Reason, Experiment, and Mysticism in the Scientific Revolution. First Edition in dustjacket

BONELLI, M. L. Righini, and William R. SHEA (eds.). Reason, Experiment, andMysticism in the Scientific Revolution. Illustrated. New York : Science Hi istory Publications, 1975. First Edition. Pp (4),v-vi,1-320,(2). Illustrated. 8vo, brown cloth, gilt lettering to front board and spine. Papers presented at a symposium held in Capri in April 1974 and sponsored by the Gruppo italiano di storia della scienza. "Mysticism, which looms so large today, was excluded from the history of science and medicine on the grounds that itwas irrelevant to the mainstream of scientific thought. Positivist histori ans of science directed their attention to that segment of the past that could be related to present concerns and contemporary methods. In recent years, however, doubt has been cast on the overall achievement of modern science and, consequently, the clarity of the distinction between wrong and rightsteps, between the false starts and the successful arrivals in the history of science has been blurred. This has made it easier for historians to tak e a further step in reappraising the historiography of science and to raisethe crucial question: are '"mystical" traditions and "modern" eements in t he Scientific Revolution antagonistic or, paradoxically, complementary extremes?" (from the dj). Contents : Introduction: trends in the interpretationof seventeenth century science (by William R. Shea); Chemical debates of t he seventeenth century: the reaction to Robert Fludd and Jean Baptiste van Helmont (by Allen G. Debus); Alchemy in the seventeenth century: the European and Italian scene (by Cesare Vasoli); New light on Galileo's lunar observations (by Guglielmo Righini); Dissertatio cum Professore Righini et Sidereo Nuncio (by Owen Gingerich); Terrestrial interpretations of lunar spots (by Willy Hartner); Marcello Malpighi and the founding of anatomical microscopy (by Luigi Belloni); Malpighi, Descartes and the epistemological problems of iatromechanism (by Francois Duchesneau); Galileo's new science of motion (by Stillman Drake); Sources of Galileo's early natural philosophy (by A.C. Crombie); Mathematics and Galileo's inclined plane experiment (by Pierre Costabel); Role of alchemy in Newton's career (by Richard Westfall); Newton, a sceptical alchemist? (by Paolo Casini); Newton's voyage in the strange seas of alchemy (by Marie Boas Hall); Hermeticism, rationality, and the scientific revolution (by Paolo Rossi); Magic, metaphysics and mysticism in the scientific revolution (by A. Rupert Hall); Mathematical revolution of the seventeenth century (by Rene Taton). Penned name, else very god in nicked, unclipped dustjacket. 35.00

Title: Reason, Experiment, and Mysticism in the Scientific Revolution. First Edition in dustjacket

Author Name: BONELLI, M. L. Righini, and William R. SHEA (eds.) SHEA, William R.

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Publisher: Science Hiistory Publications, New York, 1975,:

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