Bringing Out the Untold Life : Recollections of Mildred Reid Grant Gray : Canadian Morse Code Operator Chronicles Nine Decades In Historic Cape BretonFishing Village. First Edition in dustjacket, double signed

By: SCHEUREN, Claire E. GRAY, Mildred Reid Grant

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SCHEUREN, Claire E. Bringing Out the Untold Life : Recollections of MildredReid Grant Gray : Canadian Morse Code Operator Chronicles Nine Decades In Historic Cape Breton Fishing Village : An Oral History Related to Claire E.Scheuren : Highlights of Gabarus History. [Tuscon, Arizona] : Zeitgeist We st Publishing, (2013). First Edition. Pp (8),1-243, (1). With many b&w photos and other iIllustrations in the text. 8vo, blue cloth, with the word "CENTER" in gilt lettering on the spine. "Mildred Gray is acknowledged as the last surviving government-employed Morse Code operator and one of the last surviving manual switchboard operators in the Canadian Maritime provinces. Between the 1940s through the 1970s, Mrs. Gray was a one-woman 911, information and referral service, spiritual advisor, and companion to people giving birth and people dying. In this comprehensive oral history, story, Mrs. Gray tells the story of nine decades of developments in Gabarus, an historicfishing village on Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia, directly across Gaba rus Bay from the Fortress Louisbourg National Historic Site of Canada." - from rear panel of the jacket. "Mildred Gray, former Morse Code and switchboard operator, has lived over nine decades in the near 300-year-old historicand beautiful fishing village of Gabarus, on the east coast of Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia, Canada, described by journalist Jane Taber of the T oronto Globe and Mail as "a postcard-perfect slice of seaside Canadiana." This book contains Mrs. Gray's oral history, based on verbatim notes of overtwo hundred conversations with Claire E. Scheuren. Maps and numerous histo ric and family photographs and Highlights ofGabarus History vare also mincluded. Wherever you live in the world, you can learn about how to live a good life by following the story of Mrs. Gray and her community of Gabarus in guiding us all to be useful, compassionate and honorable world citizens." -from the front flap of the jacket. Contents : Introduction. Mildred Reid G rant Gray. ANCESTRAL FAMILY AND COMMUNITY : Early Gabarus Settlers; Great-grandparents William and Mary Grant; Crossing the Mira I; Ruth West and William Sutherland; My Father’s Parents Captain John and Emma Armstrong Grant; My Mother’s Parents Albert and Elizabeth Grant Reid’s Three Children; Grandpa Reid and His Superstitions; Grammy Reid; Grammy Grant; Crossing the MiraII; My Childhood Home; My Father Wiley Ormiston Grant; My Mother Elsie Rei d Grant; Elsie’s Long Life; My Big Sister Freda; The Boston States. MEMORIES OF THE LAST CENTURY IN GABARUS FROM HORSE-DRAWN SLEIGH TO INTERNET ; Captain John Grant in the Era of Sail; Ship Building; Gull Cove; Turn of the Century; Old Fashioned Values; 1920s Gabarus; Pound Party; Down and Out in Gabarus; Healthy Eating and Hard Work; Breakfast, Lunch, and Pies; Barter forButter; Hooking Mats; Pre-electric World; Seven Stores in Gabarus; Grant S tore; Puncheon of Molasses; Coal and Kerosene; Dan and Myrtle Stewart; Grant and Reid Undertakers; Orange Lodge; Mid-Winter Orange Drive; Doctor in the Village; Mail Delivery and Early Automobiles in Gabarus; Outings to Sydney and Vidol Hotel; School Days; Childhood Games; Earthquake of 1929; Cutting the Ice; Prohibition Adventures; Music and Community Life; Dance on CrazyHorse Bridge; Church Life in Gabarus; Christmas Concert, Highlight of the Winter; Our Family Christmas; Birds and Bees; Best Friends; Ice Skating at Night; Thrilling Ice Boat; Gabarus-Louisbourg Ferry; Lighthouse and Landmarks; Elsie Caught Wiley a Swordfish From the Window; Lobster Factory; Fishing Changes in My Lifetime; Summer of 16 Ice Cream Parlor; Provincial Exams and Peroxide; Pet Monkey; The Day Grandpa Captain Grant Died; Gloom Over theCommunity; World War II; Buzz and Beryl; Wartime Wedding; Lobster Buyer Bu siness; Selling The Store; Living History. ONE WOMAN 911 : Christina Grant and the History of Morse Code in Gabarus; How I Became the Morse Code Operator; Gabarus Telegraph Office; Telegrams and Bad News; Doctor and Vet Calls; 1950s Cow Gone Wild; Shipwrecks and Salvation; The Wreck of the Marshall Frank in 1949; Iceland II Goes Aground in Fourchu; Interview with Spray Paint; The Start of the Switchboard; Dying Family Friend; Two Young Lives Lost; Destiny Calls; Reluctant Retirement. FAMILY AND THE FUTURE : Family Picnics; 18 Minutes; Mi’kmaw Picnic Basket; My Husband Duncan Gray and Our Family; Duncan’s Best Fudge Recipe Ever; The Day Duncan Died; My Children; Staying Physically and Emotionally Flexible; Nine Decades of Changes to Land andSea; What’s Next; Secrets to Longevity; Summing Up; What is the Future of Gabarus? HIGHLIGHTS OF GABARUS HISTORY : Highlights of Gabarus History; Cod, the Wonder Fish; Chaloupe, Shallop; Capbreton to Cape Breton; How GabarusGot Its Name: A Bay, a Lake, and a Fishing Port; Sister Settlements: Gabar us and Louisbourg; A Temperate, Industrious and Thriving People; Treaty of Utrecht in 1713; Île Royale: Front Door of Canada; First Siege of Louisbourg; Aix-la-Chapelle in 1748 and the Birthplace of the American Nation; Second Siege of Louisbourg; Cape Breton, British Colony; 19th and 20th Century Developments; Barachois; Scottish Settlers; Methodism in Gabarus; Sydney Steel Plant and Gabarus Wilderness Area; Center of the 20th Century Communications Revolution; The Spelling of Gabarus; Aerial Photograph of Gabarus Village; Drawing of Gabarus Village; Map of Gabarus and Surrounding Area. BIBLIOGRAPHY AND ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS : Endnotes; Select Bibliography for Highlightsof Gabarus History; Acknowledgements; Claire E. Scheuren. : Mildred Grant Gray, born in 1920, died on Jan. 3, 2014, less than a month after publication of this book. Very good in unclipped dustjacket. Signed with inscriptionby the author, and signed by Mildred Grant Gray dated Dec. 5, 2013. 50.00

Title: Bringing Out the Untold Life : Recollections of Mildred Reid Grant Gray : Canadian Morse Code Operator Chronicles Nine Decades In Historic Cape BretonFishing Village. First Edition in dustjacket, double signed

Author Name: SCHEUREN, Claire E. GRAY, Mildred Reid Grant

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Publisher: Zeitgeist West Publishing, Tuscon, Arizona, 2013, ISBN:9780979692130:

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