Hurrah for the Life of the Sailor ! : Fifty Years in the Royal Navy. Cheaper Edition

By: KENNEDY, W.R., Vice-Admiral. KENNEDY, William, Vice-Admiral Sir

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KENNEDY, William, Vice-Admiral Sir, K.C.B. Hurrah for the Life of a Sailor ! : Fifty Years in the Royal Navy. Edinburgh and London : William Blackwoodand Sons, 1901. Pp (4), [v]-xiv, [1]-356,[1]-32(publisher's catalogue) + p ortrait frontispiece + 22 plates. Some illustrations in the text. 8vo (5.5 by 7.75 inches), blue cloth, black decoration of H.M.S. Rodney heading right on front board, gilt lettering to spine. O'Dea 1253. Newfoundland : 208-220 of Chapter XIV "The Druid". There are remarks on the fisheries, hunting,the magisterial duties of naval captains in Newfoundland waters ("the sail or as J.P."), and Labrador. Also pp.216-18 on caribou hunting between Hall's Bay and the Bay of Islands. The author (1838-1916) when a lowly captain wrote Sport, Travel and Adventure in Newfoundland and the West Indies, (O'Dea 903b). Chapters: I. The Navy As It Was. A fox-hunt on the Rodney - The bitter bit - With the Channel Squadron; II. Incidents leading up to the Crimean War. Overheard at the Opera - The Massacre of Sinope - Flogging in the Navy — Steering for Crimea; III. The Bombardment of Sebastopol. The gallant Rodney - In a gale at Balaklava - In the Trenches - With the Naval Brigade - The Redan - The Black Sea and Sebastopol — A letter from Sir Edmond Lyons; IV. The Calcutta. On the way to the China Station - Sea-bathing in the China Seas; V. War with China. The Coromandel fires the first shot — Three months in an open boat — The bombardment of Canton — Chinese Fire-junks — Theaction of November 6 — Bombardment of the Bogue Forts; VI. Operations in t he Canton River. Chinese rockets — A fire in the Factories — "Give 'em some'spiritual case,' sir "—Sport in the river — A dare-devil dash — Touch-and -go — Death of young Pearn; VII. Evacuation of Canton. Chinese rank — Lin-Tsih-Seu's vainglory — Return to Hong-Kong — Snipe-shooting in the paddy-fields — Between the devil and the deep sea — Another fight imminent; VIII. Battle of Fatshan Creek. The Opposed forces — Keppel leads straight for the junks — Battle of Fatshan Creek — Sir Henry Keppel's account of the action —Back at Hong-Kong — A false alarm — Hunting the pirates — A pirate lorcha burned — The Algerine engages the pirates — A munificent reward!; IX. Capture of the Peiho Forts. An ultimatum delivered — The attack — A curious casualty — The bluejacket as connoisseur — A long spell in the river — Napoleon's grave; X. The Channel Squadron and Wasp. Six weeks in England in nine years - The Wasp - Various adventures - On the rocks - Sport in Robben Island- On the look-out for slavers - Ashore on a coral reef - Our troubles cont inue -A loyal coxswain - The track of the cutter - Zanzibar at last - The Iskundah Shah - The opium comes in handy - Back in the Wasp — An abominable traffic; XI. Varied Experiences. The ascent of the " Peter Botte" [in Mauritius] - Bermuda - Simon's Bay - A villainous Portuguese -The man who was not - A dlose shave — A sporing expedition -Sport in Albania — The Melita [a cutter-yacht] goes to pieces; XII. The Reindeer. A race for Rio - A Revolution in Peru - The murder of the President — An anxious time - A night alarm— To the coast of Mexico - "The Tiger of Tepic" - A successful ruse; XIII. Destruction of the City of San Salvador in an Earthquake. San Salvador des troyed by Earthquake - After the Earthquake - Sport in Vancouver - The softanswer - The Irishman and the Yankee - A neat retort - A torpedo accident -The burning of the Anita — Off Cape Horn — Home again; XIV. The Druid. TheNewfoundland fisheries — A phantom ship — A fight between stags — Icebergs — The sailor as J. P. — The hand of Providence — Monarch of all he surveys — Jamaica niggers in a regatta; XV. British Honduras and Hayti [sic]. Hava na — Captain overboard! — British Honduras — Vaudouism [Voodoo] - PresidentSalamon; XVI. The Lord Warden. Ignorance about the navy — The coastguard — Mr B. on his defence — Shooting caribou [in Newfoundland] — Bill Smith; XV II. Ruby, 1887-1889. The Recife at Pernambuco— Trinidad in the South Atlantic — The south-east station of South America— Their Lordships' binoculars —San Blas— Sport at San Blas— The Welsh settlement of Chupat — Sport in Pat agonia— The Patagonian Indian — Cracker Bay — The Falklands; XVIII. The Beagle Channel. Bishop Stirling — "Down East" — The South American mission — Ahospitable estancia — Mr Walter Ross-Raleigh; XIX. The Boadicea. Rodriguez — The Gale of March 1895 - The chasses in Mauritius - Sport in Mauritius — Deer-stalking — Father O'Flinagen; XX. Bourbon, or Réunion, and Madagascar . Réunion and Madagascar — Farquhar Island; XXI. The Seychelles. Their strategic importance — Land-tortoises — "Wiping the Admiral's eye"; XXII. Ceylon. Native petitions — Bombay — Carnation carp — The Andamans — Sport at Colimere Point; XXIII. Tiger-Shooting in Central India. Indian shikar — The wisdom of the elephant — A kill— A handsome pair; XXIV. Rifle and Gun in N.W.Provinces. A mixed bag — Stalking chincara; XXV. A Voyage up the Persian G ulf to Bagdad. Muscat — The Garden of Eden — The old palace of Darius — Bagdad; XXVI. Karachi. Duck-shooting — A ball on board the Boadicea — Sweden. With index. Spine browned, spine ends and edges worn, corners bumped, rubbed, pencilled gift inscription dated Christmas 1901, else very good. 125.00

Title: Hurrah for the Life of the Sailor ! : Fifty Years in the Royal Navy. Cheaper Edition

Author Name: KENNEDY, W.R., Vice-Admiral. KENNEDY, William, Vice-Admiral Sir

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Publisher: William Blackwood and Sons, Edinburgh and London, 1901,:

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