Hurrah for the Life of the Sailor ! : Fifty Years in the Royal Navy. FirstEdition, Signed

By: KENNEDY, W.R., Vice-Admiral. KENNEDY, William, Vice-Admiral Sir

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KENNEDY, William, Vice-Admiral Sir, K.C.B. Hurrah for the Life of a Sailor ! : Fifty Years in the Royal Navy. Edinburgh and London : William Blackwoodand Sons, 1900. Pp (6), [v]-xiv, [1]-356, + portrait frontispiece + 22 pla tes. Some illustrations in the text. 8vo (5.5 by 8.0 inches), navy blue cloth, gilt decoration of H.M.S. Rodney heading leftr on front board, gilt lettering to spine. O'Dea 1253. Newfoundland : 208-220 of Chapter XIV "The Druid". There are remarks on the fisheries, hunting, the magisterial duties ofnaval captains in Newfoundland waters ("the sailor as J.P."), and Labrador . Also pp.216-18 on caribou hunting between Hall's Bay and the Bay of Islands. The author (1838-1916) when a lowly captain wrote Sport, Travel and Adventure in Newfoundland and the West Indies, (O'Dea 903b). Chapters: I. The Navy As It Was. A fox-hunt on the Rodney - The bitter bit - With the Channel Squadron; II. Incidents leading up to the Crimean War. Overheard at the Opera - The Massacre of Sinope - Flogging in the Navy — Steering for Crimea;III. The Bombardment of Sebastopol. The gallant Rodney - In a gale at Bala klava - In the Trenches - With the Naval Brigade - The Redan - The Black Sea and Sebastopol — A letter from Sir Edmond Lyons; IV. The Calcutta. On theway to the China Station - Sea-bathing in the China Seas; V. War with Chin a. The Coromandel fires the first shot — Three months in an open boat — Thebombardment of Canton — Chinese Fire-junks — The action of November 6 — Bo mbardment of the Bogue Forts; VI. Operations in the Canton River. Chinese rockets — A fire in the Factories — "Give 'em some 'spiritual case,' sir "—Sport in the river — A dare-devil dash — Touch-and-go — Death of young Pearn; VII. Evacuation of Canton. Chinese rank — Lin-Tsih-Seu's vainglory — Return to Hong-Kong — Snipe-shooting in the paddy-fields — Between the devil and the deep sea — Another fight imminent; VIII. Battle of Fatshan Creek. TheOpposed forces — Keppel leads straight for the junks — Battle of Fatshan C reek — Sir Henry Keppel's account of the action — Back at Hong-Kong — A false alarm — Hunting the pirates — A pirate lorcha burned — The Algerine engages the pirates — A munificent reward!; IX. Capture of the Peiho Forts. An ultimatum delivered — The attack — A curious casualty — The bluejacket as connoisseur — A long spell in the river — Napoleon's grave; X. The Channel Squadron and Wasp. Six weeks in England in nine years - The Wasp - Various adventures - On the rocks - Sport in Robben Island - On the look-out for slavers - Ashore on a coral reef - Our troubles continue -A loyal coxswain - The track of the cutter - Zanzibar at last - The Iskundah Shah - The opium comes in handy - Back in the Wasp — An abominable traffic; XI. Varied Experiences. The ascent of the " Peter Botte" [in Mauritius] - Bermuda - Simon's Bay - A villainous Portuguese -The man who was not - A dlose shave — A sporing expedition -Sport in Albania — The Melita [a cutter-yacht] goes to pieces; XII. The Reindeer. A race for Rio - A Revolution in Peru - The murder of the President — An anxious time - A night alarm — To the coast of Mexico - "The Tiger of Tepic" - A successful ruse; XIII. Destruction of the City of San Salvador in an Earthquake. San Salvador destroyed by Earthquake - After the Earthquake - Sport in Vancouver - The soft answer - The Irishman andthe Yankee - A neat retort - A torpedo accident -The burning of the Anita — Off Cape Horn — Home again; XIV. The Druid. The Newfoundland fisheries — A phantom ship — A fight between stags — Icebergs — The sailor as J. P. — The hand of Providence — Monarch of all he surveys — Jamaica niggers in a regatta; XV. British Honduras and Hayti [sic]. Havana — Captain overboard! — British Honduras — Vaudouism [Voodoo] - President Salamon; XVI. The Lord Warden. Ignorance about the navy — The coastguard — Mr B. on his defence — Shooting caribou [in Newfoundland] — Bill Smith; XVII. Ruby, 1887-1889. The Recife at Pernambuco— Trinidad in the South Atlantic — The south-east station of South America— Their Lordships' binoculars — San Blas— Sport at San Blas— The Welsh settlement of Chupat — Sport in Patagonia— The Patagonian Indian — Cracker Bay — The Falklands; XVIII. The Beagle Channel. Bishop Stirling — "Down East" — The South American mission — A hospitable estancia — Mr Walter Ross-Raleigh; XIX. The Boadicea. Rodriguez — The Gale of March 1895 - The chasses in Mauritius - Sport in Mauritius — Deer-stalking — Father O'Flinagen; XX. Bourbon, or Réunion, and Madagascar. Réunion and Madagascar —Farquhar Island; XXI. The Seychelles. Their strategic importance — Land-to rtoises — "Wiping the Admiral's eye"; XXII. Ceylon. Native petitions — Bombay — Carnation carp — The Andamans — Sport at Colimere Point; XXIII. Tiger-Shooting in Central India. Indian shikar — The wisdom of the elephant — A kill— A handsome pair; XXIV. Rifle and Gun in N.W. Provinces. A mixed bag — Stalking chincara; XXV. A Voyage up the Persian Gulf to Bagdad. Muscat — The Garden of Eden — The old palace of Darius — Bagdad; XXVI. Karachi. Duck-shooting — A ball on board the Boadicea — Sweden. With index. An occasional small spot, some related clippings glued to first blank, else a lovely copywith very bright gilt. Uncommon. 350.00

Title: Hurrah for the Life of the Sailor ! : Fifty Years in the Royal Navy. FirstEdition, Signed

Author Name: KENNEDY, W.R., Vice-Admiral. KENNEDY, William, Vice-Admiral Sir

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Publisher: William Blackwood and Sons, Edinburgh and London, 1900,:

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