Enuma Elis : The Babylonian Epic of Creation : The Cuneiform Text


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LAMBERT, W. G., and Simon B. PARKER. Enuma Elis : The Babylonian Epic of Creation : The Cuneiform Text. Text established by W. G. Lambert and copied out by Simon B. Parker. Oxford : Clarendon Press, 1966. Pp (3),[1]-47. 8vo, tan card covers, lettered in black, with a blank spine. "The present volumeis intended to serve particularly in the teaching of Babylonian cuneiform in universities. Since Babylonian literature is normally recovered in broken pieces of clay tablets and complete tablets are a great rarity, for consecutive reading comnosite texts must be made from the surviviiig fragmments.The originals are often written in differing scripts, and since Babylonian and Assyrian cuneiform cannot practically be printed, current scholarly cu stom is to publish hand-copies of the pieces in cuneiform and composite texts transliterated in the Latin alphabet. For students learning the script composite cuneiform texts are needed, and A. Deimel's 'Enuma Elis' Sive EposBabylonicum de Creatione Mundi (first ed. 1912, second 1936) has served fo r the Epic given here over the last half-century. The recovery of much moreof the text than was available to Deimel requires that a new text be compo sed. Ours differs from Deimel's in two important respects. First, no variants are given since a large critical edition of all Babylonian creation myths by the author is in an advanced state of preparation, and this contains all the variants and ancient commentaries. The teacher of cuneiform, like, the teacher of Classical Greek literature or the New Testament, will normally use a manual edition in class, and will in the course of his teaching mention such variants as he considers appropriate. Secondly, the text given here has been obtained by copying out the transliterated text from the critical edition in Late Assyrian signs. Deimel used whichever script the original fragments were preserved in, and in so doing often gave words containing signs of different scripts. Such a hodge-podge seems a greater evil than transcribing the Babylonian into Assyrian sign forms when only Babylonian fragments are preserved." (Preface by W.G.L.). Spine sunned, neat pened name, else very good. 70.00

Title: Enuma Elis : The Babylonian Epic of Creation : The Cuneiform Text

Author Name: LAMBERT, W. G. PARKER, Simon B.

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Publisher: Clarendon Press , Oxford, 1966,:

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