Account of the Interior of Ceylon and of its Inhabitants with Travels in that Island. reprint

DAVY, John. An Account of the Interior of Ceylon and of its Inhabitants with Travels in that Island. Complete and unabridged from the original editionof 1821. With an introduction by Yasmine Gooneratne. The Ceylon Historical Journal, Volume Sixteen. Dehiwala, Ceylon : Tisara Prakasakayo Publishers, (March 1969). Facsimile Reprint. 8vo, white card covers, spine lettered in black, front cover lettered in black and illustrated in red, in a matching dustjacket. Contents : Part I. An Account of the Interior of Ceylon, and o f its Inhabitants: 1. Name. Geographical outlines. Rocks. Minerals. Soils. Springs; 2. Monsoons. Rains. Rivers. Temperature. Meteors. Miasmata; 3. Snakes. Experiments on their poison. Ceylon leech; 4. Population. Castes; 5. Subdivisions of the interior. Old form of government. Kandyan court. Its ceremonies and festivals; 6. Laws. Judicial proceedings. Land-tenures; 7. Singalese system of the universe. Boodhoos. Goutama Boodhoo. Priests of Boodhoo. Worship of gods and demons. Doubtful points of the religion of Boodhoo; 8. Singalese language. Literature. Music. Arithmetic. Weights. Measures. Currency. Astrology. Medicine. Painting. Statuary. Architecture. Jewellery. Iron-smelting. Blacksmiths. Saltpetre. Gunpowder. Pottery. Weaving. Agriculture; 9. Domestic habits and manners. Marriage rites. Polygamy. Treatment of children. Ceremony of giving names. Unjust accusations. Funeral rites. Character of the Singalese; 10. Sketch of the history of Ceylon, from the earliest period on record to the present times. Part II. Travels in the Interiorof Ceylon: 1. Set out from Colombo, for Adam's Peak. Border-country. Ratna poora. Approach to Adam's Peak. Palabatula. Ascent of the mountain. Prospect from the summit. Description of the peak. Pilgrims, and their mode of worship. Descent. Miscellaneous remarks on the mountain; 2. Departure form Colombo for Kandy. Avishavellè. Sittawakka. Ruwenwellè. Mode of travelling of the governor. Fort King. Elephant-snare. Amanapoora. Approach to Kandy. Description of Kandy. Excursion into Doombera. Nitre-cave of Memoora. Leave Kandy for Trincomalie. Atgalle Pass. Fort McDowall. Description of country between Nalandé and Mineré. Lake of Mineré. Description of country between Mineré and Kandellé. Lake of Kandellé. Return from Trincomalie to Kandy. Breaking out of rebellion. Tranquility restored. Return to Colombo; 3. Departure from Colombo for Ouva. Description of country between Avisahavellé and Ratnapoora, between Ratnapoora and Balangoddé, and Balangoddé and Kalapahané.The Idalgashena Pass. Velangahena. Himbleatawellé. Badulla. Namina-cooli-k andy. An instance of heroism. Passera. Alipoota. Excursion into the Mahaweddahratté of Ouva and into Welassey. Description of country between Alipootaand Katragam. Katragam. Description of country between Katragam and Gampah a. Nitre-cave near Weleway. Kirriwannagammé. Return to Upper Ouva. Dambawinné. Fort McDonald. Description of country between Fort McDonald and Maturatta. Hints on the improvement of the interior. Nitre-cave in the valley of Maturatta. Hangranketty. Meddawallatené. Koornagalle; 4. Excursion through Upper Boulatgammé into Kotmalé. Pouhalpittyé. Dimbola. Ascent of the mountains between Kotmalé and Upper Ouva. Neuraellyia-pattan. Descent to Fort McDonald. Explanation of some peculiarities of Upper Ouva. Appearance of the country between Fort McDonald and Maturatta. Excursion from Kandy into Matelé. Description of Dambooloo Wiharé. Teldenia. Return to Colombo through the Seven Korles; Part III. Observations on the Effects of the Climate and on the Diseases of Ceylon; Appendix; Index. Very good in dustjacket. 30.00

Title: Account of the Interior of Ceylon and of its Inhabitants with Travels in that Island. reprint

Author Name: DAVY, John GOONERATNE, Yasmine Ceylon Historical Journal, Vol. 16

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Publisher: Tisara Prakasakayo Publishers, Dehiwala, Ceylon, 1969,:

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