Ethnic Canadians : Culture and Education. Paperback.

KOVACS, Martin L. Ethnic Canadians : Culture and Education. (Regina, Saskatchewan): Canadian Plains Research Center, University of Regina, 1978. FirstPrinting. Pp. (10),[1]-495,(3). 8vo, map-illustrated yellow and white card covers, black lettering to front cover and spine. Canadian Plains Studies, number 8. L.G. Crossman, General Editor of Occasional Publications. Conten ts: I. Aspects of Ethnicity: 1. "The Nature of Indian Claims" (by Lloyd I. Barber); 2. "Native Involvement in Curriculum Development: The Native Teacher as a Cultural Broker" (by June D. Wyatt); 3. "Ethnics and Non-Ethnics: Facts and Fads in the Study of Intergroup Relations" (by Joseph R. Manyoni);4. "Ethnic Analysis in the Inercultural Context: Legends of the Calling Ri ver" (by Klaus Burmeister); 5. "Ethnic Analysis of Political Armour: Analytical Problems in the Canadian Mosaic" (by Patrick L. Baker); 6. "LinguisticTrends Among Saskatchewan Ethnic Groups" (by Alan B. Anderson); 7. "Watson Kirkconnell and the Cultural Credibility Gap Between Immigrants and the Na tive-born in Canada" (by N. Fred Dreisziger; pp. 87-96); 8. "From Ringsakerto Instow: A Norwegian Radical's Saskatchewan Odyssey" (by Jorgen Dahlie); 9. "The Beginnings of Ukrainian Scholarship in Canada" (by Victor O. Buyni ak); 10. "Aspects of Ukrainian Opinion in Manitoba During World War I" (by Nadia O.M. Kazymyra); 11. "The Resurgence of Cultural Pluralism and the Problem of the Nation-State: Lord Acton Revisited" (by Joel L. Novek). II. Ethnicity and Solidarity: 12. "Ukrainian Identity in Winnipeg" (by Leo Driedger); 13. "Ethnic Solidarity in the Esterhazy Area 1882-1940" (by Donald E. Willmott); 14. "To Be or Not To Be Indian: A Question Concerning Indian Cultural Identity in Whitehorse, Yukon" (by Carmen Lambert); 15. "The Changing Role of Ethnocultural Organizations in Saskatchewan: Case Studies with Statistical Data Cast in Historical Perspective" (by Zenon Pohorecky). III. Ethnicity and Education: 16. "The Relationship Between Ethnicity and Educational Aspirations of Post-Secondary Students in Toronto and Montreal" (by Ann B. Denis); 17. "The Education of Black Students in Montreal Schools: An Emerging Anglophone Problem, a Non-Existent Francophone Preoccupation" (by Michel Laferriere); 18. "Culture, Education and Ethnicity: A Case Study of theCanadian North" (by James S. Frideres); 19. "Ethnicity and Canadian Educat ion" (by John R. Mallea); 20. "Canadianization Through the Schools of the Prairie Provinces before World War I: The Attitudes and Aims of the English-Speaking Majority" (by Marilyn J. Barber); 21. "The Public School as a Guardian of Anglo-Saxon Traditions: The Saskatchewan Experience 1913-1918" (by Raymond J.A. Huel); 22. "Language Conflict and Schools in New Brunswick" (by Nanciellen C. Sealy; pp. 305-316); 23. "The Manitoba School Question: An Ethnic Interpretation" (by Cornelius J. Jaenen); 24. "The Hungarian School Question" (by Martin L. Kovacs); 25. "How to Teach a Ukrainian" (by SaveliaCurnisky); 26. "Ethnic Studies and the Saskatchewan Community College Syst em" (by Allan W. Walker). IV. Identity and Alienation: 27. "Spearhead Anchorages and Initiation of Networks, with Special Reference to the Portuguese Case" (by Grace M. Anderson); 28. "Social Adjustment Problems and Ethnic Group Membership" (by Arthur J. Cropley); 29. "South Slavs on a Northern Margin: The Frontier Experiences of Croatian Migrants during Canada's Great Depression" (by Anthony W. Rasporich); 30. ""Decline of the WASP? Dominant Group Identity in the Ethnic Plural Society" (by Linda Bell Deutschmann); 31. "The Canadian Identity and Multiculturalism: The Implications for Students at the Elementary Level" (by Marguerite Burke). V. Ethnic Researches: Resources and Methodology: 32. "An Oral Methodology for Ethnic Studies from the Junior Secondary to the Graduate School" (by Stanley H. Scott); 33. "The Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies" (by Manoly Lupul); 34. "Sources for Ethnic Studies in Historical Federal Government Records" (by Bryan E. Corbett); 35. "A Preliminary Guide to Sources for Ethnic Studies in the Archivesof Saskatchewan" (by the Saskatchewan Archives Board, Regina). VI. Ethnic Canadians: "Ethnic Canadians: Synoptic Comments" (by Martin L. Kovacs). Spine sunned, name, else very good. 30.00

Title: Ethnic Canadians : Culture and Education. Paperback.

Author Name: KOVACS, Martin L. Canadian Plains Studies 8. KIRKCONNELL, Watson). DREISZIGER, N. Fred.

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Publisher: Canadian Plains Research Center, University of Regina., Regina, Saskatchewan., 1978, ISBN:0889770093:

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