Agricultural Biotechnology in Developing Countries : Towards Optimizing theBenefits for the Poor

QAIM, Matin; Anatole F. KRATTIGER; and Joachim von BRAUN, (eds.). Agricultural Biotechnology in Developing Countries : Towards Optimizing the Benefitsfor the Poor. Boston, Dordecht, and London : Kluwer Academic Publishers, ( 2000). Pp (4),[v]-x,1-433,(5). With tables, charts, diagrams in the text. 8vo, pale blue paper-covered boards. "Biotechnology offers great potential to contribute to sustainable agricultural growth, food security and poverty alleviation in developing countries. Yet there are economic and institutional constraints at national and international levels that inhibit the poor people's access to appropriate biotechnological innovations. Agricultural Biotechnology in Developing Countries: Towards Optimizing the Benefits for the Poor addresses the major constraints. Twenty-three chapters, written by awide range of scholars and stake-holders, provide an up-to-date analysis o f agricultural biotechnology developments in Latin America, Africa and Asia. Besides the expected economic and social impacts, the challenges for an adjustment of the international research structure are discussed, with a special focus on intellectual property rights and the roles of the main research organizations. Harnessing the comparative advantages of the public and private sectors through innovative partnerships is the only way forward to optimize the benefits of biotechnology for the poor. The book will be an invaluable resource for both academics and policy-makers concerned with agricultural biotechnology in context of developing countries." - from rear cover. Contents: Preface. 1. Introduction; M. Qaim, A.F. Krattiger, J. von Braun. Part I: The General Framework. Overview; E.Q. Javier. 2. Trangenic Crops Worldwide: Current Situation and Future Outlook; C. James. 3. Molecular Tools for Plant Breeding; C. Jung. 4. Managing Biosafety Capacity Development:Technical and Political Aspects; A. de Kathen. Part II: Regional Outlook. Overview; U. Barwale Zehr. 5. The Situation of Agricultural Biotechnology Capacities and Exploitation in Latin America and the Caribbean; E.J. Trigo. 6. The Current and Future Situation of Agricultural Biotechnology in Africa: Challenges and Opportunities; F. Wambugu. 7. Biotechnology Research in Rice for Asia: Priorities, Focus and Direction; M. Hossain, J. Bennett, S. Datta, Hei Leung, G. Khush. Part III: Expected Impacts. Overview; M.A. Fernández. 8. The Roles of Economic Research in the Evolution of International Agricultural Biotechnology; G. Graff, D. Zilberman, C. Yarkin. 9. Welfare Prospects of Transgenic Crops in Developing Countries; M. Qaim. 10. Institutional Issues in Biotechnology Applications: Concepts and Empirical Evidence from Kenya; M. Karembu, M. Njuguna. 11. The Role of Biotechnology for Food Consumers in Developing Countries; H.E. Bouis. 12. Biotechnology and Global Food Security: A private Sector View; W. Dannigkeit. 13. Agricultural Biotechnology and the Seed Industry: Some Implications for Food Production and Security; S. Sehgal. 14. A Danger to the World's Food: Genetic Engineering and the Economic Interests of the Life-Science Industry; C. Then. 15. Of Terminator Genes and Developing Countries: What Are the Impacts of Appropriation Technologies on Technological Diffusion? T. Goeschl, T. Swanson. Part IV: Intellectual Property Rights. Overview; P. Pinstrup-Andersen. 16. The Economics of Intellectual Property Rights in the Agricultural Biotechnology Sector; P.W.B. Phillips, D. Stovin. 17. Intellectual Property Rights Issues and Developing Countries: A Private Sector Perspective; A. Beadle. 18. Intellectual Property Rights Challenges and International Research Collaborations in Agricultural Biotechnology; B.D. Wright. Part V: The Role of DifferentPlayers. Overview; R.W. Herdt. 19. The Role of the Private Sector in Provi ding Biotechnology Access to the Poor; B. Convent. 20. Bringing the Benefits of Biotechnology to the Poor: The Role of the CGIAR Centers; M.L. Morris,D. Hoisington. 21. The Role of National Agricultural Research Systems in P roviding Biotechnology Access to the Poor: Grassroots for an Ivory Tower? W. Janssen, C. Falconi, J. Komen. 22. Agricultural Biotechnology and the Poor: The Role of Development Assistance Agencies; G. Horstkotte-Wesseler, D. Byerlee. 23. Conclusions; A.F. Krattiger,M. Qaim, J. von Braun. Contributing Authors. Subject Index. Papers from a conference held at the Universityof Bonn, November 1999. Very good, clean and tight. 55.00

Title: Agricultural Biotechnology in Developing Countries : Towards Optimizing theBenefits for the Poor

Author Name: QAIM, Matin; Anatole F. KRATTIGER; and Joachim von BRAUN, (eds.)

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Publisher: Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2000, ISBN:0792372301:

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