Titanic Tragedy --- God Speaking to the Nations. First Edition, blue cloth

By: WHITE, Alma

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WHITE, Alma. The Titanic Tragedy: God Speaking to the Nations. Bound Bbook,New Jersey : Published by The Pentecostal Union (Pillar of Fire), 1912. Fi rst Edition. Pp (12),[13]-213,(11). Illustrated. 8vo, blue cloth, gilt lettering and vignette of the Titanic to front board, gilt lettering to spine. The story of the Titanic disaster by Alma White, who sees it as God's retribution for our sins, In her own words from the Preface : "In this volume wehave tried to impress upon our readers that there is a more serious and co mprehensive side to this the greatest of all marine disasters than the nations have yet conceived. IT IS GOD'S HANDWRITING ON THE WALL, foretelling the doom of those who are given to greed and pleasure in a world cursed by sin." Contents : I. The Titanic Tragedy : Greatest Sea Tragedy Ever Known — Civilized World Shocked — Description of the Ten Million Dollar Vessel — First News of the Disaster — The Carpathia to the Rescue -- Did not Realize their Loss. II. The Arrival of the Carpathia at New York : Immense Throngs atPier — Puffing Tugs Heard — Intense Excitement — Survivors Clad in Motley Garments -- Description of the Accident — "Man the Lifeboats." III. The Stone That Smote the Image - Daniel Interprets Nebuchadnezzar's Dream : The Three Hebrew Children — Description of Babylon — The Golden Image — Its Relationship) to the Natio of today — Union of Church and State — Fallen Heroes.IV. Great Britain the Golden Head of the Image : Coronation of King George V — The Crown — Jewels worn at Coronation would Purchase British Navy — A Bewildering Scene — Elaborate Symbolism and display, Mechanical and Meaningless — British Crowns. V. The English People : Physical Degeneration — Temples filled with Monuments to Memory of Heroes of Past Generations — Struggles of Middle Classes — Vital Salvation Almost Unheard of — Hyde Park a Safety Valve — Britain's Fallen Heroes — Is Catering to the Romish Church. VI. The Stone Will Break the Image : An awful Warning — Britain's Vast Resources — London, the Climax and Head of the Nations as a Whole -- The Established Church of England — A Crisis Coming — The Liquor Traffic — Building Dreadnaughts — The Stone Cut out of the Mountam. VII. The Handwriting on the Wall : The Titanic Represents Great Britain — "We will go Faster and Get out of Reach of Them" — Methodism Sinking "by the Head" — Money has gagged the Press — Third-Class Passengers Locked Below Deck — "Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin" — No Opportunity Given for Prayer. VIII. Prominent Characteristics of the English : A Storm at Sea — Lifeboats not Filled — Guns Drawn on Passengers — Captain Smith Could Have Been Saved — Worship of Dead Heroes — God's Displeasure on Divorce Evil -- A Victim of Circumstances. IX. False Conception of Heroism -- England Non-progressive -- Strikers Tie Up the Olympic : A Mining Accident in Colorado — Prayer Might have Saved Every One — The People must have the Truth — British Titanic Investigation — Britons Lack Humility — Olympic Tied up — Kaiser Narrowly Escapes Death at Ship Launching --A Warning — The Papal Power. X. Additional Facts : The Collision — Enforce d Women-First Rule — Could not Believe their Danger — Wouldn't Leave Husband — Green Lantern Onlv Beacon — Forlorn Wait for Rescue -- Grief Put all onLevel — Ismay ill, Kept Room — Pitiful Scenes of Grief — Men Forced into F irst Boat — A Statement from J. Bruce lsmay. XI. The Titanic Waifs : Lolo and Louis — Touching Scene at Meeting of Mother and Children — Captain Rostron's Reward — Huddled Together on Icebergs — Major Butt and his Mission. XII. Greater New York -- Wall Street : New York Skyscrapers — The Gold-HeadedProcession — General Grant's Tomb — Columbia University — Fifth Avenue — W aldorf-Astoria — Madison Square Garden. Illustration Captions : Mrs. Alma White (frontispiece); The Titanic; Crowds Outside White Star Office; Crowds at Cunard Line Pier; Iceberg that Wrecked the Titanic; The Rescue Ship—Carpathia; Main Dining Room of the Titanic; Rescue Passengers on Board the Carpathia ; Mr. C. M. Hays, President Grand Trunk Railway; The one Male Member Rescued of eleven Honeymoon Couples; Grand Staircase in the Main Salon of the Titanic; J. Bruce Ismay, Managing Director of the I.M.M. Co.; A New YorkSkyscraper; Steerage Passengers Rescued from Titanic; Captain A. H. Rostro n, Commander of the Carpathia; Wireless Operator before Senate Committee; Promenade Deck of the Titanic; Captain E.J. Smith, Commander of the Titanic;Type of Iceberg run into by the Titanic; One of the Collapsible Lifeboats; Group of Survivors; Survivors being taken on Board the Carpathia; Interior Cunard Line Pier, New York; Isador Strauss, Millionaire Merchant and Phila nthropist; Lord Mersey, Head of Court of Inquiry on Titanic Disaster in London; Senator Francis G. Rowlands and Senator Charles Smith, U. S. Investigating Committee; Titanic Lifeboat Alongside the Carpathia -- Survivors beingtaken up the Ladder; King George V of England and Mary, Queen Consort; Har old Bride, Wireless Operator on Titanic, Being Carried Ashore; Lolo and Louis—The Titanic Waifs; Major Archibald Butt, Aide-de-Camp to President Taft;One of the Lifeboats of the Titanic. Alma Bridwell White (1862-1946) was t he founder and a bishop of the Pillar of Fire Church. In 1918, she became the first female bishop in the United States. She was noted for her association with the Ku Klux Klan and her feminism, anti-Catholicism, antisemitism,anti-Pentecostalism, racism, and hostility to immigrants. Browning and whi te spotting to spine and margins, light wear to spine ends and corners, else a very good copy, wth a pencilled name dated July 17, 1912 on the flyleaf. Scarce. 350.00

Title: Titanic Tragedy --- God Speaking to the Nations. First Edition, blue cloth

Author Name: WHITE, Alma

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Publisher: Pentecostal Union (Pillar of Fire), Bound Bbook, New Jersey, 1912,:

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