Four Centuries of Medical History in Canada and a Sketch of the Medical History of Newfoundland. First Edition, Two Volume Set

By: HEAGERTY, John J. KEEGAN, L.E. DOUGHTY, A.G., preface

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HEAGERTY, John J. Four Centuries of Medical History in Canada and a Sketch of the Medical History of Newfoundland. With a Preface by A.G. Doughty. Toronto : The Macmillan Company of Canada Limited, 1928. First Edition. "Press of the Hunter-Rose Company, Limited". [Two Volumes]. Pp (6),vii-xviii,1-39 5,(3) , frontispiece + 13 plates (including a plate (opp. p.112) captioned "Annapolis Royal, 1731"); (4),v-vii,(1),1-374,(2),+ 20 plates. 8vo, maroon cloth, gilt lettering to spine.

Roland, Secondary Sources in the History of Canadian Medicine: A Bibliography, Volume 1, p.145; Garrison & Morton, Medical Bibliography (5th edition) 6583 : "the authoritative work on the history of medicine in Canada." O'Dea 1904, Watters p.874, Rhodenizer p.645.

Volume I.
Part 1. Epidemics of Disease.
1. Mal de terre (Scurvy);
2. Small-pox Among the Indians;
3. Smallpox Among the Early Settlers;
4. Mal de Siam (Yellow Fever);
5. Plague;
6. Ship Fevers (pp.107-130).
7. Mal de la la Baie St.-Paul;
8. Leprosy;
9. Cholera;
10. Influenza.

Part 2. Pioneer Physicians.
11. Record of Pioneer Physicians in the Various Provinces (pp.222-268).

Part 3. Medicine and Surgery.
12. Medical and Surgical Progress;
13. Medical Journals;
14. Medical Societies;
15. Introduction of Anaesthetics;
16. Medical Services of the Militia;
17. Medical Licentiation;
18. First National Conference of the Medical Services of Canada.

Part 4. Public Health.
19. Growth of Public Health;
20. Provincial Bureau of Health, Quebec;
21. Department of the Public Health, Nova Scotia (pp.351-358);
22. Provincial Board of Health, Ontario;
23. Department of Public Health, New Brunswick;
24. Provincial Board of Health, Manitoba;
25. Department of Public Health, Saskatchewan;
26. Provincial Department of Health, Alberta;
27. Provincial Board of Health, British Columbia;
28. Public Health in Prince Edward Island;
29.Department of Health, Canada;
30. Dominion Council of Health.

Volume II.

Part 4. Public Health (Continued).
31. Citizens' Public Health Association;
32. Canadian Tuberculosis Association;
33. Victorian Order of Nurses for Canada [the V.O.N.];
34. Canadian Red Cross Society.
35. The Canadian National Committee for Mental Hygiene;
36. Canadian Social Hygiene Council;
37. St. John Ambulance Association, Canadian Branch;
38. Grenfell Mission, Labrador;
39. Quarantine;
40. Immigration;
41. Development of Vital Statistics;
42. Early Public Health Enactments.

Part 5. Medical Schools.
43. Establishment of Medical Schools;
44. Medical Faculty of McGill University, Montreal;
45. Medical Faculty of the University of Toronto;
46. Medical Faculty, l'Université de Montréal;
47. Medical Faculty, Université de Laval, Quebec;
48. St. Lawrence School of Medicine, Montreal;
49. Medical Faculty of Queen's University, Kingston;
50. Medical Faculty of Dalhousie University, Halifax;
51. Medical Faculty of the University of Bishop's College, Quebec;
52. Medical Faculty of the University of Western Ontario, London;
53. The Ontario Medical College for Women, Toronto;
54. Medical Faculty of the University of Manitoba, Winnipeg;
55. Medical Faculty of the University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon;
56. Medical Faculty of the University of Alberta, Edmonton;

Part 6. Hospitaliization.
57. Foundation of Hospitals;
58. Hôtel-Dieu, Québec;
59. Hôpitale St. Jean de Dieu, Port Royal, Annapolis;
60. Hôtel-Dieu de Montréal;
61. Hôpitale Générale de Québec;
62. Hôpitale de Marine de Québec;
63. Hôpitale des Trois Riveières;
64. Hôpitale Générale de Montréal;
65. Hôpitale de Roy, Louisbourg [Cape Breton];
66. Montreal General Hospital;
67. Toronto General Hospital;
68. Hôpital St. Boniface;
69. Hôtel-Dieu, Kingston;
70. General Public Hospital, Saint John, New Brunswick;
71. Victoria General Hospital, Halifax (pp.203-206);
72. Winnipeg General Hospital;
73. The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto;
74. Hôpital Notre-Dame, Montréal;
75. Vancouver General Hospital;
76. Provincial Royal Jubilee Hospital, Victoria;
77. Calgary General Hospital;
78. Edmonton General Hospital;
79. Royal Victoria Hospital, Montreal;
80. Regina General Hospital;
81. Ottawa Civic Hospital;
82. The Sanitorium Movement;
83. Care of the Insane;
84. Conclusion.

Appendix: The "Sketch of the History of Medicine in Newfoundland" This is taken from an address by Dr. L.E. Keegan, President of the Newfoundland Medical Society, delivered at the Second Annual Convention of the Newfoundland Medical Society on July 13th, 1925.

With bibliography and very detailed index.

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Title: Four Centuries of Medical History in Canada and a Sketch of the Medical History of Newfoundland. First Edition, Two Volume Set

Author Name: HEAGERTY, John J. KEEGAN, L.E. DOUGHTY, A.G., preface

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Publisher: Macmillan Company of Canada Limited, Toronto , 1928,: 1928

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