The Corvette Years : The Lower Deck Story. First Edition

By: O'CONNOR, Edward

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O'CONNOR, Edward. The Corvette Years : The Lower Deck Story. Vancouver, B.C. : Cordilerra Publishing Company, (1995). First Edition. Pp (6),7-191,(1). Illustrated. Index. 8vo, photo-illustrated grey card covers.

Edward O'Connor (b. 1924, Toronto). He was living in Sutton West, Ontario at the time of publication.

"This is the story of one of the most critical periods in Canadian naval history as seen by the men from the lower deck. It was a never ending battle of the convoys as the enemy sought to destroy, and the corvettes sought to counter attack and protect the stream of vital supplies from North America to Britain.

These young men with an average age of 22 years, came from every walk of life. They fought and died alongside their Royal Navy colleagues and men of life. They Fought and died alongside their Royal Navy colleagues and men from the Free French and Norwegian navies, and when it was all over those who lived through the experience quietly resumed their civilian lives, while their ships mostly went to the scrap yards.

It has been said that the corvettes did not win the war, but without them it might well have been lost. " - from the back cover.

Contents :
The Corvette;
HMCS Agassiz - Atlantic Gale (by J.Galloway);
HMCS Alysse - The Frencn Connection (by J. Christie);
HMCS Arvida - Monkey-Shines (by T. Ferns);
HMCS Arvida - Convoy On.188 (by T. Ferns);
HMCS Barrie - Refit in Derry (by R. Newitt);
HMS Bellwort - A Winding Down (by J. Stewart);
HMS Candytuft - Explosion Aboard (by G. Oliver);
HMCS Chambly - Chambly's Sub (by W.S. Palmer);
HMCS Charlottetown - End of Charlottetown (by B. Warren);
HMCS Chicoutimi - One For the Lower-Deck (by R. Hadgraft);
HMCS Chicoutimi - Corvette Grub (by M. Laidlaw);
HMCS Chicoutimi - It's Over (by E. O'Connor);
HMCS Chicoutimi - The Last Run (by E. O'Connor);
HMCS Chicoutimi - Out With a Bang (by E. O'Connor);
HMS Coreopsis - "Compass Rose" (by B. Beacham);
HMCS Dauphin - Dauphin Days (by H. Jones);
HMCS Drumheller - Drumheller Days (by D. Westbrook);
HMCS Fennel - Fennel Days (by G. Wood);
HMS Gentian - Liverpool - Newfie (by F. King);
HMS Gentian - Spikenard Rescue (by B. Yeates);
HMCS Hepatica - First Crossing (by L. Kennedy);
HMS Honesty - Honesty Does It (by C. Forbes);
HMCS Lindsay - A Near Miss (by M. Paterson);
HMS Marigold / U-433 - Outfoxed (by T. Morrison/ Cdr. Hans Ey);
HMS Marigold - Never a Dull Time (by T Morrison);
HMS Marigold - The Gibraltar Run (by B. Harrison);
HMS Marigold - Attack and Counter (by B. Harrison);
HMS Mignonette - Mignonette Days (by Ken Ray);
HMCS Moncton - Collision (by L. Power);
HMCS Moncton - Winter Ice Up (by L. Power);
HMCS Morden - Dawn Attack (by E. O'Connor);
HMCS Morden - Capsize (by Jack Hughes);
HMCS Morden - The Long Way Home (by E. O'Connor);
HMCS Morden - Jaws III (by E. O'Connor);
HMCS Morden - Iceberg Alley (by E. O'Connor);
HMCS Morden - The Silent Navy (by J. McGachie);
HMCS Morden - Champion Survivor-Ship (by J. Hughes, R. Cooper, and H. English);
HMCS Nanaimo - Nanaimo Notes (by H. Bridgman);
HMCS Oakville - Caribbean Convoy (by A. Beer);
HMS Narcissus - Memories (by A. Davies);
HMCS Owen Sound - Say Right or Left (by A. Snarr);
HMS Pimpernel - Trinidad Convoy (by A. Challoner);
HMS Pimpernel - The Death of a Ship (by R. Challoner);
HMS Pimpernel - The Raft (by A. Challoner);
HMNS Potentilla - Death of the Montbretia (by T.G. Tobiassen);
HMNS Potentilla - Suicide Perhaps? (by T.G. Tobiassen);
HMS Polyanthus - Convoy On.113 (by J. Robinson);
HMCS Port Arthur - Oiling at Sea (by M. Jackson);
HMS Primrose - Fire One! (by T. Forbes);
HMCS Quesnel - A Pacific Tale (by G. Richmond);
HMS Snowdrop - Freetown Escort (by G. O'Dell);
HMS Snowflake - Snowflake (by Doc Goldsmoth);
HMS Spiraea - Spiraea Memories (by J. Fowler);
HMCS Strathrot - Wavey Navy Years (by Johnny Sandisen);
HMCS Sherbrooke - Comforts of Home (by J. Lajoie);
HMCS Thorlock - Surrender of U-190 (by J.D. Haigh);
Flower Class Corvettes Lost in World War Two;
Other R.C.N. Ships Lost in World War Two;
U-Boats Sunk by R.C.N. Ships in World War Two;
Yesterday's Heroes;
Royal Navy Corvettes;

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Title: The Corvette Years : The Lower Deck Story. First Edition

Author Name: O'CONNOR, Edward

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Publisher: Cordillera, Vancouver, 1995, ISBN:1895590078: 1995

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