To Helsinki : The Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe 1973-1975. First Edition in dustjacket

By: MARESCA, John J. GRIFFITH, Wiliam E., foreword

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MARESCA, John J. To Helsinki : The Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe 1973-1975. Foreword by William E. Griffith. (Durham, NC) : Duke University Press, 1985. First Edition. Pp (4),[v]-xiii,(5),[3]-292,(4). Index. 8vo, black cloth, gilt lettering to spine. "This authoritative, insider'saccount of one of the most important East-West negotiations is written by the only American official who participated in all of the negotiations during the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe that led to the thirty-five-nation Helsinki Summit in 1975 when the accord was signed. To Helsinki is the only study written from the American viewpoint, and the only account of the secret U.S.-Soviet bilateral negotiations in which Secretary of State Kissinger was involved. Maresca presents these negotiations in the context of the political events that influenced their course, such as the fall of Saigon and Watergate, and of the strategic interests of the participants. Maresca also offers insights into Soviet negotiating techniques as revealed at Helsinki and draws from these a number of lessons that could wellbe useful in future discussions with the Soviets. To Helsinki therefore no t only provides valuable information on the Helsinki process, but also represents an indispensable contribution to an understanding of East-West relations at the high-water mark of detente." (from the dj). Contents : Part I :1972 Agreement on Negotiations. 1. The Inevitability of Compromise : The O rigins of the CSCE. 2. Rising Hopes : The Nixon Administration Approaches the Conference. 3. The Way it Was Organized : The Structure and Organizationof the Negotiations. 4. A Challenge, not a Conclusion : The Helsinki Final Act. Part II : 1973 Opposing Strategies. 5. Moral Dilemmas and Policy Choi ces : As the CSCE begins, the Nixon Administration Faces Other Problems. 6.Marking the Opening : The Foreign Ministers Meet in Helsinki, July 3-7,197 3. 7. Their Own Vital Interests : Western Strategy and the U.S. Interests. 8. The Values of Others : General Debate, August-December 1973. 9. Those Who Are Not : Soviet Strategy and Negotiating Techniques. 10. What We Mean : Difterences between the U.S. and West European Views. Part III : 1974 Frontiers. 11. A Talc oi Aspirations : Detente Slows as Presidents Change. 12. Those Who Must Negotiate : The Question of Germany. 13. The Application of Wills : Inviolability of Frontiers is Agreea, January-April 1974. 14. Progress So Slow : The Soviets Move Too Late and the Summit Is Postponed, April-July 1974. 15. Obscure Skirmishes : The Conference Gets Back on Track after the Nixon Resignation, September-December 1974. 16. The Inevitable Conclusions : Inviolability and Peacetul Changes of Postwar Frontiers. Part IV : 1975 Human Rights. 17. Adjusting Illusions : Detente Unravels and the U.S. Attitude Stiffens. 18. Reaching Imperfect Decisions : The Effort to Engage Negotiations on Human Rights and Freer Movement. 19. Who Has the Right? : Nonintervention in Internal Affairs and Human Rights. 20. What Talleyrand Said: The Negotiations Begin to Move, January-March 1975. 21. Agreement uespit e : Breakthrough on Freer Movement, March-May 1975. 22. What They Want : Human Rights and Basket III. Part V : 1975 To Helsinki. 23. The Washington Parameters : Trying to Agree on Military Issues and a Summit Date, June 1975.24. If States Knew More : Military Security in the CSCE. 25. The Many Fiel ds : Economic and Related Issues in the CSCE. 26. And Finally, History : Agreeing on the Dates tor Helsinki, Ju]y 1-14 1975. 27. The Other Dimension :The Issue of Nonparticipating Mediterranean States. 28. The Best and the W orst : Cleaning up the Last Issues, July 15-21,1975. 29. Whether Different or Opposed : The 5ignmg at HeJsinki, August 1,1975. Part VI : The Helsinki Process. 30. The Process We Have Created : The Evolution of Attitudes toward Conference Follow-up. 31. Hopes and Desires : The Lessons of Helsinki. Appendix I. The Final Recommendations of the Helsinki Consultations, Helsinki1973. Communique of the First Stage of the CSCE. Appendix II. Conference o n Security and Co-operation in Europe, Final Act, Helsinki 1975. Text of Letter from Government of Finland to the Secretary General of the United Nations. Very good in dustjacket. 70.00

Title: To Helsinki : The Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe 1973-1975. First Edition in dustjacket

Author Name: MARESCA, John J. GRIFFITH, Wiliam E., foreword

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Publisher: Duke University Press, Durham, NC, 1985, ISBN:0822306522:

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