over the edge of the continental shelf into the depths of the sea? De Villiers and Hirtle look at this scientific puzzle, as well as the history and the stunning natural beauty of Sable Island in this fascinating and often lyrical journey. " -from the dust jacket. Chapters : 1. Its Disputed Discovery: Vikings and Basques appear, the first shipwreck is recorded, and"cattel & swyne” deposited there; 2. Its glacial origins: The island is ma pped and placed in its ocean neighborhood, along with the curiosity called Gully; 3. Its feckless colonizers: Colonizers, hapless castaways, stranded ships, curious apparitions, lurid tales, a mad monk; 4. Its serial shipwrecks: The deadly effect of Sable's secretive and treacherous nature as well as its uniquely strategic location; 5. Its tides and complex currents: Amongthe forces that sustain and transform the island are the massive movements of water; 6. Its gales and killer waves: Massive storms and storm-borne wa ves form and reform the island, tearing at its structures; 7. Its human drama: Several times owned and abandoned, Sable's once thriving "beeves" vanish from ken; 8. Its Boston connection: The Rev. Andrew Le Mercier and his eminent network, the Faneuils and the Hancocks; 9. Its Acadian roots: The horses finally appear on Sable, payoff for Hancock's help in expelling the Acadians; 10. Its curious ecosystem: A surprisingly moderate climate which allows the abundant presence of fresh water and horse fodder; 11. Its lurid rumors: More shipwrecks, reports of wreckers, the sad tale of Mrs. Copeland'sring, the establishment of Sable Station; 12. Its eccentric governors: The Governors of the Humane Establishment, sequestered lunatics, and the bound less good will of Miss Dorothea Dix; 13. Its savage storms: Appalling storms tear away at the island, and the fishing fleets battered by the furious Gales of August; 14. Its wild creatures: The peculiar fauna of the island and its ocean neighborhood, and the now-feral horses, finally left to fend for themselves.; 15. Its confusing politics: The establishment is shut down, Sable's usefulness is disputed, its governance confused, its future uncertain; 16. Its very existence at risk: Sable may be growing,or it may be shrinking, but in the long term it is probably doomed to disappear; Epilogue. Its endless gales: The horses are still there, humans come and go, the gales still blow, the storms still wound, Sable endures. With notes, bibliography, index. Rubber stamp on flyleaf, else very good in dustjacket. 25.00

Title: Dune Adrift: The Strange Origins and Curious History of Sable Island. First Edition in dustjacket.

Author Name: DE VILLIERS, Marq HIRTLE, Sheila.

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Publisher: McClelland & Stewart, Toronto, 2004, ISBN:0771026420:

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