Environmental Change and Human Adaptation in the Ancient American Southwest. First Printing

DOYEL, David E., and Jeffrey S. DEAN (eds.). Environmental Change and HumanAdaptation in the Ancient American Southwest. Salt Lake City : The Univers ity of Utah Press, (2006). First Printing. Pp (6),[vii]-xvi,[1]-344. Maps. Index. 8vo, blue cloth, gilt lettering to front board and spine. Cntents : 1. Culture, environment, and adaptation : perspectives from the ancient Southwest (by Jeffrey S. Dean and David E. Doyel). 2. Early people, early maize, and late archaic ecology in the Southwest (by Alan H. Simmons). 3. Prehistoric human response to landscape change in the American Southwest (by Michael R. Waters). 4. Cross-cultural perspectives on prehispanic Hohokam agricultural potential (by Suzanne K. Fish and Paul R. Fish). 5. Long-term streamflow reconstructions, river channel morphology, and aboriginal irrigationsystems along the Salt and Gila rivers (by Donald A. Graybill [and others] . 6. Subsistence management strategies in the grasshopper region, east-central Arizona (by J. Jefferson Reid, Donald A. Graybill, and Ann Clair Seiferle-Valencia). 7. Settlement history and environmental variability in the upper Little Colorado River Valley, Arizona (by David E. Doyel). 8. Subsistence stress and food storage at Kiet Siel, northeastern Arizona (by Jeffrey S. Dean). 9. The effects of environmental fluctuations on ancient livelihoods : implications of paleoeconomic evidence from the Upper Basin, northern Arizona (by Alan P. Sullivan III and Anthony H. Ruter). 10. Environmental variation and prehistoric culture in the Mimbres area, southwestern New Mexico (by Darrell Creel). 11. Tree rings, drought, and the pueblo abandonment of south-central New Mexico in the 1670s (by James A. Parks, Jeffrey S. Dean, and Julio L. Betancourt). 12. Sky as environment : solar eclipses and Hohokam culture change (by W. Bruce Masse and Fred Espenak). 13. The resurgence of the co-evolution of human and natural landscape studies in the American Southwest (by George J. Gumerman). Very good. 50.00

Title: Environmental Change and Human Adaptation in the Ancient American Southwest. First Printing

Author Name: DOYEL, David E., and Jeffrey S. DEAN (eds.) DEAN, Jeffrey S. REID, J. Jefferson

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Publisher: University of Utah Press, Salt Lake City, 2006, ISBN:9780874808537:

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