Essays on the New Law of the Sea

VUKAS, Budislav, (ed.). Essays on the New Law of the Sea. Zagreb : (Facultyof Law, University of Zagreb ), 1985. Pp (4),v-x,1-556,(2). 8vo, blue prin ted card covers, the text, though primarily in English, is multilingual; aspresented in the languages of the contributors. "Contributions to the Stud y of Comparative and International Law / Prinosi za poredbeno proucavanje prava i medunarodno pravo" No. 21. Contents : Part I. - UNCLOS III: A Landmark in International Legislation. M. Sahovic's "La codification et le development progressif du droit international : Convention des Nations Unies sur le droit de la mer" (pp 7-16); A. Vratusa's "Convention on the law of the sea in the light of the struggle for the new international economic order" (pp 17-30). Part II. - LOS Convention: General Aspects. A.W. Koerss's "Some observations on the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea and its implementation" (pp 33-46); J.-P. Quéneudec's "Les incertitudes de lanouvelle Convention sur le droit de la mer" (pp 47-57); H. Tuerk and G. Ha fner's "The land-locked countries and the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea" (pp 58-70); D. Vignes's "La participation de la Communauté Economique Européenne a la Convention des Nations Unies sur le droit de la mer" (pp 71-81). Part III. - Maritime Zones under National Jurisdiction. E.Gounaris's "The extension and delimitation of sea areas under the sovereig nty, sovereign rights and jurisdiction of coastal states" (pp 85-98); B. Kwiatkowska's "Exclusive economic zone - general evaluation" (pp 99-117); V. Ibler's "The importance of the exclusive economic zone as a non-resource zone" (pp 118-140); D. Rudolf's "Some remarks about the provisions concerningthe continental shelf in the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea" (pp 141- 146); B. Vukas's "The LOS Convention and sea boundary delimitation" (pp 147-185). Part IV. - Navigation. P.-D. Barabolya's "Changes in the legal regime of the sea and their influence on navigation" (pp 189-201); T. Treves's "Le nouveau régime des espaces marins et la circulation des navires" (pp 202-220); D. Dugosevic's "Les etats archipels et le droit de passage des navires et aéronefs" (pp 221-229); D. Momtaz's "Les forces navales et l' impératif de sécurité dans la Convention des Nations Unies sur le droit de la mer"(pp 230-243); L. Migliorino's "The recovery of sunken warships in internat ional law" (pp 244-258). Part V. - Living Resources of he Sea. P. Mengozzi's "Fishing and international co-operation in the light of new developments in the law of the sea" (pp 261-275); T. Scovazzi's "Les especes hautement migratrices et le droit international de la mer" (pp 276-286). Part VI. - International Sea-Bed Area. Z. Perisic's "Common heritage of mankind in the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea" (pp 289-300); S. Novakovic's "Could we have provided for a better United Nations Convention on the Lawof the Sea ?" (pp 301-320); F.H. Paolillo's "The Preparatory Commission fo r the International Sea-Bed Authority and for the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea" (pp 321-356). Part VII. - Protection and Preservationof the Marine Environment. U. Leanza's "International law and domestic law on the protection of the marine environment against pollution" (pp 359-387 ); A.F. Panzera's " The Montego Bay Convention and the procedural means forenforcing international rules on the protection of the marine environment" (pp 388-398); G. Conetti's "UNCLOS and EEC external competence on marine e nvironment protection" (pp 399-406). Part VIII. - Regional Approcahes to the Law of the Sea. M.I. Glassner's "Regionalism and the new law of the sea" (pp 409-428); D> Mazilu's "Peace and security and some problems regarding the enclosed or semi-enclosed seas" (pp 429-440); A.K. Abbadi's "Security and co-operation in the Mediterranean basin" (pp 441-456); A. Manos's "The Convention and regional co-operation for the protection of the Mediterranean Sea against pollution" (pp 457-476). Part IX. - The New Law of the Sea and Other Fields of International Law. D. Jenisch's "The Artic Ocean an the newlaw of the sea" (pp 479-503); D. Vidas's "The legal status of Antarctica w ith special reference to the Antarctic sea-bed and its subsoil" (pp 504-536); N. Vajic's "The law of outer space and the law of the sea : A joint contribution to the emergence of the common heritage of mankind concept" (pp 537-556). Presentation copy signed by the editor, October 22, 1986 in Zagreb.Owner's blindstamp to title page, light spine creasing, small nick to cove r, else very good. 250.00

Title: Essays on the New Law of the Sea

Author Name: VUKAS, Budislav, (ed.) GLASSNER, Martin VIDAS, Davor MIGLIORINO, Luigi

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Publisher: Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb, Zagreb, 1985,:

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