I Chose Canada : The Memoirs of the Honourable Joseph R. Joey Smallwood. First Edition in dustjacket

By: SMALLWOOD, Joseph R.

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SMALLWOOD, Joseph R. I Chose Canada : The Memoirs of the Honourable Joseph R. "Joey" Smallwood. Toronto : Macmillan of Canada, (1973). First Printing.Pp (17),2-600, + 24 pages of b&w photos. Maps and a Bob Chambers cartoon in text. 8vo, grey cloth, gilt lettering to spine.

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"With all the warmth, vigour, and enthusiasm that marks everything he does, "Joey" Smallwood tells of his remarkable and eventful life from birth in the tiny outport of Gambo to his retirement from active politics after twenty-three years as the controversial and colourful Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador. From the day he took his first full-time job at fifteen, his varied occupations — newspaperman, union organizer, politician, writer, historian, broadcaster, and pig farmer - took him to every part of his native island, and provided a rich training ground for the demanding political role that was to be his.

With a wealth of anecdote he describes the hotly contested struggle that he led to a triumphant conclusion on March 1, 1949 when Newfoundland became Canada's tenth province. As first premier of the new province, Mr. Smallwood and his government faced the monumental challenge of bringing its people into the mainstream of Canadian life. The province was poor and its resources practically unknown and untapped. Turning every ounce of his remarkable energy to creating a better life for Newfoundlanders, the Premier worked tirelessly to encourage every possible kind of economic development, to provide ever greater educational opportunities, hospitals, roads, and services — and more jobs. His quest for development capital led to meetings with the political and financial leaders of the world — Winston Churchill, Edmund deRothschild, Richard Nixon, Robert Winters and the directors of BRINCO, and countless others. His insistence on better opportunities for Newfoundlanders brought close relations with the political leaders of Canada, and occasionally sharp conflict -as with John Diefenbaker and Jean Lesage. Admitting - and lamenting - his failures, Mr. Smallwood writes dramatically and movingly of the events that brought about such triumphs as the multi-million-dollar development of the mighty Churchill Falls in Labrador and the refinery complex at Come by Chance.

For a quarter of a century "Joey" Smallwood was the dominant figure in Newfoundland life and politics.". the greatest Newfoundlander", J. W. Pickersgill called him on his retirement. This compelling account of a lifetime of devotion to the people of Newfoundland is a vigorous defence of his premiership, and provides ample evidence for the reader to decide." from the dj.

Chapters :
1. Light of Day in Gambo
2. John Barleycorn Won This Round
3. The Part That's Underground;
4. Apprentice Newfoundlander;
5. Little Gentlemen - For a While;
6. Wage Slave and All That;
7. Some Training for the Premiership;
8. Agitator, Editor, Author - and Preacher;
9. More Training — for Something or Other;
10. Broadcaster - Historian;
11. Pigs Is Pigs — and Confederation, Maybe!;
12. A Crusade Is Born;
13. To Battle — Even Literally;
14. Back to the People - Twice;
15. Graduation - The Premiership, That Is;
16. Develop or Perish Is What I Said;
17. Dreams That Didn't Come True;
18. - And Some That Did;
19. So You Don't Believe in Miracles;
20. Shall Might Be Right?;
21. In this Corner - John Diefenbaker;
22. Heart's Desire;
23. Churchill Falls;
24. Almost Drowned in a Sea of Oil;
25. Far Side of the Moon - and I'm Going Again;
26. The Politics of It All;
27. And Now to Conclude and Finish;
28. Omnium Gatherum.

1.: A. My Blood Relations;
B. We're a Long-Lived Lot;
C. Some of Us Have Done Very Well;

2. Smallwood - Pickersgill Conversation, May 31, 1971;

3. "Nothing Ventures, Nothing Gained" : [a list of companies approached by Smallwood to come and establish in Newfoundland].
With index.

Name and bookplate, else very good in slightly chipped and rubbed dustjacket. 25.00

Title: I Chose Canada : The Memoirs of the Honourable Joseph R. Joey Smallwood. First Edition in dustjacket

Author Name: SMALLWOOD, Joseph R.

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Publisher: Macmillan of Canada, Toronto, 1973, ISBN:0770510647: 1973

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