Recollections of the Crimean Campaign including also sporting and dramatic incidents in connection with garrison life in the Canadian lower provinces.Second Printing, blue cloth

By: VIETH, Frederick Harris D.

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VIETH, Frederick Harris D. Recollections of the Crimean Campaign and the Expedition to Kinburn in 1855 including also Sporting and Dramatic Incidents in Connection with Garrison Life in the Canadian Lower Provinces. Montreal : John Lovell & Son, Limited, 1913. Pp (4),[iii]-xiv,[1]-309,(1), frontispiece + 33 leaves of plates. 8vo, blue cloth, gilt lettering to front and spine. Front cover title : Closing Scenes of the War with Russia and Incidentsin Garrison Life in the Capitals of the Canadian Lower Provinces in the "F ifties". Spine title : Recollections of the Crimean Campaign in 1855. Watters p.589, Rhodenizer pp. 658-659, Hugh Taylor, New Brunswick History: A Checklist of Secondary Sources 13.10. Frederick Harris Dawes Vieth (b. July 18, 1838, Halifax - d. May 30, 1909, Ottawa, ON). Chapters: 1. The Halifax Free Church Academy and Principal Geo. Munro. Gough the temperance lecturer visits Halifax. Sir John Thompson recites "Bingen on the Rhine." Leave for England in charge of Sir Edward Kenny, cross from Liverpool to Kingstown andreach destination at Stillorgan. See Powerscourt and the Dargle, and visit Donnybrook Fair. Dublin theatres. The Bank of Ireland. The Queen and Princ e Albert visit Ireland. Pass examination at Sandhurst, and am gazetted Ensign in the 63rd Regiment. 2. Birr Barracks. Drill, and drill instructors. One of the "Queen's hard bargains" introduced. Trout fishing, Cricket and Archery Clubs. Lord Ross's telescope and the Mall. Embarkation in the ship "The Lilies." Voyage up the Mediterranean. Malta reached in sixteen days' sailing. The detachment at Fort Tigné. Rifle practice is taken up. Parepa primadonna at the Opera house. Visit to St. Paul's Bay. Gazetted to a Lieutenan cy. Leave Malta for Constantinople. A visit to Stamboul. 3. Pera. The Bazaars of Stamboul. The Great Mosque of St. Sophia visited. The Turk at prayer.The new Palace of the Sultan explored. The French Theatre. The Corps Damné , Passage through the beautiful Bosphorus. Black Sea crossed in rough weather. Unwelcome nightly visitors on board transport. Harbor of Balaklava reached. Disembarkation of Troops. The march to the Front. Sudden death of an old Sergeant. Camp before Sebastoool. View of Russian defences from Cathcart's Hill. Oppenheims. Russians send round shot into Camp. The three days' bombardment, before the Assault on Redan and Malakoff. 4. Assault on 8th September of Redan and Malakoff. Malakoff taken by the French and held. Repeated attacks by Russians repulsed. Assault of the Redan by British. Fearful slaughter of storming party and almost annihilation of the Supports. Men climb the ramparts of the Redan. Fierce struggle inside between British and Russians. Colonel Windham's gallant behaviour. Our Regiment moved on to Naval Brigade Battery. Colonel Lyndsay wounded. British forced out of Redan, it is retaken by the Russians. Dead and wounded carried through the Trenches. Strange freak of a stray bullet. Fourth Division and Highland Brigade to renew attack next day. Redan visited by volunteers during the night and discovered Russians had evacuated it. Russian Forts blown up early on Sunday morning. Russians cross to north side, on Bridge of boats. South side in hands of the Allies. Tired troops march back to camp to sleep. 5. Day after the Assault. Bringing the dead and Wounded into camp. Effect of a half spent bullet. Visit to the Redan and Town. Making preparations for another winter before Sebastopol. Erection of new Batteries by Allies. Regimental races. Corporal punishment inflicted for drunkenness. 6. Russians on the north side resent our taking lumber from the town. We prepare for an Expedition to Kinburn. Embarkation of troops takes place on 4th October. Description of the Allied Fleet and Expeditionary Force. Arrival at Odessa. The Fleet delayed by stress of weather. Arrival at Kinburn 14th October and Troops landed. 7. We construct trenches five miles from Kinburn Fort. Necessary stores are landed. The attack on and surrender of the Fortress. A reconnaissance into the interior. Sad accident to Captain Fraser. Return to Kinburn Fort. Captureof two rafts of oak timber by our Sailors. Private Ives of the Grenadier C ompany causes a sensation. 8. We re-embark for the Front. Rumours of further Expedition to Kaffa. Expedition abandoned, and we return to our old Camp on the Heights. Road making and hut building continued. A winter Tent. An interesting ride over old Battlefields Blowing up of French Artillery Park. Celebrated Mrs. Seacole appears on the scene. French Commandant of Artillery Park having escaped the Explosion is beheaded by a Russian Round Shot. 9.Winter preparations. Christmas Day in Camp. The Fourth Division Symposium established. Thea- tricals at the Front, The Kadakoi dance. Docks in Sebastopol, White Buildings, Fort Nicholas, and Fort Alexander blown up bv our Engineers. Grand Review of Troops before Sir Wm. Codrington and Marshal Pellisier. 10. An Armistice is arranged. Meeting of the Generals at the side of Tchernaya river. Snipe shooting under difficulties. Steeple chasing in the Tchernaya Valley. Grand Sebastopol Spring Meeting. Peace proclaimed with salutes from Allied Batteries and Fleet at Kamiesch Bay. Russians refuse to salute. Expedition into Russian lines. A ride towards Bakshiserai. A costly luncheon in a Crimean Village. 11. Grand Review of the whole of the Allied Forces before the Russian General Luders. Russian band plays each day rtearMackenzie Farm. TJie sunken Black Sea Fleet in Sebastopol Harbour. Removal of the sieee guns to Balaklava for transportation Home. Shot gathering. Fa rewell visits to the Cemeteries. A curious Epitaph. 12. Departure from the Crimea of Sisters of Charity. Packing up the order of the day. Orders received to proceed to Halifax. The March from Cathcart's Hill to Balaklava, andEmbarkation on the "Jura". Regiment transferred with 62nd Foot to "Himalay a" at Malta. Water Snorts. After short stoppage at Gibraltar, Halifax is reached. Epidemic of balls and parties after arrival. Bad news from Australia. Tragedy in 40th Foot. 13. House of Assembly meets on 5th Feb., 1857. Voteof want of confidence moved by Hon. Mr. Johnston. Hon. Mr. Howe attacked f or letter in Morning Chronicle on "Railway Riots and Catholic Commentators." The Foreign Legion. Interesting Debates by Leaders of Government and Opposition. Extract from Hon. Dr. Tupper's speech on Equal Rights to all Denominations. Cabinet censured for partiality. Extract from Hon. Mr. Howe's brilliant defence of the Government and himself. After struggle of twelve days Government is defeated. New Ministry formed. Death of Archbishop Walsh. 14.Picnics and Bonnet Dances. Halifax's pretty girls. Peculiar meeting of thr ee old Soldiers. A moose hunting disaster. Garrison Theatricals for Sothern's benefit. 15. More Garrison theatricals. Behind the Scenes. An Actor's troubles. Practical joking by Sothern and Raymond. Mr. Buggins' audacity. Menof War Sailors enjoy themselves at the Play. A Macbeth of the old School. An uncomfortable stage experience. 16. A Trip to Little Salmon River. A Story of Revenge and attempted Murder by a Negro near Preston. His escape and final disappearance. 17. Stringent Garrison Orders regarding uniform, and how they were obeyed. A Sportmen's peculiar get up. Sergeant Sallis in a very perplexing predicament, and how he extricates himself. 18. Old time regattas on Halifax Harbor. An ambitious crew of Garrison Amateurs purchase a boat and go in for training. A narrow escape on Bedford Basin. The regatta asseen from the Flag Ship. An involuntary plunge by a would-be spectator. Th e gentlemen amateur race, and how it ended. 19. Wild geese at Cole Harbor, and a shooting trip thither. A lucky escape from serious injury. Short cutshomeward are not always the quickest and safest. 20. Trout fishing. Mill d ams depleting the rivers of fish. Formation of the Society for the Preservation of Fish and Game. Improvements in the lakes and rivers since Confederation. Good sport at Oak Hill Lake. An unpleasant adventure at Stony Beach. An odd occurrence while fishing on the Blackwater described. 21. Salmon Fishing. The Fish Hawk at West River. An unfaithful guide. Salmon on the move.An odd way of catching a salmon. Over the Falls on the Medway without losi ng the fish. A day on Pennant River. 22. Moose hunting. How Dollar Lake wasnamed. Hard luck in the bush there. An assistant is employed that turns ou t anything but a mascot. 23. Moose hunting continued. The drive to Trafalgar Inn. Our mode of conveyance. The stories of the Musquodoboit party and ofthe Becky Langley tragedy are told on the way. Arrival at New Caledonia. A nd camp is reached. The caribou bog. 24. We see a small herd of caribou andsecure some of the number. The caribou feast in camp, and the story of the fight with a bear is told. Two moose fall victims to straight powder at wh ich there is great rejoicing. 25. The Doctor's Story, which tells of the Old Dublin Apple Woman. Mr. Thomas Macready's diplomacy and a day on Wicklow Mountains with unpleasant ending. We break camp and return to Halifax. 26. Woodcock shooting. An October outing. A shooting trap described. Clumber Spaniels. A good morning's work. 27. Woodcock shooting. A peculiar shot. Snipe are unexpectedly met with. Joe the unerring marker scores a point with the lunch basket. A surprise for a flock of ducks. A marsh-harrier vanquished. 28.Woodcock shooting. A warm corner. Ruffed grouse prove wary birds. A faithful retreiver. Swapping yarns at the farm house by two noted Munchausens. A melancholy incident is brought to light. Story of an experience with a madman. A trap is set for a cattle-killing bear. 29. Woodcock shooting. We witness the killing of Bruin in the trap. An unexpected drop upon a flight.A ludicrous mishap. The final count of the bag is made, and the start for home. 30. My company is sent to Fredericton. The personnel of the detachment. Canoeing. Black bass spearing on the St. John River. Ambitious attempts to capture a sturgeon. A night adventure in the Grand Pass and frosty paddle home. 31. Light duties and social functions. An unwilling delivery of therural mail. Snipe shooting in the French Lake Marshes. An unlucky visit to the Gornish. Lost in the bush near Newcastle stream. Duck Shooting. "Gabe. " 32. An arduous undertaking with a pair of caribou. Moving ice on St. Johnriver causes delay reach- ing home. A tantalizing invitation to dinner, wh ich could not be accepted. I am entertained at my henchman's lodge. We cross the river under difficulties. A strange Christmas partv at Government House, at which we see the Snake Dance. More theatricals. The Prince of Wales and Suite visit New Brunswick. The Royal Party reach Fredericton and receive a grand reception. 33. Loss of Ephesus on Sable Island reported in Halifax. Our passage thither in Government Schooner Daring. After pleasant voyage, we are landed in a surf boa.t. Kind hostpitality exceded by the Superintendent and family. The wreck of the Ephesus and the House of Refuge are visited near the South West Bar. The Patrols. The ride to the North East Bar. Aherd of harbor seals are disturbed. The Mirage. The end of the Bar. The Gr eat Ocean Seal seen. Wrecks and wreckage. The Sable Island pony. Animals and birds found on the Island. The French Gardens. The story of Mrs. Copeland. A strange visitor appears in our bedroom. A stormy voyage back to Halifax. Short tear to head of spne, rear inner hinge split, light soiling to boards, else very good. 40.00

Title: Recollections of the Crimean Campaign including also sporting and dramatic incidents in connection with garrison life in the Canadian lower provinces.Second Printing, blue cloth

Author Name: VIETH, Frederick Harris D.

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Publisher: John Lovell, Montreal, 1913,:

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