Cape Breton Weather Watching for the Naturally Curious. First Edition, Signed


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DANIELSON, Bill. Cape Breton Weather Watching for the Naturally Curious. Sydney, Nova Scotia : Cape Breton University Press, (2007). First Edition Pp.(3),4-202,(2). Illustrated throughout with colour photos and diagrams. Lar ge 8vo, photo-illustrated black card covers. "Bill Danielson is a retired professor of meteorology, University of Hartford, who lives much of the yearat Smelt Brook, on Cape Breton’s famous Cabot Trail. His passion for the I sland and his interest and knowledge about the elements combine to make Weather Watching enjoyable, informative and understandable. Supported by his own beautiful photographs of Cape Breton weather phenomena, and diagrams that illustrate how the weather works, Danielson brings Cape Breton’s natural history to life." - from rear cover. Chapters : 1. How Cape Breton's Geography Shapes its Weather: Latitude and Sunlight - Longitude: At the Edge of the Continent - Cape Breton Weather Patterns - Cape Breton's Maritime Environment - The Island Itself - Cape Breton: Island of Contrasts; 2. Summer Weather Watching : Sunny, Dry Days - Warm, Humid Days - Cool, Foggy Days - Summer Storms - Air mass showers - Frontal rain - Watching Your Barometer - Summer Weather Watching Suggestions; 3. Autumn Weather Watching : Autumn Showers - Autumn Storms - Hurricanes - Autumn Colours - Fall foliage - Rainbows- The aurora - Autumn Weather Watching Suggestions; 4. Winter Weather Watc hing : - Frontal Cyclones-Our Big Weather Producers - Warm Fronts - Cold Fronts - Occluded Fronts - Storm Tracks - Alberta clippers - Colorado Lows - Nor'easters - Inside runners - Other tracks - The end of the track - Some shortcomings of the Frontal Storm Model - How Much Does It Snow?- Sea Ice- Winter Weather Watching Suggestions; 5. Spring Weather Watching : Spring's Reluctant Arrival - Spring storms - Blocking patterns - Seasonal temperatureLag - Mud Season, Pollen Sneezin' - Mud time - Pollen clouds - Spring Show ers or Spring Fog? - Why cumulus clouds grow upward - Why stratus clouds don't grow upward - Spring Weather Watching Suggestions; 6. Simple Pleasures:Enjoying Blue Skies : Observing the Sky - Why Is The Sky Blue? - Shades of Blue - The pale horizon - Other variations - Sky colour and visibility on humid days - Sky Blue, Ocean Blue - Polarized Skylight; 7. Sunrises and Sunsets : - Sunrise and Sunset - or So It Seems - Sunrise and Sunset Colours -The Green Flash - Distortions in the Sun's and Moon's Shapes - Earth Shado w- Crepuscular Rays; 8. Rainbows, Haloes and Other Visual Treats : - Rainbows - Fogbows and Moonbows - Haloes - Sun Dogs and Sun Pillars - Coronas - Iridescent Clouds - Mirages : - Inferior mirages- Superior mirages - The Heiligenschein- The Glory and the Spectre :- The glory - The spectre- The Aurora; 9. Watching Cape Breton's Low Clouds : Fog: Lowest of The Low Clouds : - Advection fog - Upslope fog - Other types of fog - Fun with fog - StratusClouds - Cumulus Clouds - Cumulonimbus Clouds and Thunderstorms - Stratocu mulus Clouds - Spouty Clouds; 10. Watching Middle and High Clouds : Altocumulus Clouds: Waves and Ripples - Lenticular Clouds: Flying Saucers - Altostratus and Nimbostratus Clouds - Cirrus Clouds - Cirrostratus Clouds - Cirrocumulus Clouds - Aircraft Condensation Trails (Contrails); 11. Rain and Snow Watching : Rain Watching :Dyeing to measure the rainfall - Raindrops on windows - Foam watching -Virga - Dew - Snow Watching : How much snow? Measuring it - Snow crystals - Frost patterns - Early snow - Avalanches - More Snow Sights - Freezing Rain; 12. Watching the Wind : - Winds and Weather Systems - Cape Breton's Home-Made Winds - Land and sea breezes - Katabatic winds: Night visitors - Winds shaped by Cape Breton topography - La Suête [Les Suêtes] - Watching Winds Aloft- Cape Breton Windicators; 13. Watching for Climate Change : Cape Breton's Past Climates: Searching for Clues - The Current Picture - Our Future Climate - Impacts of Climate Change on Cape Breton. With bibliography and index. Very good. Signed by Danielson, "Happy weather watching!" 20.00

Title: Cape Breton Weather Watching for the Naturally Curious. First Edition, Signed

Author Name: DANIELSON, Bill

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Publisher: Cape Breton University Press, Sydney, NS, 2007, ISBN:9781897009130:

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