Canadian Lesson Book on Temperance and Life . Second Edition


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McCORKINDALE, Isabel. The Canadian Lesson Book on Temperance and Life. Toronto : Canadian Temperance Federation, (copyright 1926). Second Edition. Pp (2),iii-ix,(1),1-114,(4). Illustrated. 8vo, blue cloth, lettered in black. Contents : Lesson 1. Water and Health : Pure water, Rules of Health, Water Supply for the Body. Lesson 2. Grapes to Wine : Fermentation, Chemical Changes, Yeast Germs. Lesson 3. Barley to Beer : Barley Sugar, Malting, Mashing, Fermentation. Lesson 4. Alcohol : Distilling, Use of Alcohol, Alcohol an Enemy. Lesson 5. The Needs of the Body : Food, Digestion, Alcohol and Digestion, Grain Used for Constructive Purposes, Grain Used for Destructive Purposes, Alcohol and Fitness. Lesson 6. The Defenders : Red and White Cells, Oxygen, White Corpuscles, Alcohol an Enemy of the Defenders. Lesson 7. The Lines of Communication : Nerve Communications, Alcohol and Nerves, Alcohol and Skilled Work. Lesson 8. The Great Commander : The Government of no Mean City, Order of Development, Action of Alcohol on the Brain Centres, Alcoholand Children. Lesson 9. The Great Deceiver : False Impressions, Alcohol an d Cold, Alcohol and Heat, Alcohol and Work, Alcohol and Courage. Lesson 10.First Aid : Alcohol and Accident, Alcohol and Fainting, Alcohol and Chill, Medicated Wines, Alcohol and Tuberculosis. Lesson 11. Tobacco : Niootine a Drug, Tobacco and Scholarship, Tobacco and Sport, Tobacco and Health, Habi t. Lesson 12. Character : Social Custom, Alcohol a«d Character Building, The Remedy. Unevenly sunned, penned name, else very good. 25.00

Title: Canadian Lesson Book on Temperance and Life . Second Edition

Author Name: McCORKINDALE, Isabel

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Publisher: Canadian Temperance Federation, Toronto, 1926,:

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