Digging for Pathogens : Ancient Emerging Diseases - Their Evolutonary, Anthropological and Archaeological,Context

By: GREENBLATT, Charles L. (ed.)

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GREENBLATT, Charles L. (ed.). Digging for Pathogens : Ancient Emerging Diseases - Their Evolutonary, Anthropological and Archaeological,Context. (Rehovot, Israel) : Balaban Publishers, (1998). Pp (2),iii-ix,(1),1-400. Illustrated. Large 8vo, rec card covers, lettered in white and gold. "Emerging infectious diseases are puzzling entities which are becoming more and more worriome. Outbreaks of HIV/AIDS and Ebola virus are unexplained phenomena, frightening in their scope and speed of spread. Tuberculosis is re-emerging, and modern infectious disease specialists are asking why. This volume examines the evolution of ancient diseases by bringing together the knowledge of paleopathologists, anthropologists, medical ecologists, and molecular biologists. New techniques have the power to detect ancient pathogen DNA and other biomarkers which are the chemical signatures of pathogens. These tools, when their potential and limits are understood, may be optimally utilized in addressing current questions regarding emerging diseases and in developing tomorrow's strategies for the battle against infectious diseases/" (from the back cover). Contents : 1. Introduction to the Center for the Study of Emerging Diseases (by I.R. Cohen). 2. An Overview: Why knowing the causes of ancient diseases may contribute to our understanding of emerging diseases(by C.L> Greenblatt). Part I: The Evolutionary Context. 3. Earth history a nd the evolution of sickness (by L.D. Martin and B.M. Rothschild). 4. Emerging diseases, ancient pathogens, and the evolution of virulence (by P.W. Ewald). 5. The microbiology of amber (by R.J. Cano). 6. Aquatic symbionts andpathogens - Ancient and new (by H.-D. Gortz). 7. Cellulase enzymes and the evolution of Trypanosomatids (by Y. Schlein and R.L. Jacobson). 8. Algal i nheritance of pathogenic protozoa (by S. Halevy). Part II: The Anthropological and Archaeological Contexts. 9. Wellness and disease: The pliopleistocene and holocene record (by B.M. Rothschild). 10. Ancient disease in anthropological context (by D.H. Ubelaker). 11. Culture, environment and disease: Paleo-anthropological findings for the southern levant (by P. Smith and L.R. Kolska-Horwitz). 12. How can we reconstruct the epidemiology of infectious diseases in the past? (by O. Dutour, M. Signoli and G. Palfi). 13. The molecular epidemiology of 19th century cholera (by M.M. Levine, E. BarryJ.P. Nataro, and J.B. Kaper). 14. Tuberculosis and the Jews in the ancient Near East: The biocultural interaction (by J. Zias). Part III: Digging for the Pathogens. 15. The archaeological and geological fate of biomolecules (by G.Eglinton). 16. Ancient DNA can identify disease elements (by B. Hermann an d S. Hummel). 17. A guide to digging for pathogens (by M. Spigelman and C.L. Greenblatt). 18. The evolution of Oral Microbiota and the spread of dental disease (by I. Hershkovitz). Part IV: Roundtable Discussion : DNA Extraction and PCR (by A. Oppenhaim, Chairperson). Very good. 75.00

Title: Digging for Pathogens : Ancient Emerging Diseases - Their Evolutonary, Anthropological and Archaeological,Context

Author Name: GREENBLATT, Charles L. (ed.)

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Publisher: Balaban Publishers, Rehovot, Israel, 1998, ISBN:086689053X:

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