Out of the Desert? Archaeology and the Exodus / Conquest Narratives. FirstEdition in dustjacket.

By: STIEBING, William H., Jr.

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STIEBING, William H., Jr. Out of the Desert? Archaeology and the Exodus / Conquest Narratives. Buffalo, New York : Prometheus Books, (1989). First Printing. Pp. (6),[7]-265,(7). 8vo, brown cloth with gilt lettering to spine. "The story of Moses leading his people of of Egypt and Joshua's conquest ofthe 'promised land' are two of the most dramatic episodes in the Bible. Bu t how reliable is the Bible as a source of information about Israel's earlyhistory? Are the Exodus and Conquest historical events at all? And it they are, when -- and where -- did they occur? These are some of the questions William H. Stiebing, Jr., poses in this fascinating, rigorous book. And these are fundamental questions. Indeed, our whole Judeo-Christian religious tradition can be traced to these Old Testament narratives. Professor Stiebing's search for the answers is uncommonly thorough and even-handed. Deftly combing through the latest in archaeological and historical research, Stiebing raises compelling objections to the standard theories concerning the authenticity and dating of these events. While most scholars date the Exodus and Conquest during the Bronze Age, in 'Out of the Desert?' Stiebing shows that Israel could not possibly have come into being until much later." - from the dustjacket. Contents: 1. Textual and Archaeological Evidence: A Summary of the Exodus and Conquest Account -- Literary and Historical Criticism of the Pentateuch -- The Deuteronomistic History -- Other Biblical Exodus /Conquest Theorie -- Archaeology and Historical Reconstruction. 2. Dating t he Exodus and Settlement: The Biblical Chronology for the Exodus and Conquest -- Extarbiblical Evidence for a Fifteenth-Century Exodus -- Problems With a Fifteenth-Century Exodus -- Pithom and Ra'amses. 3. Archaeology and a Late Bronze Age Exodus: The Negeb -- Transjordan -- Jericho, Ai, and Gibeon -- Other Conquest Accounts -- Conclusions. 4. Redating the Exodus and Conquest: The Volcanic Eruption of Thera and the Exodus Events -- The Exodus andCosmic Cataclysms -- Did the Exodus Occur During the Early Bronze Age? -- Placing the Exodus at the End of the Middle Bronze Age -- An Iron Age Date for the Conquest? 5. Interpretations of the Israelite Settlement in Canaan:An Israelite Military Conquest of Canaan -- Settlement by Peaceful Infiltr ation -- The Internal-Revolt Hypothesis -- Recent Hybrid Models. 6. The Endof the Late Bronze ge in the Eastern Mediterranean: The Destruction of Myc enaean Civilization -- The End of the Hittite Empire -- The Invasion of theSea Peoples -- Problems in the Nile Valley -- The Decline of Assyria and B abylonia -- The Cause of the Turmoil. 7. Conclusions: The Formation of the Israelite Tribes -- Was the Exodus Historical? -- Possible Origins of the Conquest Tradition. With bibliography and index. Very good in dustjacket. 35.00

Title: Out of the Desert? Archaeology and the Exodus / Conquest Narratives. FirstEdition in dustjacket.

Author Name: STIEBING, William H., Jr.

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Publisher: Prometheus Books, Buffalo, New York, 1989, ISBN:0879755059:

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