Disease and Distinctiveness in the American South. First Edition in dustjacket

SAVITT, Todd L., and James Harvey YOUNG, (eds.). Disease and Distinctiveness in the American South. Knoxville : The University of Tennessee Press, (1988). First Edition. Pp (10),[xi]-xvii,(3),[1]-211,(1). Illustrated. Index. 8vo, blue cloth, black lettering to spine. "Disease and Distinctiveness in the Ameri¬an South is the first book to look at major diseases that have been historically associated with that region. The contributors discuss southern health problems of the past and ask whether the diseases endemic to theregion may not have been an important but somewhat neglected factor in the continuing debate over southern distinctiveness. The tragic hold of malari a in the South, from colonization to the twentieth cenfury, played a leading role in the popular image of thp "lazy southerner." Discouraging immigration and investment, the disease retarded regional, social, and economic development. If malaria was the South's chief endemic disease, yellow tever was its epidemic counterpart. This much-feared killer focused national attention on the South, perpetuating the country's view of the region as inferiorand reinforcing southern detensiveness and sense of isolation. The identif ication of two diseases of poverty—pellagra and hookworm — widespread in the South, had similar effects. ,," (from the dj). Contents : 1. Disease as afactor in Southern Distinctiveness (by James O. Breeden). 2. The impact of Malaria on the South (by John Duffy). 3. Yellow fever: Scourge of the Sout h (by Jo Ann Carrigan). 4. The South's native foreigners: Hookworm as a factor in Southern distinctiveness (by Elizabeth W. Etheridge). 5. Slave Health and Southern Distinctiveness (by Todd L. Savitt, pp.120-153) 7. Patent medicines: An element in Southern distinctiveness (by James Harvey Young).- Penned name, else very good in dustjacket. 30.00

Title: Disease and Distinctiveness in the American South. First Edition in dustjacket

Author Name: SAVITT, Todd L., and James Harvey YOUNG (eds.) BREEDEN, James O.

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Publisher: University of Tennessee Press, Knxville, 1988, ISBN:0870495720:

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